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Miscarriage causes scar tissue

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Avatar f tn I have childhood scars and one from a few years ago. What would make scar tissue start to grow and become painful?
436469 tn?1248973845 I seem to have some scar tissue in my uterus since my D&C in March. It will need to be removed before I can get pregnant. Anyone have any experience with this?
Avatar n tn I had a surgeon explain it to me like this ,,they go in try to clean up as much scar tissue as posible and their goal is that you or any patient would be 75% less scar tissue. A general surgeon could do this , as could your gyno or even a cosmetic surgeon which may be a good one to atlest interview..
559659 tn?1547763060 Unfortunately scar tissue causes itching for dogs the same as it does people. Benadryl may be a better choice when he starts at it rather than the spray that he can still lick the residue. The other option is to apply the cone around his neck that they all hate so that he will not be able to chew at it when it acts up. You also want to limit the time that the scar is exposed to direct sunlight as when the scar is exposed to too much sun it will cause it to itch. Good Luck.
Avatar f tn AND to top it off, I wound up with some scar tissue in the uterus, that possibly would not have been there if the placental tissue that was left behind had not been in me so long (three months from miscarriage to D&C). In your shoes, given what I learned from that, I would wait a maximum of one more week and then ask for a D&C.
Avatar n tn I had a ruptured appendix, followed by exploratory surgery to remove scar tissue around my intestines, when I was 12. I have read the scar tissues from abdominal surgeries can lead to ectopic pregnancies and/or infertility. Can someone tell me more about this? My husband and I are starting to TTC this month. I am wanting to know more. Thanks.
Avatar n tn s probably not scar tissue that caused your miscarriage. Most likely, it was a problem with the pregnancy. Good luck in your future pregnancies. Try not to worry, I'm sure you'll be having another child in the future.
Avatar f tn A friend had scar tissue causing extensive blockage in one fallopian tube. They ttc'ed for about a year and a half, went through several IUI cycles and were taking a break before starting another IUI when they got pg naturally - no drugs or anything. So - it can happen!
Avatar f tn Recurrance is always in the back of my mind, but could this pain just be from scar tissue? I have also been told that part of the problem may be arthritis in the ribs caused by a previous fracture. I am currently taking Neurontin, which has helped tremendously, but I would like to know what type of complications scar tissue can cause and if this is solely the cause of my pain now, will it subside? Also, why does the pain come and go, flucuating in severity? Thanks for any info.
199976 tn?1305716364 Scar Tissue pressing against nerves. I have had an epidural since then and am to go back for another at a pain management clinic. To date all the things such as physical therapy, injections, Tens unit, pain medications, pain patches, etc. have not help. Does anyone have suggestions. Thanks.
606005 tn?1220205208 My GYN told me the next day that she would have done a complete hysterectomy, since she was removing both ovaries and tubes, but there was so much scar tissue that she couldn't get in there and she didn't want to disturb anything more than she had to, since they already had to work on my intestines a bit... she asked me if I had had any previous surgeries or anything, which I have not... Has anyone else heard of this? Does anyone know what could cause all that scar tissue in there??
Avatar f tn A ct did not show anything abnormal but i am still in a great deal of pain and its very hard for me to sit up straight or drive a car. He thinks it might be small hernia or scar tissue pressing on a nerve from the previous surgery . He has now give me the choice of waiting and seeing if it gets better or having a surgery to see if they can find anything . I have no idea what to do . I do know the pain is not getting better its getting worse and i cant keep up my daily life with this pain .
Avatar f tn will I be left with this huge scar in my lip? Can a plastic surgeon remove this scar? If so, when do you recommend that I have a consult with a plastic surgeon? I feel like my bite is off because my lips no longer close naturally due to this large bump.
Avatar f tn I have never had breast surgery. She said the ultrasound showed scar tissue. How could that be as I have never had breast surgery? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/259463'>Breast cancer scar tissue?</a>.
Avatar f tn Could this density and calcification be masked by the scar tissue or could this scar tissue cause the reading to show the density and calcification. Is this finding common? Is there anyone else that has experienced these findings? I'm suppose to have a spot compression and maybe an ultrasound done, but I've been too nervous to make the appointment. I am going to go though. Should I be concerned at this point?
368646 tn?1208393887 After brain surgery, I have a considerable amount of scar tissue as the base of my skull, causing more than a few problems. Besides Vitamin E, are there any herbs that will help break-up this tissue or am I stuck with massaging the area in hopes of a change? Thanks for your time!
Avatar f tn I have a question about scar tissue build up in my stents. I have had 7 DES stents in the RCA bypass graft since August of 2009. How many times can you be restented and are there any other options? I am a 54 year female. I have been doing my best in following everything my cardiologist says to do, I am so dissapointed. Is there anything eles I can do? He changed me from Plavix w/ asprin to Effient 10mg w/ asprin. I am having slight symptoms again(left arm weakness upon exertion.
1303966 tn?1296740010 I asked my local neuro, not my chiari specialist at my last appointment if she thought I would benefit from surgery. She cringed slightly and talked about surgery and scar tissue. Do I want to tolerate the nausea, dizziness, full feeling in my head, swallowing problems, etc....................................................................., or risk dealing with scar tissue and other complications that can arise from the surgery.
Avatar f tn Hello , I have my lip pierced it keeps getting scar tissue lumps inside of it, how can i prevent this from happening and how can I get the present lump to go away?
Avatar f tn I am in the 10% of the population who make too much scar tissue--I have had 5 retina surgeries in 9 months, and I have lost most of the vision in my left eye, due to scar tissue, including erm, and hypotony. I am now trying to save the eye itself. It looks as if the left eye not may have stopped manufacturing scar tissue. The problem started with a detached retina. The erm came later, with the other scar tissue, and as a result of the surgeries, I believe. I have lattice.