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290018 tn?1240369468 casei that can carry minute amounts of milk protein into the product and still cause a flare of milk protein allergy. As a frame of reference, the "soy" yogurts produced by traditional "dairy" companies are the most suspect because it's in their best interest to promote the use of milk proteins, however surrepitiously.
Avatar n tn until about an hour after drinking milk or having milk in his cereal. She has eliminated milk for a week or more at a time and had NO PROBLEMS with him...but as soon as he has milk again he is hyper, rude, inattentive, etc. This subsides after a few hours. She can tell what he drank for lunch by his attitude when he comes home from school. He doesn't have any digestive symptoms of a milk allergy and we haven't been able to find much information about allergies and behavioral changes.
Avatar m tn Any level above 500 is higher and is suggestive of allergy or parasitic infection. He is known to have abnormally high levels. It can be seen in patients with atopic or allergic dermatitis. It is usually seen secondary to exposure to allergen and subsequent reaction is mediated by IgE antibodies. Your body is known to hypersensitive to certain things.
Avatar n tn You can search on PubMed in milk allergy+ autism or Behaviour or attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder or exorphins
Avatar f tn What is important is you must find out what is causing this allergy. Fruits of different types like citrus fruits; wheat, sea food, coloring agents, preservatives in food, gluten, lactose, etc can cause food allergy. There are various tests designed to test for food allergy. You need to take those tests. Make a complete list of things that cause allergies and avoid them. Avoid buying and consuming things like tinned and processed food that have those ingredients—check all labels before buying.
Avatar n tn Hi. My 6 month old has allergies to milk, sensitivities to soy and also severe gastric reflux. Today the paed allergin specialist said to me that his stomach is oversensitive and babies like him will usually have oversensitive minds/moods etc and have tendencies to be ADHD. What do you think? He is extremly active and doesn't sleep much during the day. She said he is very over active/over stimulated. He is strong and trying to crawl but would rather be standing.
Avatar n tn My 2 year old son has had diarrhea for 2 months. I took him off of milk and his stools have improved, but still are loose. His stool has been tested for bacteria infections. That is not the problem. He does not have any of the other symptoms for lactose intolerance. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you.
Avatar n tn When my son drinks milk, he feels tired and develops dark circles under his eyes and a stopped up nose. He also complains of headache, stomach-ache, and pains in his legs." A short time later, I read an article in the Journal of Pediatrics and two articles in Pediatric Clinics of North America which provided me with additional information.
Avatar n tn there can be a HUGE difference btw boys and girls, and his boundless energy can be normal for him. is he capable of focusing on tasks? hyperactivity in young children (at least ADHD) is characterized by inattention, hyperactivity, and no impulse control. this does not mean that if your child is restless he is hyperactive. you mentioned he is very smart... you may need to find new ways to stimulate him and capture his interest.
Avatar f tn He also takes some blood tests for a few things. I think one was something about an allergy and there was one for thyroid or something like that? I really wish I could remember exactly what. Oh well. Then we make an appointment for my strictures to be stretched. This happens and I take on solid food for the first time in what has got to be about three months. It seems to have helped, not fixed, but definitely helped. I am tempted to attribute this to some anxiety being lifted.
Avatar n tn Even though I feel diet problems, food sensitivities, digestion problems and allergies are a big part of Kyle's hyperactivity and behavior, I do think an accurate assessment is criticial. What if a stimulant is not what he needs? He does fine when we do work at home one-on-one, and takes no Ritalin outside of school.
Avatar m tn We had a very bad pediatrician (of course he is not the same one now) who exaggerated his milk allergy symptoms and vomiting and put him through all sorts of tests (fasting for 24 hours, IV`s, a tube from nose to stomach, several blood tests and an absolutely unnecessary lumbar punction). The kid was perfect, I had a super healthy, normal pregnancy and J is a healthy kid since the day he was born.
231178 tn?1333212359 Al, I too am having similar problems with the hives, rash, etc. I have been to an allergist, all bloodwork came back normal, allergy test are normal. Have you noticed if it's related to any particular food, how much or how fast you eat?
Avatar n tn my allergy doc says my symptoms are all from allergies, but i have been trying everything 2 avoid the allergens, been getting allergy shots, tried numerous allergy medications, with no help from anything! does anyone else experience this type of thing? i seriously feel like i am getting so depressed. i cant hardly function, let alone enjoy anything. i suffer every single day. please, if anyone has any advice, etc, please let me know. thanks so much!
