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Avatar f tn They did an ultrasound and said everything looked fine and could not find where the bleeding came from. Once the bleeding slowed they sent me home. I went to my Dr 3 days later and the ultra sound showed everything fine as well...they said it was from intercourse and the uterus. I am still very scared and having cramping in the area of my pubic bones and ovaries.... I know alot of this is probably anxiety but how common is miscarriage at 11 weeks?
Avatar f tn If you knew for sure you were pregnant from home test or blood test, and then had what looked exactly like a period (same duration and amount), call your doctor and get your hCG levels checked, to rule out a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Hello, This bleeding needs evaluation. Excessive amount or duration of menstrual flow, at more or less regular intervals is called menorrhagia.Sometimes it is associated with polymenorrhea(Frequent flow, cycles of ≤21 days)Causes of menorrhagia are Hypothyroidism, Endometrial proliferation or hyperplasia like ovarian tumor and polycystic ovarian disease,endometrial polyps and neoplasia,endometriosis,fibroids and uterine sarcomas.
1386405 tn?1291587800 A lot of cramps and pricks are completely normal in early pregnancy. As long as you are not bleeding or having cramping with bleeding then it is relatively normal. Congrats on the new found pregnancy!
7074486 tn?1389932822 Hi ladies was wondering how long it took ur hcg levels to go bk to 0 if u had a miscarriage? When I miscarried about 3 weeks ago my levels where already down to 180. i thought it would be out of my system but im still testing positive on a home pregnancy test. I'm lost.... Haven't gone to doctor since then waiting on my insurance.
Avatar f tn Before this cycle how was your previous period ,was it normal in flow and duration?
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage in January. After 30 days, in February I had a slight period, maybe 2 days, very light. In March, I had a slight period - 3 days, very light. After this period, I got back on birth control. The week before I was supposed to start my period (based on my pills), I started spotting. The week I was supposed to start my period (while taking the white pills), I hardly bled at all, a little spotting.
1163595 tn?1262884681 Could this cause a miscarriage? Any advice or input is much appreciated. My next appt. is Feb. 22. Please pray for us.
Avatar f tn I just started bleeding heavy red last night but I couldn't get to the hospital. I had no fever, cramps, nothing that is supposed to be a sign of miscarriage. I was spotting really really light brown last week for 3 days but I stopped. But I just went to the doctor literally a day ago and my levels went up twice as much and my doctor said everything is fine and the baby is okay. Is there a chance I could be having a miscarriage even if my levels just went up a day ago?
506820 tn?1295051333 You may have ovulated a little later and had implantaion bleeding or it may have just been an abnormal period. either way good luck.
Avatar f tn I am also 35 plus n I had three imiscarriage in 2014,2015 n Third one is on 12th june 2017.I had spotting n bleeding at the time of conception till the date of miscarriage in all the three cases. All three miscarriages happened in 13th weeks.I m in big dilemma that what is happening with me.can anyone tell me what examinations your gynaecologist advices you so that I may try for those tests too. I have a 6 yrs. Old daughter. At the time of her there was no problem.
Avatar f tn I had a tubaligation (clamps) approximately 9 years ago last Tuesday I had some spotting the stopped wednesday I started bleeding very heavy soaking pads like every 20-30 min also passed a large blood clot stomach cramps horrible and lower back pain the bleeding contiued Thursday still passing some blood clots I went to the dr where he performed a pap and done some bloodwork and a pregnancy test that showed negative my monthly cycle isn't suppose to start until around the 6th of October...
5675963 tn?1372171187 Menorrhagia is the term used to describe menstrual bleeding characterized by heavy flow and/or prolonged duration. Heavy flow lasting more than seven days but occurring with regular monthly periods may be normal for some women. However, menorrhagia is a symptom, which is usually the result of an underlying condition.
1488459 tn?1288191503 ) I too read all about bleeding in pregnancy and my sister in law had period like bleeding every month.. but to me, bleeding isnt normal, I have a 6yr old and didnt bleed or spot whilst pregnant. I hope you find out for sure soon as it is the worse feeling ever waiting to know what is happening! Wishing you all the best and hoping there may be a glimmer of hope for you!
Avatar n tn I am a male, and my partner (male also) has revealed to me that in his previous relationship, his partner was HIV positive. However, he said in the duration of their 5 month relationship, they have performed anal penetration, and that as of 3 weeks ago he had been tested negative. My situation is that after we had anal sex (where I was the top, and he wa the bottom), his rectum bleed.
Avatar f tn If you are bleeding you should go to the er or doc asap to be checked.
5499013 tn?1370557899 I had a uti and am on medication for the duration of my pregnacy so I know its not from that. I called my doctor and he doesnt seem worried since im not cramping or contracting at all but im googling stuff and everything that is coming up is saying the placentacould be seperating!! Im worried what will happen to baby any advice?
2032758 tn?1331625043 umm only last week I was told I was 3 months and a week pregnant by my doctor from blood test results and today I started bleeding really heavily and had the most horrible pains I couldn't move it hurt so much, could this be a miscarriage!? please help!!!!
Avatar f tn On Friday 2/25, 20 days after the miscarriage I started having what looked like implantation bleeding (same as I had with the last baby) - pink, barely there, only on tp when I wiped. This has continued on for the last week, except twice after straining in bathroom (tmi sorry) it turned bright red. The first time it went red it lasted for about 3 hours and left a streak on my pad, thought it was my first AF coming early and had just started wierd with the days of spotting.
Avatar f tn IF she is pregnant, bleeding would be a cause for concern and she should be examined by a Vet, as Misfits stated. Depending on the amount and duration of bleeding, a small dog like that could become anemic. Yes, please clarify and come back to update.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I had a miscarriage on September 26th and got my first period on October 25th, which was about right for me. I am usually like clockwork with a 25 day cycle. That being said, my husband and I are TTC again and today it looks like I might have started, but I shouldn't have until Thursday, this would make it a 22 day cycle. I know I should just be patient and wait to test, but we want this so bad, that seeing the blood today felt like a kick in the stomach.
Avatar n tn Could the bleeding me implantation bleeding? Can this light spotting be a sign of something else? Could I be pregnant from the last ovulation date (mid february?)...Any help is appreciated...
Avatar n tn I did! I bled at 10 weeks, almost 11 weeks. I went to the bathroom and found bright red blood in my underwear. I panicked and went to the ER and they did blood work and an emergency ultrasound. I was sure I was having a miscarriage. Turns out they couldn't find a reason for the bleeding (and there are some that don't mean miscarriage!) and my cervix was still closed. My diagnosis was a "threatened miscarriage" but "it didn't look like that was going to happen to me.
Avatar f tn Was it heavy bleeding or spotting? You really can't tell unless you go get a quantitative HCG test ran and you really need more than one in order to tell what is going on.
Avatar f tn So i just found out recently that i am pregnant but now this more i am having alot of bleeding and i am really scared cause idk if i could be having a miscarriage or what it could be.