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Avatar n tn Total avoidance of cow's milk and all dairy products No pork, ham or bacon No eggs or egg products No food or drink which contains sugar No nuts of any kind Most important is to avoid pork and dairy products. Cow's milk can be replaced by soy milk or goat or sheep milk, since these milks contains totally different proteins Foods That Fight Allergies While some foods may aggravate allergies, other foods can help fight allergies.
250084 tn?1303311035 I started taking Fatigue Relief Plus when I was having an undiagnosed food allergy problem. The Fatigue Relief has milk thistle in it. I don't get that ache anymore, it stopped a couple of days after I started taking the fatigue relief.
416178 tn?1215764590 ) etc You also posted you took an allergy pill? What allergy(ies) are you taking allergy pills for? Swelling is a sign of an allergic reaction, especially the throat thing. The fact that once you took the allergy pill it "wasn't quite as severe" suggests you probably are on the right track. The tests you mentioned here wouldn't show an allergy unless the blood work involved was specifically designed for allergy testing.
713582 tn?1298265921 Every time I consume lowfat dairy milk, yoghurt or icecream I seem to get very bad catarrh/mucus at the back of my throat. This had also increased whilst being on Ritalin. But mostly, what I want to know is...would an allergic reaction like this cause one to feel lethargic. I constantly have no energy, want to sleep alot, & have a very foggy brain.
Avatar m tn How do you test for a Milk allergy on someone over 40? 2. How do you test for a smoking allergy? I don't smoke, but people around me do! 3. If I wanted to test for hayfever/oven cleaners and other allergies. I take my dog (Newfoundland lab and blue healer) for a walk every morning - I don't even make it a half a block and my eyes are watering and my nose is stuffy and I start sneezing.
Avatar n tn She takes synthroid at 25mcg twice daily. She has severe fatigue to the point she is not able to think straight and sometimes cannot get out of bed for days. She is in her doctorate program for marriage and family therapy and is having difficulty finishing. She is 5'3" and approx. 160lbs. Her blood pressure is typically 80/50 and heart rate can range from 60bpm to 200bpm depending on her thyroid med intake. She is also taking propranolol which doesn't seem to affect her.
Avatar f tn Milk allergies are very common. People think that when you have a milk allergy is effects the stomach and intestines. Well this may be true for some. I get increased muscle pain, nausea, acid reflx, fatigue and serious insomnia. The reactions usually subside 1-3 days after I have ingested a full serving of milk or milk products. Hard cheeses do not bother me but I can't eat cream cheese or sour cream (must be the way they are processed.
Avatar n tn all my life, I have been unable to tolerate milk. If I drink milk, I get bloated and severely constipated...even impacted...started as an infant. if I eat anything that has even cooked milk or real butter in it, I get a sour taste in my mouth, and can even smell a soured odor in nostrils for several hours after. Also, ANY dairy products make my joints swell and become very painful. Doctors look at me like I am crazy.
Avatar m tn I can drink straight sugar drinks all day long, no headaches Now its possible the milk allergy is not related.. I had horrible acne in highschool, so bad I had to be put on accutane.. Since I stopped the dairy, my acne has disappeared.. Im not asking for a miracle diagnosis, but I need some incite as to what tests to recommend to the next doctor. Im ditching my current gastro doctor, he obviously does not understand the serverity of the situation..
Avatar n tn I am pretty sure i have an allergy to onion and garlic , I especially get dizziness, exhaustion, fatigue, heart palpitations, depressed, joint pain, sometimes i get hives on my chest, swollen tounge, My doctor has put me on antibiotics and vitamin b, does anyone know if any of these medications or others contain anything that is in onion or garlic ?
Avatar n tn For one week she only ate natural and drank water, juice, milk. Then, I started to research allergies with these symptoms and caffeine allergy/sensitivity came up. I decided to do a test. I let her drink a caffeinated soda but told her that it was decaffeinated (in case it was mental). What do you know within ten minutes she told me it was happening again! I have NO doubt she is allergic to caffeine! Now, she is caffeine free. Its been two weeks with no reaction. P.S.
3057853 tn?1340467412 I'm pretty much in the same boat as you.I'm not sure if I have any allergy to metals.The fatigue is horrible and the pain is pretty bad also. I find it the pain hits my weak spots for example I was a lettercarrier for 30 yrs and the pain in my back & spine is real bad[I take Morphine]. Did you know that one of the interferons was taken off the market because of the bad sides.Intron A I think and I am sure thats the one I took. Do you know which one you took?
789572 tn?1334428479 I know we're supposed to drink coffee for our livers, but if you're having trouble with fatigue and nothing helps, you may want to give it a try. I've been having trouble for 8 years now. Funny how it went away in 10 days. I started exercising about a month ago. I started out swimming laps for a half hour. I could do that for about 4 days in a row, then I would be totally beat and have to take a day off. After I dropped the coffee, I found I could do more and more every day.
Avatar f tn If treatment for adrenal fatigue will not help for allergy I will go for LDS drops. Nobody in my family admits that having allergy though one of my half brothers has asthma and my mom have light sensitivity to laundry powder. Probably they have different symptoms only. My father has atherosclerosis and my brother had sinus problem and cancer. Who knows it could be from allergy.
