Miscarriage causes irregular periods

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Avatar n tn for last two months I did have very very less bleeding during my periods and this month I have got periods for about 18 days and still going on. Bleeding was heavy fro somedays , but now it is getting somewhat normal..... Doctors say that its an hormonal imbalance, but this is first time I got periods for such a long time...... Please assist. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/227374'>Irregular Cycle</a>.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing some really irregular periods. I am a 25 years old. Last December my husband and I decided to start a family. Since that decision everything has gone wrong that can go wrong. I started off by being a week late, which I figured was just because I was thinking too much about it. Over the course of the last year my periods have become further apart and my actual period itself has become longer and longer.
Avatar m tn Yes, if it was a second or third trimester loss, then periods can become irregular. However, if all urine pregnancy tests are negative, then go for a blood pregnancy test. A blood HCG estimation test would be most reliable. If the test is negative then you are not pregnant. If it is borderline, repeat after a week to see if the levels are rising. Rising levels indicate pregnancy.
1414894 tn?1288772640 As dydrogesterone helps regulate the healthy growth and normal shedding of the womb lining, it may be used in the treatment of menstrual disorders such as absent, irregular or painful menstrual periods, infertility, premenstrual syndrome and endometriosis. It may also be used to minimise the overgrowth of the womb lining due to oestrogen (the main female sex hormone) in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) following menopause.
Avatar n tn If she is having that many problems she should probably get an apt to get checked out. Irregular periods can be from many thing, hormones or stress, but with the discomfort its probably a good idea to get her in to see a doctor when she can.
688845 tn?1325185836 What has been your normal cycle length before the m/c? As for irregular cycles, well there are a thousand and one causes for that. Stress, sickness, travelling, etc. As long as you are o-ing, it should be ok. However you might need to see your gynae if your LP phase is consistently short. This you can monitor from your bbt chart. I know how you feel. I can't wait to be pregnant again too but I have no luck so far :( Hang on there and take care to yourself!
Avatar f tn and have never prevented pregnancy, and have only been pregnant the 2 times mentioned above. I miscarried at about 7 weeks...not sure because periods are very irregular. It is common for me to go 2-3 months w/out one. Obviously, I do not ovulate regularly. It has been 2 weeks since miscarriage began. Bleeding has stopped & hcg was at 8 yesterday. My dr. wrote me a prescription for clomid and said to start after first regular menstrual cycle.
Avatar n tn Hi there, Any vaginal bleeding other than periods should be taken seriously. The causes are miscarriage, implantation bleeding, hormonal fluctuations, stress, low thyroid levels; any injury to the vagina, undiagnosed vaginal infections, malignant cancers etc.A complete medical history, pelvic examination may be helpful in arriving at a diagnosis. Additional tests like hormonal assay, thyroid tests, Pap smear may be done. Keep me posted. Best luck and kind regards!
Avatar n tn Is there a possibility you could be pregnant? I had the same type of bleeding when I was pregnant. One time it was because I was having a miscarriage.
5803688 tn?1375015347 i am having my period every month but i get bothered because it's always long but light periods. in fact i just use a panty liner during my period. it lasts unti 14 days or two weeks is it normal? i hope you can help me with these. me and my boyfriend is sexually active and we are trying to have a baby for one year. do you think i have a problem? pls helpppp!!!
Avatar f tn Hello, The most common cause of intermenstrual spotting can be pregnancy due to implantation bleeding which occurs after conception. Did you miss your last periods? If the answer is yes, the chances of pregnancy are high. I’ll also suggest you a serum HCG level examination or an obstetric ultrasonography, which can pick up the pregnancy in the first 4 ½ weeks of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Other important local causes of irregular periods are PCOS and fibroid uterus. PCOS causes cysts to form on the ovaries, interfering with regular ovulation. Diagnosis is by blood tests like blood insulin levels, serum testosterone and androgen levels and by ultrasound. I sincerely advice you to consult a gynecologist and get it evaluated.
Avatar n tn which means its only 4mm long and at this size it is not visible to see wether it has a heartbeat we was unsure of dates but i have really irregular periods anyway. i woke this morning to still find more bleeding sometimes its watery blood( sorry for the details) and sometimes its like a period. stops start no pains no cramps i just feel a bit strange.
186877 tn?1208613799 It was traumatic because of the amount of blood and pain but mostly because I saw the baby. The second time around I had a missed miscarriage and I had to make a decision. After a week, I decided to go ahead and get the D & E so that I could start getting some closure and begin healing physically and emotionally. I pressed my doctor to get some tests done. I asked her for all the screenings I could get with a blood test including a karyotype of my husbands and my genes.
Avatar f tn Hi! Since you had a miscarriage and have irregular periods, chances of this recurring are moderately high. First the cause of irregular periods has to be found and corrected. High level of stress, dramatic changes in your life style, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalance as seen in thyroid problems and PCOS, chain smoking, may be some of the common causes of your irregular periods.
