Miscarriage passing tissue

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Avatar f tn I was 6 wks along but i passed tissue at home also and only cramped with the passing of the tissue. hope things get better for you.
Avatar f tn Three weeks late and then three days of light bleeding followed by five days heavy bleeding and tissue passing. the week prior to my period i cramped badly. I suspect now I may be pregnant but feel it too early to test...however I have begun to bleed lightly and pass small amounts of tissue.
Avatar m tn t a bright red anymore its more of a dark red almost burgundy. I have no idea what miscarriage tissue looks like and the thought of miscarrying makes me sick. I'm going to call my gyno tomorrow. Some advice or some info would just be nice.
Avatar f tn With my last pregnancy everyone told me I would be fine and spotting is normal and it ended up being a miscarriage. The fact that you were passing tissue is a huge warning sign. Like me and the other two ladies suggested, go to the ER, don't wait 2 weeks for your doctors appointment because this is something to worry about. There is still a chance everything could be OK but you shouldn't assume that any bleeding is fine, especially when you are bleeding, in pain, and passing tissue.
Avatar n tn Heavy and irregular bleeding can be a warning sign. It is best to make a gyn appt. I don't want to scare you. But, it is a sign of some major problems as well as some minor ones. I couldn't speculate. It is really a good idea to see the dr soon.
Avatar n tn im not going to say you've miscarried because im not a doctor, but passing clots and a lot of blood is what we describe as a miscarriage, im not not saying you have by any means but o to the doctor asap, he'll send for for a scan, wih miscarriages there is very bad cramps that make you keel over in agony, i really hope you are fine, please let me know
Avatar f tn If your numbers are dropping it is not a good sign.. If the sack is still there you havent passed the tissue but could be in the process of miscarrying now... The bleeding could come back and evenually turn heavier... You test can continue to show positive for a bit after you pass the tissue as well.. After mine, I was still testing positive two weeks later but my HCg was alot higher at the time so it took a while to drop.
Avatar f tn Stopped again and now I am on my period again. Could this be a miscarriage? I am not sure if it is too early to tell. But i am not passing gray matter. Just like little blood clots and brownish looking stuff. Any help if appreciated!?
Avatar n tn s usually a sign of a miscarriage coming, and bleeding and passing tissue is also a sign of a miscarriage. Some women do bleed in early pregnancy, and some have slow rising hcg levels, so I would be preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, I'll be thinking of you hun!!
Avatar f tn Thanks ladies for sharing. I have some difficult decisions to make & I wanted to hear others experiences with what they were dealt with or chose to do. With my 1st 2 miscarriages I naturally miscarried at 3 1/2 weeks & 7 weeks. I bled quite a bit, passing lots of tissue & clots but with all my follow ups everything did pass. I'm just over 10 weeks pregnant but my baby stopped growing arouns 6 1/2 weeks.
Avatar f tn t know I could have been pregnant, I am passing a couple of large blood clots and some tissue (not normal for me) like the pic above shows. I haven't done much cramping at all except when some grayish brownish gut looking tissue came out. My question is when should I see a doctor, its very hard ffor me to get to one and I want to be certain, also if I took a urine test would it still show positive if I were?
Avatar f tn I'm in the middle of my second miscarriage and I've been taking ibuprofen when the pain gets really bad. I'll be passing tissue and then when I take the ibuprofen it goes back to just bleeding. I've been bleeding since Sunday and still have not passed the sac (that I know of). The first miscarriage I did not take ibuprofen and it went just fine. Can the ibuprofen be slowing down the process?
Avatar f tn i have had slight cramping and the bleeding is only light to moderate and there is no passing of clots or tissue.. any ideas as to what this could be would be very helpful?????
Avatar n tn i bled for just over 2 weeks and was passing tissue...doc said it was normal...i also had some help with pitossin to slow down my bleeding because i was bleeding to death from my miscarriage (long story) but i have heard it can take awhile got my period exact 36 days after my D&E (similiar to D&C) doctors say to expect your first cycle between 6-8 weeks after a miscarriage....
Avatar f tn AND to top it off, I wound up with some scar tissue in the uterus, that possibly would not have been there if the placental tissue that was left behind had not been in me so long (three months from miscarriage to D&C). In your shoes, given what I learned from that, I would wait a maximum of one more week and then ask for a D&C.
Avatar f tn So sorry you are going through this. I had d&c last Wed on 1/8 (I was 8w6d). I was in severe labor pain yesterday all day and ended up passing two large pieces of tissues along with some small strings of tissues. Now the cramping gets much better. Tissue passing is very painful. Even D&C may or may not help getting all of the tissue out, but eventually your body will expel what do not belong there... It is even harder to be dealing with this right after the new year started.
666089 tn?1260520261 im unsure about this because i started spotting on the 7th, full on bleeding from the 12th, and passing tissue from the 16th to the 18th when would i start counting from so i can have an idea of when to expect my AF???
Avatar f tn The results of my blood test was 7000 on Monday and by Wednesday they were 4000 so they are dropping and she said I am having a miscarriage and that I can expect to keep passing tissue and everything. I am devasted but she said it usually happens because all the genes weren't there to make a healthy baby so probably better that this happened.
Avatar n tn 34 days after initial miscarriage, I am still bleeding and passing tissue.....is this normal.... Its really freaking me out and I dont trust my obgyn!!!!
Avatar f tn Is this normal? I had severe pain like this last time, but it was when I was passing a lot of tissue. Please let me know.
Avatar f tn Please help me. I would have had been about 6-8 Weeks pregnant and had all symptoms of a miscarriage. my boyfriend and I both believe we've lost a baby and we feel as though something is missing. Doctors said no miscarriage though and that i was never pregnant. Can the test be wrong? What else would the tissue and blood clots be from??
505857 tn?1329681517 Well then 3 weeks later I was in the ER for cramping and bleeding with a positive pregnancy test and nothing on the u/s. I ended up passing the tissue 2 days later. The tissue was about 3-4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. I think the tissue would have been more than just your fingertip size, however I'm sure everyone is different. If your cycle has already been messed up it is possible that your body is just expelling excess stuff because you did miss a period.
Avatar n tn I continued taking the pill regularly with breaks of 7 days in between. This month I had my normal period. I experienced this passing of tissue 10 days after the first day of my period. I am wondering what the large piece of tissue is as I have never experienced it before. I had had light pain on the right side of my abdomen for the past week.