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Miscarriage causes bleeding

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Avatar f tn t normal during pregnancy and could be a sign that something is going on but not necessarily lead to miscarriage. I started bleeding during my first pregnancy at 5 weeks worse than a period and bright red. It lasted for 5 weeks. It was for a subchorionic hematoma, where the egg didn't implant right on the uterine wall and it causes a cut behind the sac.
1691346 tn?1306927881 If my boyfriend and I have sex and he fingers me can it cause a miscarriage??
Avatar f tn In the hospital they told me you have a ton of blood vessels in your cervix and some of them rupture or become irritated by sex (which isnt anything to worry about they grow back) but that's what causes the bleeding. Try taking it easier during sex and don't go as deep as you normally would and that can prevent some irritation.
Avatar f tn Implantation Bleeding. This is caused, in the very early stages of pregnancy, by the egg implanting itself into the wall of the uterus. Because it occurs around the same time as you might have had your period, this makes it hard to distinguish between the two causes. Hormonal or 'Breakthrough' Bleeding. You might expect your pregnancy hormones to overwhelm your normal hormonal cycle but this doesn't always happen.
Avatar f tn I thought the same exact thing almost had a panic attack and every thing but its completely normal . Dont worry about it . Its might happen a couple more times like it happened to me 3 or 4 times . I would go pee and wip and there would be a little blood but none in my under wear . So if of happens again dont stress . But if it gets heavier and more frequent I would probably go to the er . 9 times out of 10 tho your completely fine .
Avatar n tn Implantation bleeding. You may experience some normal spotting within the first six to 12 days after you conceive as the fertilized egg implants itself in the lining of the uterus. Some women have light bleeding or spotting very early in pregnancy – near the time their period is due – and they may mistake that for a period. No one knows what causes this.
1691346 tn?1306927881 If my boyfriend and I have sex and he fingers me can it cause a miscarriage??
Avatar f tn im not sure if i had a miscarriage cause i was bleeding really bad and i went to the er and they told me i was pregnant. i stopped bleeding & i took a pregnancy test and it still showing positive .
Avatar f tn Honestly hun something could be wrong. But it also could be nothing! Best thing you can do is not panick and go to the hospital if possible. I had brown/pink spotting throughout my entire pregnancy which is mostly considered normal, then one day VERY light red bleeding at 6 weeks and I found out I was miscarrying. It is a better sign if you have no pain or cramping but even this can't rule out a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks and 5 days is really early to be bleeding. If you are having heavy bleeding you should go to the ER to have your levels checked. And I assume that you haven't missed your period yet, you could be having a chemical pregnancy. Which is a early miscarriage before a missed period.
Avatar f tn Calm down. If your not bleeding horribly then it's probably just pain from your uterus mucles. I had a scare like that to around that time . I am now 21 weeks and have back pain .
Avatar f tn Like others stated, bleeding came with the miscarriage. If you're bleeding, I'd be concerned, but just cramping could be something else.
688845 tn?1325182236 I had a M/C in March. After I was done bleeding (about 3 weeks) I had my normal period the following week. After my first normal cycle, I went on birth control pills to help regulate and to make sure I waited the recommended 3 months for my body to heal properly. I stopped the birth control in August and had normal 29-30 day cycles since then. Never missed a cycle and it was ALWAYS regular 29-30 days. My last period was Dec 6th and I started my period again last night!??
Avatar f tn I started bleeding with out cramps or anything. The ER said a threatened miscarriage and I miscarried 4 days later. (Bleeding the entire time like a period). I was 7 weeks.
2087711 tn?1354908175 Cramping is normal. Your uterus is growing. As long as it's not constant, unbearable, and there's no bleeding you're fine. I always had more cramps after sex. Orgasm causes uterine contractions, which is what you're feeling. No need to worry, it's normal.
Avatar f tn Im entering my 12th week and ive been spotting/bleeding on and off. Is this normal or is it something i should be concerned about. To be honest im thinking the worst.
1316882 tn?1318287447 It can be due to genital infections or cervical polyps (benign growths on the cervix). Other causes may be may be uterine fibroids, miscarriage after a pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, fluctuation in hormone levels and hypothyroidism. Please get yourself evaluated by a gynecologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar f tn When it comes to bleeding beast to always let ur doctor know. My first pregnancy I got it only once I think it was from the egg implanting itself. This pregnancy I was spotting on and off for the first 3 months than I had a break for about 2 mo this and started spotting again. My doctor told me to take it easy and slow down as everything looks fine pregnancy wise. I do have pcos so that may have also causes the spotting.
Avatar f tn it occurs around 7-14 days after sex. it is a very light bleed. there are many other causes for bleeding in pregnancy ( at any stage of it ) examples are bleeds in or around the amniotic sac, miscarriage and placental abruption. some women also bleed around the time their period would have been due.
617037 tn?1292260223 I had a Miscarriage in march and since then i have had regular periods, but last thursday i started bleeding two weeks after my last period, the flow was resonably heavy and small clots, the first two days were really light so i thought maybe it was implantation bleeding but now it seems like ive had another period, so im rather confused as to why ive only gone two weeks.
Avatar n tn The following day we had sex again, there was a trace of blood but not as much as the first. Is she pregnant? Implantation bleeding? Miscarriage? Can anyone help me??
Avatar f tn s early but me and my boy friend had sex and I started bleeding a little bit the next day I had brownish color blood come out and the the following day I started have red blood come out with blood clots and it's still happening but not really severe pain only like menstrual cramps. I had my blood taken twice and have a follow up with my ob. But has anyone had these things happen and not lose your baby???
Avatar f tn I was rushed to the ER yesterday for heavy bleeding and was diagnosed as a threatened miscarriage although Thank god baby had normal heartbeat and cervix was closed. I am still concerned. They have no idea where all the bleeding is coming from.bcan I still have a miscarriage?
Avatar m tn Hello, It is less likely for meth to cause intermenstrual bleeding. These symptoms can be due to intermenstrual bleeding. Causes may be uterine fibroids, miscarriage after a pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, fluctuation in hormone levels, genital infections, polyps, IUD (intrauterine device)use, use of anticoagulant drugs and hypothyroidism. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.