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Avatar n tn all my life, I have been unable to tolerate milk. If I drink milk, I get bloated and severely constipated...even impacted...started as an infant. if I eat anything that has even cooked milk or real butter in it, I get a sour taste in my mouth, and can even smell a soured odor in nostrils for several hours after. Also, ANY dairy products make my joints swell and become very painful. Doctors look at me like I am crazy.
Avatar n tn How would I know if my 6 week old has reflux vs normal spit up? She's big, gaining weight fine but spits up a lot, both during, immediately after and up to 2 hrs after a feeding. She's using Enfamil gentelese formula. She seems to have a horse cough often, trouble falling asleep though she sleeps well once asleep, fusses for the bottle but then screams if i take it out to burp her during a feed.
544341 tn?1234992477 About two months of age we switched her from formula to goat milk. Instantly, the reflux was gone. It was amazing. We discontinued the rice and she was a happy baby. We were able to get her apnea monitor off, and she no longer had problems. Then, about a month later Cally came down with bronchiolitis for the second time, three weeks later. The reflux had came back with a vengeance. It is just as bad as it was in the beginning.
Avatar n tn For one week she only ate natural and drank water, juice, milk. Then, I started to research allergies with these symptoms and caffeine allergy/sensitivity came up. I decided to do a test. I let her drink a caffeinated soda but told her that it was decaffeinated (in case it was mental). What do you know within ten minutes she told me it was happening again! I have NO doubt she is allergic to caffeine! Now, she is caffeine free. Its been two weeks with no reaction. P.S.
Avatar n tn I have been getting allergy injections for 38yrs. I have tried almost every OTC and Rx allergy med.The CAUSE is the key. My hives are generally caused from my allergies. But the vocal cord wheezing is from BOTH allergies and GERD. I have been taking the Xyzal for about a week. I do not see a difference. I still need to take Benadryl through out the day. I also tried the Zyrtec - seemed to last about 12hrs as well. One did not seem any better than the other.
159354 tn?1286371288 I liked keeping DD on formula longer.... But that feeling of no more formula....the allure of milk cost vs. formula cost.... Opinions? If you did make the move right at 1 yr did it go?
Avatar n tn and lower carbs..they end up eating fewer calories.....easy as calories in........vs out..end of with the HCG 500 calorie of course you lose weight.. and atkins diet is as dead as him and has been for a few one does low/no carb anymore..its smart.controlled carb as they call it...his wife sold the company before he was even stiff in the ground ,because of all the law suits that might follow the federal court truth..his diet wa a con is HCG end of story.
Avatar n tn I also acquired an allergy to milk (though I grew up drinking it everyday!) Over the past 7-8 years and moving to another state (SC), my eczema on my hands has gotten worse. It's mostly on my pinky thru middle fingers, but they get soo dry, itch terribly, swell up, weep this clear sticky liquid, and eventually flakes of skin coming off, cracking and bleeding. It’s so embarrassing, I feel like a leper, and I can't even wear my wedding rings anymore!
Avatar n tn my sister suggested to try goat's milk because it's easier for human stomachs to digest vs cow's milk. i only started goat's milk 2 days ago. so far it's not so bad. i don't get the bad taste but still have slight gas and slight stomach discomfort. no bad aftertaste, though. is that still lactose intolerance? or could it be some other kind of dairy protein allergy?
Avatar n tn My ped told me it was due to a milk allergy. I have, for two weeks now, stopped all forms of dairy and soy in my diet. Her stools, however, still contain the mucous and she is still fussy especially right before a bowl movement. She only gets 3 ounces of allimentum formula every 24 hrs but her stools also smell bad, not sweet. I don't think she has an infection because she doesn't have fever and has checked out at the doctor's visits. What else could it be?
Avatar n tn I can answer this question my son has a milk protein allergy and he was actually hospitalized at 1 month old because he kept spitting up and we didn’t no why??? well to make along 2 weeks in the hospital short they first had us try Enfamil prosobe DID NOT WORK he still through up.
Avatar f tn There is a difference between lactose intolerance and a milk allergy. You might have a milk allergy. If milk bothers you, you should avoid it.
188576 tn?1287722662 then they all realized it was the caseine in his hypoallergenic formula he was eating as sole nutrition for 2 yrs under guidance of a Pedi GI that was the reflux trigger .. went onto rice milk at that age and relfux all but disappeared. Do make sure you stop by GERD (reflux) .. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn Seems that would matter in weighing the risks vs the benefits of treatment. I have used several meds for my reflux in an effort to find something with the least side effects for me. I keep the head of my mattress elevated a few inches just to allow gravity to help out a bit. I have read that sleeping on the left side is the best position for reflux. A friend of mine with valve problems has reflux, but can't sleep on his left side because that doesn't work well for his valve problems.
