Miscarriage or am i still pregnant

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Avatar f tn I took a test last night and the day b4 and it was negative. did I have an early miscarriage??. can I still be pregnant??. I was told the doctors want be able to hook me up to an ultrasound machine until I'm at least 5 weeks.. the not knowing is killing me ...
Avatar n tn I would go get a scan.. It could go either way.. based on the negatie test now. It sounds like a miscarriage.. I am so sorry.
724651 tn?1232455071 i am 6 weeks pregnant and started to bleed havent had no belly pain or no blood clots wot could it be plz halp
Avatar f tn do you guys think i could still be pregnant or that i already lost the baby?
Avatar f tn I had this too. I just waited it out because that early there really isn't anything they can do about a miscarriage. I had bleeding nd cramping (especially after sex) nd then I'd wipe pink or brown blood. I was also told i couldn't get pregnant so I was seriously just WAITING for a miscarriage to happen. however, at about 9 weeks the bleeding stopped. I kept taking pregnancy tests cuz of the cramps nd bleeding. I took a total of about 13 throughout the first trimester.
Avatar f tn Best thing to do would be to contact your doctor so they can check your levels and maybe give you an ultrasound. Bleeding during pregnancy if it is red or pink it isn't usually a good sign. If the blood was brown thats old blood and not something to really worry about. Also, if you aren't having cramps or clotting that is another sign that the pregnancy might continue. Anytime you bleed in pregnancy they give it a 50-50 chance of continuing normally.
Avatar f tn i had a ultrasound and doing the ultrasound the baby move but not so much and i had a feeling i was pregnant with twin cause i was getting big fast but they always said that only saw one but twins runs and both sides of my family so two weeks after have a miscarriga i still feel pregnant the same food that made me sick still makes me sick , i still feel movement and i just really really still feel pregnant so my questions are can i still be pregnant and they just didnt see the second baby and i
Avatar n tn Could I have had a miscarriage even though I only had light spotting or was it too early for the ultrasound. I am going back to the doctor today and hopefully my HCG level has doubled.
Avatar f tn Doubling time worked out to about every 85 hours or something like that. I was petrified...my Dr. was not. I am now 37 weeks and all is fine. Could there be a miscarriage? Well, sadly that can happen, but it sure doesn't sound like you have any signs or symptoms of it. At this stage your Dr. should really be doing an ultrasound.....and stop scaring you! I am surprised he/she is doing another HCG test. Is this an OB or RE? I don't mean to put down your Dr.
Avatar n tn If you got a negative blood test you were not pregnant. Do you mean you got a positive blood test?
Avatar f tn Well they told me I need to get my blood work done in three days if the hormone levels go to zero then its a miscarriage if it goes up ur still pregnant...I have no insurance so I waited and decided to take a home pregnancy test a week later .....it will still see if the hormones are in my system RIGHT? well I have been taking the home tests every week for five weeks and they're still coming up positive .... My question is ...
Avatar f tn t see signs of pregancy and asked me have a done any test to confirm that I am pregnant, I said yes I done 2 urine test and a blood test which all 3 said positive. So now I have to wait till tomorrow to see what is exactly happening. Has anyone experienced anything similar or might know anyone who has?
Avatar f tn Im 37 & this is my first pregnancy. I didnt even suspect I was prego. My period was almost 2 wks late, but we are dealing with my fiance's mother learning she has terminal cancer. I thought it was stress. After several days of nausa & headache, I did begin to spot.Figuring I had a flu bug, I went to Urgent Care, mostly because I had missed work & needed a Drs note. Well, I was shocked when they told me I was pregnant!
Avatar f tn I am trying to figure out if I am pregnant or if I miscarried. I have had (2) normal pregnancies but after that had too have an ovary removed because of a cyst that ruptured. Since my surgery, I have had (2) miscarriage. I tested 10 days ago on the day of my missed period and said positive. I spotted for 3 – 4 days at that time but only when I wiped once a day. It was light light brown or light light pink. The last time was last Tuesday. But this past Saturday I had one spot ….
Avatar f tn hi 3 weeks ago i had an early scan and was told my baby didnt have an heart beat they estimated that i was 7 weeks going by the day of my last cycle however from my calculations i was about 5-6 weeks because of when i took the home test using the clear blue digital it dated me at 1 week on the 28 march a week later i took it again just to make sure and it said 2 weeks. my problem is that 3 weeks on from the scan i still haven't miscarried and still feeling sick and rather tired.
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage may 1 i got my hcg levels checked on may 23 they were zero i have not had my period yet but i took a prego test yesterday n its positive is it true or am i still showing up positive from my miscarriage?
Avatar f tn I started bleeding and i am still bleeding is this a miscarriage or my period after the three pregnancy tesys
1172756 tn?1263471850 is there a possibbility i am pregnant or could my body still be feeling pregnant fom the miscarriage
Avatar m tn i have had a miscarriage nearly 6 weeks ago and i still haven't had a period but the past few days i have been getting sore nipples and i have been feeling sick and i have been sick once. i am really scaried incause im pregnant i can't take a test incause it comes back that im pregnant and i can't take one incause it comes back that im not.
Avatar f tn I don't know if I miscarriage or not. I had a period Oct 14th it was normal. Just 2 days earlier than what I thought. It ended last Sat/Sun. I was fine. Then all of the sudden this past Thurs I got sick. I just didn't feel right. I felt like I was going to start my period again but only intensified. I noticed when I used the restroom and wiped, there was brownish discharge. Not much, but enough for me to use a panty liner.
1380525 tn?1279728251 To everyone that was concerned about my condition, I AM PREGNANT! I never had a miscarriage like they said I did. My baby is growing happily at 12 weeks. Thanks 4 all the advice.
Avatar f tn Hard to say. some women ARE a bit more fertile after a miscarriage. However, know that you also still have the hormones of the pregnancy you lost in your body as it takes a bit of time for them to be completely gone so it could be that too. I'm very sorry for your loss. I'd wait two weeks and take a pregnancy test. Best of luck in your TTC journey.
Avatar n tn If your levels dropped, it seems like at least one of the embryos have stopped developing...but the other one may still be OK. Brown discharge is not abnormal, even when the pregnancy is progressing normally, but watch out for bright red bleeding accompanied by cramps. I would go to your appointment tomorrow either way, just to have them check your levels again. I hope everything turns out OK for you!