Miscarriage symptoms without knowing your pregnant

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Avatar f tn I'm pregnant again, and I can't help but think that this pregnancy will end in a miscarriage too. I'm assuming that I'm around 7 weeks, but I haven't been to an OB/GYN yet. I just lost my job and can't afford it. I have primary care with Tricare, and they won't cover everything. I THINK I've been accepted by Medicaid again. I can't find anyone close by that'll accept Medicaid and/or Tricare. Here are my concerns. I've lost a lot of weight due to morning sickness.
Avatar n tn I'm so sorry for your loss. After a natural miscarriage, you can usually try again after your first period. After a D&C, it is much longer in order to have a healthier pregnancy. A couple of friends of mine who had natural miscarriages, conceived right afterwards and had healthy babies. I wish you the best!
Avatar m tn Yes this can happen. It is called a "missed miscarriage" when the embryo dies without anyone knowing it. When the embryo dies the pregnancy hormone (hCG) will begin to plummet and when this happens the woman will begin to bleed and pass the baby. Some women miscarry right away and others take a few weeks. I don't know if it is healthy to accuse her of abortion if she truly is miscarrying. This will be very difficult for her and she needs your support, not suspicion.
Avatar f tn I have gallstone which were diagnaosed at 5 weeks pregnant but had been there long before that without my knowing. Had no effect on our conceiving. Now i am 29 weeks pregnant. I was being followed by a surgeon to make sure all was ok and so far so good. It was pretty bad but they were able to control the infection and i am just riding it out now! They dont want to operate on anyone pregnant unless they absolutely have to for fear of miscarriage or preterm labour.
Avatar n tn I just wanted to let you know that I got pregnant 3 weeks after my D&C and I am now 35 weeks--no problems at all--the time period the doctor gives is usually to let you heal emotionally as well as physically. Chances of miscarriage are the same everytime you get pregnant---not just because you get pregnant soon after a D&C or natural miscarriage. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Now 10 DPO, I have sore breasts, tired, going to the bathroom alot...all of my normal pregnancy signs/symptoms....(I have been pregnant 9 times, with 4 births and 5 miscarriages, including the one on 8/22) Anyone think it's possible that I could have gotten pregnant again this quickly after the miscarriage?
582963 tn?1483456120 I know everyone is different but Im just so curious as to what I am looking for with my symptoms..if any.... Sakers1985--Your not the first Ive heard about the getting a (neither + or -) on your pregnancy test... I know my Aunt had to do a blood test with all 3 kids because pregnancy didnt detect anything...... Brittny27--Sorry bout the MC...
Avatar f tn Then I got pregant, even though the miscarriage has been hard, knowing that I can get pregnant again is a positive thing.
Avatar f tn It is safe enough to wait until you are sure, or at the least, to wait a week or two for another ultrasound to see if there has been any growth or change in the embryo. Just watch for symptoms that would indicate a problem or an infection -- either bleeding excessively (filling more than a maxipad an hour) or getting dizzy, or a fever -- and as long as you don't have those, you are safe to wait until time has told you more.
Avatar f tn I'm 19 and have recently been to see a spiritualist, I wasn't sure at the time if I believed or not but after sitting threw it, he told me things which related to me, however he also told me I had misacarried a baby without knowing, just that I had thought at the time I may have been pregnant but when all symptoms faded away I thought nothing of it. My head is now all over the place and I don't know who to talk too.
552389 tn?1280549808 It is real easy for me to mc my blood type is Rh- so most of the time it will happen without me knowing that it does because it will happen before i know i'm pregnant especially now that i have been pregnant 4 times (that i know of). But if it does happen to you and i hope it doesn't; never give up everything will be all right in the end. I have two wonderful boys to prove it!
1502656 tn?1289922358 I am not sure if this will help but I had a miscarriage sun without any warning..I started to spot on sat nothing major then sun morning there was more bleeding so i went to the ER they told me same thing they told you that there was a sac but no baby..they said since I had the mirena that my uterus lining had not been thick enough to maintain implantation but that it did look thicker now..They said I was having a miscarriage and that I could try again when I felt I could..
