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Avatar m tn Checking the levels with a simple blood test is recommended. I am not aware of tight calves and joint pains being common side effects of metoprolol. Checking other electrolyte levels, specifically the calcium and sodium levels, should also be done. These options should be discussed with your personal physician. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patients education only.
Avatar m tn No, not from Metropolol and I took it for years. The only side effects I had were shortness of breath when exercising and night sweats. But Statins can cause what you are complaining about. Are you taking them?
Avatar f tn I have been on Metoprolol since June 2013. I began on 50mg/day and eventually went up to 300mg/day within a year. I weighed about 200lbs when I began Metoprolol. Before I was on Metoprolol (and before I was diagnosed with a heart issue) I ran 5 miles/day. I had actually lost 100 pounds a few years prior to the diagnosis and kept weight off with exercise. After about 15 months on Metoprolol, I had gained 75+ pounds. After 27 months on Metoprolol, I had gained 130+ pounds. (I weighed 330 lbs!).
Avatar f tn Looking up side effects of Flecainide I do not see any mention of shortness of breath, a common side effect of the often taken beta blocker medications. I think you should discuss with your doctor as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn Now, how would that cause shortness of breath? Before there can be shortness of breath the hempdynamic system needs to be compromised...What mechanism or etiogenical significance is being relied on to produce SOB with a normal generated pulse from a pacemaker? If mother's pulse wasn't normal, then there could be pacemaker problem.
Avatar n tn Tired shortness of breath,stomach off for 6month. Still having shortness of breath,red chest,increased palpatations and skipped beats,usually 5 to 6 hr. after mild exercise. also had asthma test.the dr just gave up they don't know the cause but i want to do things very liminted due to shortness of breath. could it be the drugs are not out of my system yet since my heart rate is still normal?
Avatar f tn I am a 72 year old female being seen at Stanford by a "heart failure" physician. Emergency visit with ATF and shortness of breath in Jan. Chest X-ray & EKG found enlarged heart, hypertension, ATF; injections to reduce hypertension and stabilize ATF; given diltiazem. Overall health is good, take nutricianal supplements consistantly. Take no medications, LDL too high, HDL 85 and triglycerides within range; risk ratio is about 3.5+/-. Stanford doc started me on carvedilol 12.
Avatar m tn I didn't say they don't, I said they 'shouldn't'. This is why I suggested the poster contact their Doctor. In the leaflet accompanying beta blockers it should say "contact your Doctor if you suffer the following side effects".... "shortness of breath (even on mild exertion)". Perhaps you didn't tolerate them very well. My beta blockers gave the exact opposite effect, shortness of breath even at rest if I didn't take them.
Avatar n tn Although I was already experiencing occasional shortness of breath, I now find that this symptom has greatly increased when I walk even a very short distance, and my leg muscles, in particular, tire very quickly. When I asked the doctor what side effects there could be from the drug, he told me I would not experience any.
Avatar m tn I am on Metoprolol 100 mg/day. I feel good no side effects at all, never had. It was fine from the beginning. Before I was on Coreg . Same, it was fine. I do not think you have any side effects from medications at all. You do have anxiety. You should work on that.There are healthier ways to work on that instead of taking prescription drugs. It can harm you many ways on the long run.
Avatar m tn However, you would notice a difference after 24 hours when you usually top up your body with the drug. The usual symptoms are stronger angina, such as increased shortness of breath, mild chest pains etc. I found it harder to breathe and it's hardly surprising taking into account that my body was used to this drug for 2 years. Weening off gently allowed my body to adapt rather than shocking it into having a more reactive and powerful circulatory system.
Avatar f tn It does have alot of side effects and I feel quite a few of them. I am not working because excertion brings it on. In the past after ablation I have had to be flatlined due to my heart rate going to high, so working would definately give me more problem. I would appreciate more input with anyone with WPW.
Avatar f tn I checked with pharmacist and he said both Metoprolol and Atacand have shortness of breath side effects and spoke again with my dr and he said I should continue for a while.... because I have been using them for 3 month now... any suggestions?
1342169 tn?1276144137 I feel for both of you. I'm not a fan of medications, I don't tolerate the side effects very well. Seems odd that a 28 year old would be on 3 meds. I think you are on the right track in questioning that. If he has high Blood pressure he needs a nice BP med to keep that under control. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks starting at 30, and all the docs said is was in my head. I didn't believe them and now I am 53 and finally they found the issue. Arrythmias.
Avatar f tn dry mouth, shortness of breath. They did lower my pressure though. Along with these, I took HCTZ 12.5 mg which also have me those same sided effects. Doctor took me off ALL BP meds and my nose bled uncontrollably and I wound up in the hospital and was given clonidine as my pressure reached 100/97. Now I'm on 100 mg of losartan, no HCTZ, only a cough pressure is not controlled and goes up as the day progresses.
Avatar m tn ) Am just grateful that Lorazepam seems to stop the a-fib, which is pretty scary when it happens, especially if it causes shortness of breath. BTW, what were the intolerable side-effects you experienced with Toprol? Just wondering. Thanks again.
