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674725 tn?1367439630 Hello, Had a natural m/c Sunday night - this time not bleeding as much as my first one ( where I had passed alot of clots and bled heavily for 4 days but, total 10 days bleeding/ spotting ) . This time,so far, bleeding is lighter than expected - like a light AF. Just wondering how much / or little bleeding is normal after mc ? Getting paranoid - I'm thinking if bleeding was heavier - it would "flush out " any remaining tissue.
7791326 tn?1396488062 I am 9weeks today and have been bleeding for 2weeks. I just had an ultrasound on Thursday and baby was OK. I started bleeding REALLY heavy last night and have continued all day. I have also passed a few large clots. I am pretty sure this is a miscarriage. It just hurts so bad. I don't want to go to er because it costs so much and they can't even do anything anyways. It just ***** cause the pain is so bad right now.
Avatar f tn If you are bleeding you should go to the er or doc asap to be checked.
1815473 tn?1336171200 If it has lasted two weeks, then they need to see a Dr. Much depends on how far along you were and how easily your body handled it. In very early loss, the bleeding is usually like a late and heavy period, lasting about the same time. It is important after a loss to be seen by the Dr. to ensure that there are no complications. It is important to be followed up with. If it was a first trimester miscarriage, conceiving again quickly shouldn't be a big issue.
Avatar f tn Last night a passed a huge clot. Im sure it was the sack. Does anyone know how long this bleeding will last? Since the clot ive been bleeding a huge amount!! Is this all normal for a miscarriage? Also do you think we should do what my dr advised and try again right away? Im super scared!!
4280010 tn?1352134681 If i were to have a miscarriage how long would it take to actually come out? How long after the miscarriage will i get my period?
1881346 tn?1341924768 How do you know your having a miscarriag. I'm 7 weeks and 2 days. I have been felling some pain by my belly botton not bad pian but a pain that gets my attention. I was just wondering if I could be. I'm not have any bleeding or cramps. I'm just scared it might be. I don't want to lose this baby.
938812 tn?1297651988 Yeah, that is a quite a long time. Go get checked out ASAP!
Avatar f tn My question is how long after a possible miscarriage would it take for a hpt to show a negative?
Avatar f tn m for sure this is the brown spotting before the marjor bleeding that comes along with a miscarriage. I was wondering how long will I spot (only a few times a day) before the real stuff happens? This waiting is driving me crazy. I keep going to the bathroom to check to see if I see red. Other than the few brown spots I am fine but I know I will miscarriage soon. If anyone who has went through this that had brown spotting before, when will the red come?
Avatar f tn It depends how much your bleeding and if it is bright red or has clots ect ??
Avatar f tn how heavy were u bleeding that's a sign depending how heavy did u go to e.r.
Avatar f tn Second pregnancy. got membrane sweep two days ago. Lost mucus plug today. I'm 4cm. How much longer!! I really don't want to get induced.
Avatar f tn How long after having a miscarriage did u ladies get pregnant again???????
Avatar f tn I cannot stop stressing and reading all about hcg levels. I had a miscarriage a few months ago.. Now pregnant again and they checked my hcg. It was in the 300's and I think it was at 4w5d. Waiting until Mon or Tues to test again. They tell you not to stress but worrying 5 days and not stressing... Impossible! Frustrated.... I don't want to go through this again.
Avatar f tn C, but now I just need to know how much bleeding should I expect and how much is too much? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Stacy, I love you to bits, but have to disagree..sorry hon. According to my Dr, miscarriage bleeding is not considered a cycle. This is because it is not actual shedding of lining, but passing the products of conception. So it is your next bleed that would be considered your first menstrual cycle. As to when, it differs for everyone. I have had it as early as 3 weeks later, and as late as 5. I'm sorry for your loss, and wish you peace and healing.
Avatar f tn I had natural miscarriage n bled for whole month... Had normal cycle after 30days but thy were very light almost compare to nothing i get in my normal days... Usually thy are heavy n painful... So i was delighted tht finally my cycles r good... I had two cycles like tht... But when i had my third cycle oh boy thy were 3 days late n so much pain n very very heavy bleeding almost as if i was hving another miscarriage but i wasnt it was only cleaning process still taking place...
Avatar f tn I am not sure about the numbers, but how much are you bleeding? Are you filling a pad? If so, then that doesn't sound good. If it's just some blood when you wipe, and cramps are minimal then could be harmless. Anytime I had any bleeding (which was up to my 12th week) I would call ob's office and talk to at least the nurse.
Avatar f tn but i was wondering if anyone out there has bled this much and still made it with their pregnancy... the bleeding is off and on for the four hours, light then heavy, light then heavy... help! please! any opinions, reassurance, Thanks so much ladies!
Avatar f tn I went to the doc today and he said my bleeding is prob a miscarriage. I was about 4 weeks. :( So sad.... How do all of you deal with miscarriage? When is it safe to start trying again?