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Avatar f tn Hello... I am not familiar with the side effects you mention "weight gain and hair loss" resulting from this Betablocker. Also, I would be interested to know where you read or heard that once you start taking this medication, you are on it for life. That isn't a true statement. It is true that when you are taking any form of Betablocker, it isn't something that can be stopped abruptly.
Avatar n tn Hear! Hear! I'm on Metoprolol 40mg a day and it has had a devastating effect in this area. I wonder if there is an alternative?
Avatar n tn I also dont have the effects after getting up in the morning. Oh and I was also sent for physical therapy on my neck and spine with no positive results. Well my posture and neck mobility were terrible. He did seem to relieve that but still no relief of my other symptoms. One thing that I did notice is that I can make it come on when lying on my stomach in bed and turning my head to the far left. This seems to tell me that its more muscular/nerve related then vascular/circulatory.
Avatar m tn Should I consider TRT and see a urologist? Cost is an issue here, I have no insurance- and so is the side effects of TRT, which any man should be scared of. However I am willing to do it if it is the only real medical solution for my problem. Any thoughts/advice from those in the urology community would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn No wonder he’s having some sexual side effects. And it doesn’t help that you’re obviously putting pressure on him to “perform” and “achieve.” These words and concepts contribute to men feeling sex is work. And who wants to work all the time, especially when feeling not up to par? I can’t tell you anything about whether any or all of these drugs are interfering with his sexual response. For that, he needs to see a urologist for thorough testing.
Avatar m tn -) understand that when Stress or Anxiety is listed as a possible cause of an Arrhythmia, such as PVCs, and the heart is organically and structurally sound, the stress and anxiety are likely long term effects and not something that comes and goes in one day. I have heard so many people say that they were not stressed on the day of their symptoms. It is seldom that simple.
Avatar f tn The first time she went to a doctor after the episode, but the doctor wasn't concerned about it. Lastly, she was prescribed metoprolol. She then started experiencing the side effects of nausea and fatigue, which she didn't like, and now she doesn't want to take them. I know you guys don't know what's causing this, but I'm wondering, based on this information: 1. Does this sound familiar to something specific that may be going on with her? 2.
Avatar m tn Make sure to eat foods with potassium, like I mentioned in my above post. All meds can have possible side effects so your headache could have been from the new med. Things might get better and this side effect could very well go away when your body gets adjusted. Exercise, eating properly, meditation and therapy can really help with not only your overall health but your anxiety too. Keep yourself hydrated. I keep my glass of water full all day long.
Avatar n tn What kind of heart problems run in your family, remember it is usually only important if it happens before 60-65 in women and 50-55 in men. It sounds like you are getting apporpirate care having your heart and brain looked at.
2203249 tn?1338994046 However, because WHVP measurement is not widely available, most clinicians aim to titrate the dose of beta blockers to achieve a resting heart rate of 55 beats/min or a reduction of heart rate by 25% from baseline. Unfortunately, beta blockers have some significant side effects, so often the dose is simply adjusted to a maximally tolerated dose. The most common side effects reported are lightheadedness, fatigue, shortness of breath, and impotence in men.
Avatar n tn Karen I took CoQ10 it helps with statin side effects. It s a vitamin sold at any drug store. It help me to where mine are not so scary anymore. Completely safe.
Avatar f tn You should take the medications you doctor has prescribed, at least give it a few week's try. I have taken 100 mg Metoprolol twice a day (200mg), one in the morning and one in the evening. I did have some side effects that deminished over time, for example very low blood pressure and some dizziness. This mostly passed, but I complained that the hight dose caused me to be tired and fatigued... my doctor reduced my Metoprolol to 50 mg and added 240 mg of calcium channel blocker.
116881 tn?1189759423 Had 4 episodes which lasted about an hr each but alwayz came out on my own. Drugs had too many side effects and did not work. Had ablation at UVA in June 2011are and it worked great! Don't wait to long because heart will remodel itself to accomodate the arrhythmia. Go to a good EP group.....makes all the difference. Procedure itself is a piece oc cake.
Avatar n tn I am heading towards those menopausal years when women catch up to men in heart attack statistics. Because of that heart ct, I am thinking ahead. I do not agree with the hormone therapy for menopausal women-but I know it offers some cardiovascular protection? Here comes the wacko question-is anyone in the medical field currently prescribing bloodletting for menopausal women? Thanks-these forums are excellent because focus is on the details, not the first impressions.
Avatar m tn If you do not have marked arrhythmia's as part of your heart issues I would ask your doctor about trying a different anti-angina medication such as Diltiazem as it works great for angina without the side effects you mention that you are having.