Avatar n tn Just 100% breast milk as far as milk is concerned. Don't start weening him off the breast milk until he is 12 months old. Then (and not before) start weening him off, cutting him back until he's off the breast. This should be done slowly. It should take no less than 6 months. Breast fed children are so much healthier. In so many ways they benefit. Emotionally, mentally and physically. Babies should be breast fed until they are 18 months.
200220 tn?1361955154 with food allergies as 2 of my 4 children have bad food allergies (latex, plum, nuts anaphylactic) some of which are immediate and life threatening others which are much more delayed and produce GI symptoms only (milk as an example). Milk, soy, corn are 3 biggies known to produce more delayed GI activity, reflux, etc. You may try to delete one at a time and keep a food diary? That may help.
Avatar n tn have you checked if she's lactose intolerant? some babies cant take milk & are put on a soy milk... it gives them tummy aches to drink regular formula...just a thought....
563763 tn?1225309127 Do I take out both foods at the same time? Her allergy and asthma specialist asked that we see a GI doc first and get a upper endoscopy with biopsies done to see if she has allergens in her stomach before we proceed with the elimination diet. I don't really want to go this route as money is very tight (too many hospital bills, and other doctor bills already) not to mention that is a very invasive test and this extra specialist is more than an hours drive away.
Avatar f tn I think it was misdiagnosed for some time because he has had severe reflux since he was born along with a milk protein allergy. He has had chronic GI and sinus problems. I'm very worried because he is supposed to start kindergarten next month! He is also supposed to have an EGD, colonoscopy, rectal biopsy, MRI of spine and 24 hours pH probe next week. I'm worried that these tests aren't going to tell us anything new.
Avatar f tn After trying to connect all the information above, my theories are GERD vs. NERD (silent reflux/LPR)--apparently hard to treat vs. pancreatic insufficiency (low grade?) vs. gastroparesis vs. IBS vs. leak gut vs. some sort of malabsorption (carbs etc.).
Avatar n tn In allergy test I found myself allergic to mant thinks including milk, some vegetables,rice etc.I stop to use everything but problem persists.I tried to schedule my diet to not to eat junk foods.It helped but not a lot.Then my doctors told me to got an operation of my tonsils. Fortunately , I met with a Homeopathy doctor and he gave some sugar balls to me .It is really amazing to see that these sugar balls (Homeopathy) helped me a lot and the frequency of infection goes on decreasing.
Avatar n tn My 3 year old daughter has had a off & on stomach ache for just a little over 2 weeks now. I took her to the pediatrician on Friday 7-14-06 & she said she thought it was acid reflux & gave samples of prevacid. She said we should see improvement in 3-4 days & I could also give her pepto if she still hurts later in day after prevacid. We have seen no improvement & last night I had to give her the pepto. I don't feel I should be giving her both of these meds everyday.
Avatar n tn , cheese actually made me flemmie and my nose run ( allergy), almonds made me feel feverish( allergy), Eating out, with high fat would give me cramps, gas, and sometimes the runs.. Step three.. I started cutting out processed, high fat foods, and realized I did best with an Alkaline diet.. I wouldn't say I follow it to a T, but it has made a huge difference. Step 4 I take acidophilus with meals, if I fall off the "healthy eating wagon" and experience gut pain..
Avatar n tn I usually think that it's a beginning of a cold or some kind of allergy, although the next day it's gone and all she's left with is a red nose. I don't think that she sneezes as much as you do, although there's been times I've kept her home from school and other times she went to a school with a box of tissues. To be honest with you...I'm obviously not a doctor but I think it might be some kind of allergy. Something must set it off.
Avatar m tn As any practitioner of Chinese medicine, most organic/natural food enthusiasts, or an experienced doctor will tell you, there are four things that can increase the thickness of your mucus, and create a lot of phlegm, so avoid them while you are fighting the onset of a cold, or clearing up your sinusitis. • Cut way back on milk products. Milk on your cereal, cream in your coffee, those are okay, but knock off the glasses of milk and ice cream while you are sick.
Avatar n tn ive tried everything, drinking straight alcohol, full stomach, empty, matching with water, cutting out milk grains... i think its more of an irritation than an allergy.. anti histamines do not help... nasal sprays make me sneeze more and leave my nose totally destroyed.. i have always just "dealt with it" but i have to be honest that it is really starting to kill me in combination with my 3-4 hour sneezing itchy eye attack every day when i wake up.. you guys are not alone!
Avatar n tn I have an EF of 35% which is right on the borderline of good GB vs bad GB, but I'm still getting slight bloating after eating no matter what I eat. I'm eating low fat also. My tests say that I have no stones and that all organs look good, good blood levels as well as good enzyme levels also. I'm stumped as to the cause of the bloating! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I completed stopped any caffiene or alcohol intake for about 2-3 months and took herbal supplement, Milk Thistle. Sometimes the pain was still there. Over the course of the last 2 years since i first experienced the pain, i've probably had pain that lasted 1-2 weeks (sometimes longer) 4-5 times. I notice when i eat anything containing sulfites, like onions, garlic, wine or champagne, it becomes more inflammed.