Avatar f tn A lot of women have them without ever knowing they were pregnant. Google chemical pregnancy, I forgot the percent of pregnancies that end this way. I'm sorry for your loss. Good luck to you in the future!
Avatar n tn I miscarried on Oct 14 and I conceived on Oct 29 I am now 10 wks pregnant. Have your Dr. check your progesterone levels. My prayers will be with you.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I am a little concerned and can't get my head around me being pregnant, had miscarriage in October, had one regular period and am pregnant now. Calculating back from my ovulation cramps I am 5weeks 3 days. I have had some light cramping, and backaches. Yesterday I went swimming, and since then I have noticed a light brown discharge.
Avatar n tn Congrats on your twins!! When I was pregnant with my twins, I had zero symptoms until week 10. Then it was just headaches and a few hour hours of nausea in the evening. My breast were not sore 1 day of my entire pregnancy, and I never threw up my entire pregnancy. Enjoy your pregnancy!
Avatar n tn I miscarried in 2008 at thirteen weeks without knowing I was pregnant. (no symptoms, still was getting my period, so I had no idea what was happening until I got to the hospital) I'm 29+ 5 now and I worry every day that something will go wrong. It's a constant stress to me. Even knowing that my little one is perfectly healthy and that I am too doesn't help much. You just have to have faith that your body is doing the best it possibly can to make sure you both get through this.
Avatar n tn hes also ejaculating inside of you..your on your way to getting pregnant soon yes you can be pregnant...your having unprotected sex with ejacualtion. take a test. its not likely for you to ovulate while on your period however you can be pregnant from all the other times you have had unprotected sex while you were not on your period. not to mention sometimes women ovulate unexpectly...
Avatar n tn Unless you were taking the Pill WHILE you were pregnant, without knowing you had conceived. I was on the Pill for 3 years and then stopped for about a year before I got pregnant. I am now 23 weeks and everything is normal. I would get some insight and reassurance from your OB before you try again.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to be diagnosed with shingles without having an external rash? The pain is on my left side only in a band near my waist line. The pain is horrific - even to the touch. All symptoms seem to be consistent with shingles but after 2 weeks of this, there is no rash. Narcotics, vicodin and darvocet have helped some but not completely.
1201929 tn?1293711672 So got off the phone with an Emergancy after hours Doctor and he was really annoyed at the fact that my GP gave me Birth control pills before even knowing if I'm pregnant or not. I understand what you girls are saying about HCG's taking time to leave the body... BUT THEY ARENT GOING DOWN they have obviously gone up. Because I tested with a low HCG level test 11 days ago and that came back very faint. Meaning I hardly had HCG levels to even register on that test.
Avatar n tn I think the further you were in the pregancy before miscarriage the longer it'll take before your period will take. Maybe if you take your temp you might be able to see a rise when you ovulate? Best of luck and sorry for your loss.
Avatar f tn C myself and there is a possibility that I am pregnant again too. As for knowing when to expect you next cycle that is hard because it can differ. There is a possibility that what you are experiencing is just that implantation since ALL pregnancies are different. I didn't experience that with my first child but with my second and not with my miscarriage. Or there is a possibility that what you are experiencing is your next cycle, and it's just light. So honestly, it's hard to tell.
711326 tn?1297872110 I kept hoping it was because I had gotten pregnant again right away, but it wasn't. Remember your cycle might not be regular after a m/c, it depends how far along you were at the time.
596858 tn?1219360356 It does sound like a "threatened miscarriage", but you wouldn't know for sure without an ultrasound. With the symptoms you are describing, I would be surprised if an MD didn't order an ultrasound to check this out. Also, if she is miscarrying, there is a potential for hemorrhage. If the heavy bleeding is persistent, you could go to an emergency room to be evaluated if she can not get into the MD right away.
Avatar n tn i recently had a m/c at 5 weeks end of may. i too was devastated and couldnt stand the comments its for the best or must have been something wrong. all people need to say is im sorry. anyway, 2 weeks after my loss my dh and i had sex. my pregnancy symptoms disappeared after the m/c but now 5 days past unprotected sex i feel EXACTLY like i did when i was pg. im excited but scared to get my hopes up. how soon did you get your symptoms back?>? i wish the best you you and your family.