Avatar m tn I've been putting together the pieces of this fatigue problem i've had as of recent. For the past three months or so i've been exibiting allergy type symptoms such as: red itchy eyes when i wake up, clear/white mucous from the nose and sometimes phlegm. This has been the 1st year I have had any allergy type symptoms. Preceding these allergies was a year of little sleep, excessive caffeine usage, and some alcohol use. Not to mention my diet was pretty terrible consisting of fast food.
Avatar f tn Um, when I drink milk, or eat ice cream or have coffee with milk or cream (which is rare, since we don't have decaf in my house.) I get very painful stomach cramps, sometimes mild nausea, and then really bad diarrhea. I haven't been to a doctor about it, because I can't just see doctors over little things like that. I got to doctors if I need pain meds or antibiotics. I don't have insurance I don't have money, getting them is a process that takes at least 60 days in my corner of th universe.
Avatar n tn A day or so later the symptoms vanished! I have a milk allergy (but can usually tolerate dairy) and suspect that I also have a corn allergy, given the incident just cited. Yet, I often eat popcorn without a problem. Tonight, I realized that my current symptoms were coincidental with taking Caltrate chewables which contain corn syrup. There was also some moldy food in my fridge ( I'm very mold sensitive), but I cleaned out the fridge thoroughly with Clorox.
Avatar m tn I went to a Gastroenterologist about the stomach swelling and with taking no tests he just said that I had an allergy or sensitivity to milk products. He did not seem at all concerned and didn't seem to have the time to address my concerns so I did not really pursue it. I absolutely hate going to Doctors because they are generally rude, dismissive or stumped and not interested in going that extra mile.
1666434 tn?1325265950 I notice now that I am older, and perhaps I have always had this issue just did not correlate the connection between the two, but I have to wonder if it is possible for me to have an allergy to coffee.
Avatar m tn 1) if Hashimoto's is strictly due to some changes in thyroid gland then removing it should provide relief 2) if it is due to food allergy then removal of thyroid gland should not have any impact as such as trigger agent is elsewhere I would like to get some comments if anyone has had first hand experience in these
Avatar n tn I also acquired an allergy to milk (though I grew up drinking it everyday!) Over the past 7-8 years and moving to another state (SC), my eczema on my hands has gotten worse. It's mostly on my pinky thru middle fingers, but they get soo dry, itch terribly, swell up, weep this clear sticky liquid, and eventually flakes of skin coming off, cracking and bleeding. It’s so embarrassing, I feel like a leper, and I can't even wear my wedding rings anymore!
Avatar n tn i have been suffering from debilatating allergies/sinus probs, fatigue, and dizziness for about a year now. i do have allergies to mold, dust, milk products, and corn products. my allergy doc says my symptoms are all from allergies, but i have been trying everything 2 avoid the allergens, been getting allergy shots, tried numerous allergy medications, with no help from anything! does anyone else experience this type of thing? i seriously feel like i am getting so depressed.
Avatar f tn Other symptoms of magnesium deficiency include fatigue (but also insomnia) chronic pain, nausea, vomiting, heart rhythm problems. Magnesium is the most important co factor for vitamin D absorption. Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms include extreme fatigue, nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, leg pain, low grade fevers, anaemia (a cause of low body temperature). Vitamin B12 deficiency is highly misdiagnosed due to far too low a reference range. I recommend levels over 800pg/mL or 600pmol/L.
Avatar n tn Hey Scotty, I know it's been 10 years since your last post, but maybe you could share with us the end of your story? Did the allergy shots finally eliminate the fatigue? Are you still suffering? Anxious to hear you from you, as I've been suffering of the same symptoms for years and I'm considering doing the shots as well.
Avatar n tn It feels like extreme fatigue in the heart and arm muscles. Most alcohols don't bother me. The only drinks i know of that do are smirnoff fruit twists, or seagrams fruit coolers. However not all fruit drinks react in this way. The amount i drink doesnt seem to be a factor. This has happened to me three times and the least severe were the two times i had downed about two bottles. The worst of it began after i had taken only a sip. It was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack.
Avatar n tn I have similar symptoms to this and have recently been diagnosed with a parasite infection - blastocystis hominis. And an allergy to milk protein. Its worth getting a workup for parasite and bacterial infections. A stool sample is the best way to do this but make sure that you give at least 3 stool samples over 2 days in preservative fluid, otherwise you might get a false negative result.
Avatar n tn My daughter, who is now 13, has been suffering of severe fatigue and joint pain for nearly 6 years. Up until around the 2nd grade, she behaved like a normal child should, running and playing active games with her friends. However, she came down with the stomach flu in the middle of the 2nd grade, and she was out of school for around 11 days, vomiting every time she would move.
Avatar n tn I'm a 26 year old male and since October 2006 have been experiencing 24-7 sinus pressure in the upper corners of my nose (always one side at a time), but NO allergy symptoms (i.e. no running nose, sneezing, coughing, itchy nose/eyes/throat, etc). The pressure is so bad that it presses back onto my brain, causing terrible lightheadedness, forgetfullness, and general mental impairment.
750706 tn?1239457791 Fatigue In Elementary School I had BAD allergies and would blow my nose constantly throughout the day. It wasn’t until 2009 that I realized allergy mucus is supposed to be clear. My mucus, for all those years, was always yellow. In fifth grade I had to run a mile for school. Every year I had made ‘presidential’ which is the highest award you can make. That year I made presidential in everything except the mile. I couldn’t even run the whole thing.