Avatar n tn annatto, artificial flavorings, B vitamins from yeast, barley malt (beer) scary thought mixing msg with alcohol, beef flavoring, bouillon, broth - all types, buttermilk powder, carrageenan, casein, cheese culture, chicken flavoring, citric acid, clam broth concentrate, corn syrup (soda - need we say more), cornstarch, cream of tarter, cream powder, cultured whey, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, all encapsulated drugs, vitamins, minerals, enzyme modified butter, enzyme modified parmesia
Avatar m tn I also developed a corn allergy that causes me to get the blisters under my skin. Maybe you are having a corn allergy as well? I had read it is the casiene in milk that is a problem for celiac's not the lactose so much, I have trouble even with the cheese alternative stuff that has that as a binder. I also have hashimoto's disease and ended up having my thyroid removed last year.
Avatar f tn i saw asthma specialist and i had seen him last year for something they thought was asthma they did breath tests at the previous time, and two allergy tests (the first was tainted by prednesone). They findings? i am allergic to dustmites and cockroaches. I have been keeping my home fairly clean, very clean in the room i hang out in and the attached bathroom. So when i saw the specialist, he said its not asthma, and he checked my sinuses and said its not a sinus infection.
Avatar n tn Especially since you have the blisters all over your hands and feet--you should be extra diligent about following the advice on how to cure this, rather than altering things to suit your hyperactivity (you may want to reduce your sugar and caffeine intake for a few weeks, too, to see if those blisters aren't feeding on them and to help yourself calm down ... if you're drinking sodas all I can say is "tsk tsk").
Avatar n tn Yesterday I ended my 2-week diet and ate bread and sugar. immediatly had gas, so at least I know maybe I also might have developed a wheat allergy, and it manifests in my gut as gas and cramps. I'll be back on the diet, to see whether is sugar or carbohidrates what is causing my gas problem. However, I think even with flatulence decreased, Ithink I still smell bad, as I observe my coworker reactions when they're close to me.
Avatar f tn and that somehow grains and milk look like yeast and cause lesser problems.. but an allergy expert told me that people with yeast allergies do not react to vinegar.. so im pretty sure it is the histamine content for me. if it is not dehydration.. it can be your thyroid. lyme as someone mentioned is one thing that can cause thyroid problems since the antibodies towards lyme can attack our thyroid. there is also a common bacteria that can cause the same problem..
1219510 tn?1266713553 Funny not too long ago we had to put him back on the allergy meds (started to get stuffy) and the pedi asked, is he still holding his breath? It's nice to know our Ped has that in the record so if it was something that turned into a issue it is noted.
Avatar n tn @marileew I've been experimenting with various foods for about 2 years now. I first determined that chocolate candy bars (twix, snickers, etc...) were causes. However, after completely eliminating chocolate bars, I still would get intense headaches, but there was improvement in the intensity of the headaches. I then started looking at foods that contained ingrediants that chocolate bars had (namely, high fructose corn syrup), and removed those from my diet.
Avatar f tn Other side effects which may occur are as follows drowsiness decreased inhibitions, no fear of danger (increased risk taking behavior) depressed mood with thoughts of suicide or self harm hallucinations, agitation and hostility hyperactivity feeling dizziness, light headed or fainting urinating less than usual or not at all headache, fatigue, joint pain and unusual weakness (flu like symptoms) speech problems, memory (amnesia) and concentration problems changes in appetite (including
Avatar m tn One more update for us that may help someone else--we also are giving him Denamarin (large dog, one tablet), four capsules of Milk Thistle, and four Liverite LiverAid tablets per day. These have dramatically improved his liver numbers. His vet was delighted with his last round of tests. His enzymes were starting to get into the danger zone--so high that we did an ultrasound looking for other reasons.
Avatar n tn I posted a few months ago on this thread, but I would just like to say again, that these types of behaviour issues can be caused by food allergies and metabolic issues. I speak from experience. It's hard to believe, but a few dietary changes can be as effective as any medication, you just have to figure out which one your child needs. 1) Try removing all dairy just for a few days to see if it helps, especially if they are drinking pre-mixed chocolate milk...
Avatar n tn I was so hoping that would be my miracle cure, but after 2 years on sublingual (under the tongue) drops to acclimate my body to my allergies, I have not been helped at all with my joint pains, nor my other allergy symptoms actually. I've taken a multi-vitamin for many years, so I should be getting the proper amount of B12 (as suggested by earlier posters' comments). It just sucks not having any answers!
Avatar n tn lol I also have asthma, but not sure because no one ever actually tested me yet, so I have a breathing function test to do and am getting a skin allergy test soon. Another thing to add to those people who think that palpatations and such is what causes the anxiety and not the other way around. Pay attention to how you are should only be using your stomach muslces to breathe.
Avatar n tn on top of that even my mouth will feel sore during da same time, it will burn n have small cuts in my mucus i allergy 2 my own hormones?? its so confusing, im 23 yr old n nvr had sexual intercourse before...!! any1 having any suggestion plz do rep...