Avatar m tn I took Toprol XL 25mg for more than 3 years and weened myself over a period of two weeks. I did not have the side effects that you are complaining about, but shortness of breath and terrible night sweats - I am glad, I got rid of it.
Avatar n tn I have recently, about two months had the same symptoms - started with shortness of breath - racing pulse rate - 106 - normal for me is 60-75, numbness on left side, now numbness in boths legs and arms, dizzyness, nausiated 24-7, warm sensation from chest up down to my hands in neck and face (feels like a sunburn, but is not one), heart hurting, first sign of racing heart, and dizzy was getting out of tub (jacuzzi tub), all symptoms have gotten more frequent - all symptoms - been to pulmonary do
612551 tn?1450025775 Now ( I have not AF now), I am using 50 mg in the morning and 12,5 mg in the evening. I hope this is enough to prevent a new AF episode. Since the eighties I have tried to use many beta blockers. Atenolol has been selected as the best. I cannot tolerate eg. bisoprolol. Of calcium channel blockers Verapamil is forbidden, and Dilmin was not good, and maybe the other calcium channel blockers are not suitable either.
Avatar n tn Also i have had a breath shortness and a slight constant pain in my upper back in the same time. I used to eat one propranolol10mg pill everyday for 4 years for my heart palpitation. when I quit propranolol 2 months ago it got a little better. I tested my thyroid and its high. T4 is near the top of normal range and T3 is higher than normal however TSH is normal. Can you help please about this condition? if this is propranolol side effects how i can treat them?
Avatar f tn For those who want to get off Benzos, it certainly can be done and it does not have to be as horrible as all the stories you hear about, but paradoxically, arrhythmia and palpitations are very common side effects of Benzo w/d -- even in those who have no history of arrhythmia.
Avatar n tn Also with book reference, CQ-10 supplements with streneous exercise could actually cause damage to heart tissue according to the side effects of this supplement as I have read. Clear yourself first with your Cardio, then follow a rational exercise, relaxation and diet routine. This will help! Feel free to email alex_dolgonos***@**** Alex.
968908 tn?1274874715 Hi Julie, I take propanolol, and from talking with you, it appears you may be having some of the side effects of the medication. I would talk to your doctor about this and see what alternatives there are. I was prescribed it for a hand tremor 20mg 2 x a day, but I didn't like how it made me feel when taking it in the morning, extremely tired, so I just take it at night. I did this on my own but it was very early in the game, I had only been on it for a couple of weeks.
790137 tn?1318068025 I) thought it was my COPD, but my lungs sound fine and I wheeze at the oddest times, like when I am doing nothing or just walking to the mailbox. Yesterday I felt odd with shortness of breath while I sat up in bed. What can this be? The doctor said it might be heart trouble and not my COPD. If true what should I do? The chest tightening is disconcerting.
612551 tn?1450025775 Last night I had a bout of the waking in the early hours of the morning and feeling short of breath, or even suffocation. I immediately took a deep breath through my mouth and realized I had some "dry mouth" feeling so I know I was breathing through my mouth while asleep. I also checked and determined my left nostril was clear, only the right one was plugged. Checking the Oximeter I found my pulst in the low 70s (good) and the O2 was in the low 90s, even saw one 89%...
Avatar n tn Depression, diarrhea, dizziness, itching, rash, shortness of breath, slow heartbeat, tiredness. The chest pains are another issue and could be the result of restenosis of the previous treatment of angioplasty (balloon, stent?). The symptoms of chest pain, excessive sweating , etc. is consistent with ischemia (lack of blood flow) possibly with restenosis or other blockage. It would get an immediate checkup, if it is ischemia there can be permanent damage to the heart cells.
Avatar n tn She has numbness and tingling in legs(Possible side effects of Metoprolol?). The endo had told us it would take atleast 2 weeks for her symptoms to improve provided she is on beta blockers. What is making us confused is whether the drugs themselves are causing this side effects. What can we give her to improve her appetite as she has zero appetite now and what can we give her to help her fatigue.
Avatar f tn I was on Toprol XL for a number of years, but only 25mg. I hated the side effects such as shortness of breath and nightsweats, but never depressions. Then I went to see a cardiologist and he took me off the beta blocker and prescribed a calcium channel blocker - 5mg.
Avatar n tn glassheart46, Happy Holidays. Firstly, the presence of a resting heartrate in the 70s virtually excludes IST as a possibility. Q1:"What can I do to become less aware of the heartbeat?" Some people have good luck with "alternative" strategies, such as yoga, biofeedback, or imaging techniques. Q2:"Would it be a good plan to try a different beta blocker or do you feel I am getting the best out of the Toprol given my symptoms above?
Avatar m tn In fact, all my symptoms, including tachycardia, shortness of breath, and the anxiety, all started around the time I tried those SSRIs again. For heck's sake, I felt better right after I was released from the hospital. I think re-introducing those medicines so quickly into my system did a number on me, and my body's still resetting. I switched doctors again (parents decision), a few weeks ago. She put me on buspirone.