Miscarriage causes low progesterone

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Avatar f tn I haven't been able to find a whole lot of information on low progesterone levels/causes/miscarriage chances, but I have been told by my doc that my levels are low (17 on Friday). I am 6 wks along now and have been put on a progesterone supplement. I am worried that I will have a miscarriage due to low progesterone, but I'm not sure whether this level is extremely low or on the low side of normal. Has anyone else had a progesterone level around 17 at 6 wks along?
20922415 tn?1661860103 Progesterone is one of the sexual hormones in the female bodies maintains and regulates sexual well-being. In males, it is produced in a small amount for sperm development. It is the main and vital hormone that plays a significant role in menstrual cycle health preparing the body for conception and development of pregnancy. 1.
Avatar n tn I am 6weeks 2days and my doctor couldn't find a heartbeat but they measurements of the baby was good and everything looked and then she called me and said I have to start taking progesterone 200mg because my progesterone is to low but now I'm worried about having a miscarriage because of my progesterone levels
654396 tn?1237508912 t know if miscarriage will cause low progesterone, but I know low progesterone is suspected of causing a miscarriage. Some women take a long time after miscarrying for their bodies and hormones to recover. Maybe your just still off a little. I'm on progesterone because my levels were low at the beginning of this pregnancy and I had a m/c in April. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Several things can cause miscarriage. Chromosomal abnormalities is a common cause. Also many women have issues with the immune system causing recurrent pregnancy losses. Hormonal issues can be the culprit (i.e. low progesterone). These are just a few of the causes. If you Google "miscarriage causes" you should be able to get some good information. The causes can vary depending on which trimester you are in.
Avatar f tn Did your Dr put you on progesterone of some kind? That's really low and you need to get on something asap. I have low progesterone and I have to be on a prescription plus an essential oil (Progessence) that boosts it.
1512722 tn?1313697879 I took progesterone the first trimester with her as my previous miscarriage was due to low progesterone and we wanted to prevent another M/C (that miscarriage had been my second one). With PCOS you have to monitor your hCG and progesterone, especially if you use Clomid to hopefully decrease the risk of miscarrying.
Avatar n tn Hi what causes low progesterone?
Avatar f tn Have you had your progesterone checked? I would definitely check that if you haven't because if you're low, it can cause miscarriage. I have to be on prescription because mine is way too low.
Avatar f tn I am very worried as I just had a miscarriage in March 2009 with only one period in between then and it was June 9, 2009. Could low progesterone have been a factor in my first miscarriage? and what is the likely hood that I will be able to continue this pregnancy? Dr said could be a chemical pregnancy or we could have just miscalculated the ovulation dates. She mentioned starting me on progesterone therapy if the levels are raising. Any advice or suggestions?
Avatar f tn My daughter is almost 6 weeks and we were advised her progesterone levels are low, however we heard the baby's heartbeat. They have started her on some medication to help raise it. Is there anything else we can do to make sure she don't have a miscarriage? We would be devastated. At what point is she no longer at risk?
Avatar n tn Regarding progesterone, there is no evidence that low progesterone causes miscarriages; more likely low progesterone levels during miscarriages reflect rather than cause an abnormal pregnancy. There is a condition called luteal phase defect (low progesterone) which has long been suspected to be associated with recurrent miscarriages. Treatment is progesterone medication. The problem is, there is no proof that luteal phase defect exists, or that adding progesterone helps.
Avatar m tn That said, the higher the number the better. Your hCG levels are rising slowly and your progesterone is on the low side which reflects a high likelihood of a miscarriage. An ultrasound around weeks end will likely provide a definitive diagnosis on whether this pregnancy will be viable or not. Best regards, Dr.
Avatar n tn My daughter was diagnosed with low progesterone. She has had one miscarriage. In her old job she was under a lot of stress, which caused her period to be very unpredictable. Now she has change job and her period is coming every 28 days. Can a person get "over" the low progesterone, or may she still have trouble conceiving?
1116010 tn?1280021252 It's not uncommon to test with low progesterone for us "older" moms to be. Many of us here, myself included, have taken progesterone supplements during our first trimester. Sadly, many of us, again myself included, have had 1 or more miscarriage, then gone on to have successful healthy pregnancies. I hope that helps a little bit.
99627 tn?1301270952 I think that high progesterone is not a problem, only low progesterone is. Ask your ob if you are concerned. Congrats again on your bfp!
654396 tn?1237508912 I have done some research and feel that progesterone medication and clomid would be a great choice for me. Can a miscarriage cause low progesterone levels and if so...would that still be the case 6-8 months later? Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn If you have to low progesterone you have a high chance of miscarriage as it helps the uterine linning for the baby to be able to attach and stick. I have low progesterone and need to take progesterone suppliments from the dr. Lots of times in IVF you have low estridol and progesterone and have to take both at certain times.
539425 tn?1213813078 i was only 7 weeks the first time.. and my miscarriage was not becuase of low progesterone.. my Progesterone was fine the first time. And i dunno wen u shuld get ur period cycle back.. they say usually 4-6 weeks after a miscarriage... I didnt even get mine back and i got pregnant again.. after i stopped bleeding from the miscarriage me and my fiance started having sex again (we didnt think i could get prenant until i got my cycle back) but i guess we were wrong.. lol.
Avatar f tn Hello, Progesterone is very important for implantation to take place and its deficiency can cause difficulty in conception. Even if implantation occurs low progesterone levels can lead to miscarriage. It is best to treat this condition as soon as possible. The common treatment options are progesterone creams, gels, vaginal suppositories or shots. It is best to visit a gynecologist and discuss the treatment options. I sincerely hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar f tn The Dr was unclear on the reason but did say that I had a low progesterone level. Has anyone had this problem that can give me some insight. Has anyone one with a progesterone deficientcy ever had a sucessful pregnancy?
776445 tn?1235575825 s seem to think that low or dropping progesterone is most often a sign of a non-viable pregnancy, while some think that low progesterone causes m/c. It probably falls somewhere in between. I know what it was in my case, and like AP said, she had low numbers but her pregnancy is continueing on forward. Tests aren't done usually until 3 m/c, sometimes 2 if they are consecutive.
1616538 tn?1304707284 Generally, it's not known what causes chemical pregnancies, early miscarriage, etc. What is known is that most women don't even know when they have an early miscarriage or cp because it happens SO early and it doesn't cause their cycle to be delayed or only by a day or 2. It's basically been chalked up to a chromosomal issue and usually doesn't indicate a long-term problem.
502674 tn?1249543704 Many miscarriages between 7 and 10 weeks are caused by a lack of progesterone. This lack of hormone causes the body to have a "period", and a perfectly healthy baby can aborted. The bleed can be stopped by taking progesterone tablets. I have very good private health care while my Hubby has this job - and i've learned so much I wouldn't have been told if i were to be pregnant in the UK. There, if you bleed, "it's just one of those things"...