Avatar m tn Hi! You either have irregular periods or you had miscarriage last time, after which the period could have got delayed. You can take a blood test for pregnancy as this is more reliable. If this is negative, your doctor will carry out tests to rule out high cholesterol, hormonal imbalance as seen in thyroid problems and PCOS, Cushing’s disease and disorders of adrenal gland, tumors of the ovaries and adrenals, insulin resistance and obesity.
Avatar n tn High level of stress, cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, chain smoking, dramatic changes in your life style may be some of the common causes of you irregular periods. However to confirm the status of pregnancy, I suggest you to test for pregnancy by a highly sensitive pregnancy test 10 days post ovulation with a sensitive ( 20 - 25 mIU ) pregnancy test. Also then I would suggest you to get your serum HCG levels estimated since this is more specific than urine for pregnancy tests.
Avatar m tn 1) Is there a chance I might have had abnormal egg ( the reason I miscarried) due to the Cyst Or functional Cyst? 2) Do you think this medication (Loestrin 24 Fe) is going to help me Improve my chance of conceiving successful as it will regularize my cycle and so remove my functional cyst ? 3) Also, I fall in Overweight category and Have strong family history of DM and HTN, Do you think the benefit of this medication in my case is higher than the side effect it causes?
233053 tn?1321647421 A feeling of pressure, fullness, or pain in the abdomen Sudden weight gain Painful sexual intercourse Infrequent menstrual periods, no menstrual periods, and/or irregular bleeding A dull ache in the lower back and thighs Painful menstrual periods and abnormal bleeding Nausea or vomiting Problems passing urine completely Tender breasts Treatment Once found, a non-cancerous cyst is usually left for a period of three months to determine if the cyst has changed in size.
Avatar n tn Spotting during early pregnancy is very common and most times no one really knows what causes it. Spotting between periods is also very common among non-pregnant women. Even if you've never had it before it can happen. Again, most times no one ever knows why. You might get your period on time, or it might be delayed. You can have some spotting or irregular bleeding if that particular cycle was anovulatory (meaning you just didn't ovulate that month).
Avatar n tn I happen to have PCOS and so my periods have always been irregular. My last period before i miscarried was in July and I was only 6wks or so along. I think if you wanted a hpt it would be safe maybe to try one but without you period if they are normal you have no gauge to know when you ovulated so you may get a false negative.
Avatar f tn all my periods for the last 6 periods have been irregular and on different days and have never been like that my doctor has said to go on the pill but i dont want to as id like to start a family soon and now iv had a period and this is my 2nd one in the same month iv never had this before....
Avatar f tn Like I said, you're only 14 so its most likely just down to your age and puberty which cause irregular periods. Could also be rue to an STD so I would go get checked for that. Other likely causes are cysts etc too much not as likely at your age.
Avatar n tn I've just been reading other people's comments and it is a comfort to know that things I have felt are the same as yourselves. I found out Dec 2002 I was pregnant, after trying for 2 years with my husband, we were both elated of course, but very early on I was very sick, I couldn't keep anything down and the thought of eating food made me want to be sick. Our 16 week scan showed the baby was alive, but was an anencephaly (the head had not developed) I'll never forget seeing it kick on the scan.
674725 tn?1367443230 thanks for all your info - good to know . Now that I'm aware that pcos causes irregular periods - will check if thats what I have. Never checked it out after first gyno shrugged it off. 60 days sounds sooooo far off.....I'm going to look forward to actually getting AF so I know when to start ! Man, I feel like a blabber mouth - my posts run on so long !
Avatar f tn The thyroid medication may regulate your periods, as one of the causes of irregular periods is hypothyroidism. You should definitely continue it both while trying to conceive and when you do become pregnant, it is very important for the early brain development of the fetus.
Avatar n tn Many of you said that your first periods after miscarriage were light. Mine came about a month after the miscarriage and is the heaviest I have ever experienced. ...I hope its normal as well. Has anyone had any similar experience?
Avatar f tn First, please do try to remain as calm as possible as stress does seriously mess up your cycles. It's normal for miscarriages irregular after a miscarriage for up to a year, but the main thing is ur having periods. One month I was seriously stressed and I came on 10 days later, so from that I then knew how much getting stressed out does effect your cycle, it's true it really does effect your periods in a big way. 2.
Avatar n tn I have PCOS and have irregular periods, but do not have the weight problem that most women do with PCOS. Most of our friends have either had babies or are pregnant now. I just turned 29 last month and my husband is 34. It is so hard seeing everyone with their babies, yet we are happy for them too. I am nervous about trying again, although determined to not give up and start right away. I m/c naturally and had a HCG test done on Monday.
Avatar n tn Just keep in mind that you are at no higher risk to have a miscarriage. Doctors consider one miscarriage perfectly normal. Once you can feel the baby move it gets a whole lot easier. I know it is hard, but try to relax and think positive. As I said, I am doing just fine after my previous m/c. I will be having my daughter the first week of February.