Avatar m tn Pulse pressure is somewhat off-topic to your question but of interest to males sixty and older: "Pulse pressure is the difference between your systolic and diastolic BP. In men 60+, a pulse pressure of 60 or more is now a big predictor of coronary heart disease." ( From 2005 European study: "Importance of arterial pulse pressure as a predictor of coronary heart disease risk in PROCAM" (http://eurheartj.
232967 tn?1257743686 The single most important thing to remember (repeat to yourself often) is that in a structurally normal heart, they are benign. I've tried both Metoprolol and Sectral (beta blockers) and the side effects were more then I cared to deal with ontop of the PVC's and for me, the slow heart rate made them worse. Anxiety, dehydration, being overheated, and things like MSG are my worst contributors.
Avatar f tn Can I say goodbye to nausea, fatigue, dizziness, general malaise? A reduction in my seven drugs which all have their bad side effects? Am I going to be liberated?
Avatar n tn Arrhythmias can occur in men or women. Certain specific arrhythmias are more common in men, others in women. Radiofrequency ablation is performed in both sexes. The catheters need to be placed in the leg vessels (groin). I have used metoprolol in pregnant women. There are of course no studies in humans; in animal studies, drugs like metoprolol can have adverse effects on the fetus. However, it is relatively safe when used by doctors with experience in treating heart disease during pregnancy.
544292 tn?1268886268 I stick with it because I remember how the T-train caused INCREASED pain all over my body, in places I never imagined I could have pain. I stick with it because I can remember what it was like to be in the FOG of TRAM, to walk into a room, and forget why I was there, I stick with it because I would rather not get killed on my motorcycle from being too fogged to care what I was doing.
Avatar m tn I'm booked in for an ablation on June 23rd, after 2 years going to a heart hospital in London, UK. I've never even been offered drugs - they told me the side effects far outweighed the benefits as I'm otherwise healthy and it's not life-threatening.
Avatar n tn Lately I have pain down the inside of my left leg, a swollen foot feeling and pain in my left arm tingling in fingers not alot tho and a cramping feeling on the left side of my neck..Doc says maybe pinched nerve, but I am freakin..have been told about stress causing the tremors and skipping, but now this? Anyone have similar?
1475202 tn?1536274577 You will have access to knowledgeable speakers discussing a variety of subjects, such as medication side effects, living donation, financial concerns, blood donation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute staff is on hand at each meeting to offer support, share their knowledge and answer any questions you might have.
584903 tn?1233834986 ) After a few incidents of all night Afibs I went to the ER and am now on Metoprolol. In a way, I'm grateful for my Afibs. I think it was a wake-up call to get my affairs in order. So after delaying for years, I now finally have a will and a trust set up with full instructions about the care of my dogs. I have contacted all the people who are willing to help with finding homes for them,if my kids are not willing or able. Just the fact that everything is in order has put my mind at ease.
Avatar f tn I have a very good job in a huge Fortune 500 corporation that *every* American knows the name, logo and branding. Our insurance has to be competitive in order to attract and retain the top workforce. Over the years my costs have been low (factoring premiums). Again - to anybody reading: what is your MAXIMUM OUT OF POCKET? Be prepared to pay that if you're Ablated. I'd suggest getting ablated in January, so if you need another... then the second (and all subsequent med expenses) will be free.
Avatar n tn I was just so happy that there is actually something out there that helps me and I don't feel any side effects. Somehow I always felt like a failure considering medication, I thought that I should be strong enough to just deal with it. But now I am so relieved. So for all of you out there, if you can't take it anymore and this drives you nuts like it does me, don't be silly and wait 16 years to even try to see if medication works.
Avatar m tn I didn't think this was possible at the age of 19, unless you have congenital anormalities in your coronary arteries, which would probably have caused problems earlier in your life, and chest pain as well. What I think doctors worry about when they see lots of PVCs during exercise in young men, is that some (usually viral) infection may have affected the circulation, causing increased irritability in the heart.
233616 tn?1312790796 As long as one kept the dose low, monitored the liver, and watched for lactic acidosis, what would be the harm in trying? arguments in favor or opposed please weigh in, if obese women went from 20% to 60% SVR that should tell us something??
Avatar f tn The doc says that it's the only statin that can deal with the type of plaque that's built up in his arteries. Most of us who have delved into the side-effects of statins know that CoQ10 given alongside counteracts the side effects, letting the statin do it's job without causing problems for the person taking them but they do not prescribe that here (or elsewhere for that matter) and CoQ10 is quite expensive to buy privately.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing the same symptoms for about six months now. I seem to have sometimes dull sometimes sharp pains under my breast bone. I get bloated very easily after eating. I burp a lot of stomach gas. Lots of belching ensues. Sometimes I feel like my esophagus swells up and then I can feel my heart beating in my chest, the fluttering and butterfly feeling. Then, this irregular beating in my chest scares me and causes anxiety, then the viscous cycle repeats.