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Avatar m tn i tried the detox thing with methadone, and for me it was the single worst mistake of my life...i soon learned how to abuse them ,as alot do, an addict isd an addict...and then your stuck with a much worse problem than you originally started with. if you received a PM telling you this is the way to go...your best bet is to ignore it and talk to some , a lot of people who tried this and are still sorry to this am i.
Avatar m tn I have questions regarding Methadone for treating pain. I been on Norco for quite awhile and have gotten tolerant to it. The Doc tried to put me on Percocet 10mg but i got very depressed when on it so we went back to Norco. I have been on MS Contin 3yrs ago also Fentanyl Patches up to 100mcg 1yr ago even been given Suboxone for pain. I did not like the Fentanyl and it only lasted 48hrs for me. The Doc told me that we should try Methadone and i said no way but i'm not sure now.
Avatar n tn When they switch you to methadone, it means they feel there's no hope for you. And while on methadone, you'll be treated like an addict regardless of if the pain is legitimate or not. Your other choice is to wait four five days of methadone and do what the others up above tried; stopping totally. You may get a pleasant surprise. Just keep in mind if you an still function and get about at that point, your doing better than most in withdrawals.
Avatar n tn I go to Alanon all the time and pray for the best. thanks for your concern. If I ever get a straight answer, I will post.
765775 tn?1366028291 Such drugs are typically approved for people requiring round-the-clock treatment for moderate to severe chronic pain, such as cancer patients. But, significant harm can occur if patients are uninformed about how to properly take the drugs, doctors inappropriately prescribe the drugs, or if legitimate prescriptions get into the hands of people other than the intended patient, Dr.
Avatar f tn He said that IS the reason it would be so dangerous for me and although my regular Dr. has some Methadone patients, none that need the amount of pain control I need to move, and he says even those patients need additional pain meds, since the Methadone amount would be to high to control. I thank GOD that I have a Dr. that is behind me, but it is still an uphill battle!
Avatar f tn I was on methadone for pain for 10 years for my back. My doctor passed away. I did not know how addicted I was until my pills ran out and I was dying, litteraly. I had to find a new dr that weined me down to 30mg and since he won't write it anymore cuz its illegal for federal clinics to write scedule 2's I have to go to a methadone clinic and be treated like a herroin addict every day just to feel normal. I was put on neurotin 4 days ago and it seems to make me feel a little better.
Avatar m tn I was on all sorts of medication for pain as I have chronic lower back pain and discomfort in my lungs from the scar tissue the cancer caused. When I was put on Methadone I knew I had found the perfect medication for myself. NO pain, no discomfort, and I don't have any eurpohia so I act and feel totally normal. For 8 years now I've been on a dose of 100mg. a day of Methadone. I take an anxiety pill which enhances the effect of the Methadone.
480448 tn?1426952138 I took vicodin for years.I was on methadone for over a year.It really was 2 different 'feelings'.I didn't get that euphoric,warm and fuzzy feeling from methadone like I did when I was abusing the vicodin.Methadone made me feel more relaxed and out of it then vicodin did.Vicodin gave me tons of false energy and a feeling of being able to conquer anything.There was a big difference in how I felt between the 2.The methadone did control my back pain alot better then the vicodin did towards the end.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Paxil for depression and was also recently switched from morphine to Methadone for pain treatment. I read on the Internet that Paxil (or any SSRI drug) can cause a spike in blood pressure and possibly a stroke when mixed with Methadone. My doctor is now recommending Effexor in place of Paxil. Isn't Effexor also an SSRI? and to your knowledge, does it pose significant risk(s) when taken with Methadone?
Avatar f tn I also do know that Methadone, in the past, was prescribed only for H users and Bone cancer patience. I am not proud to say, but I had been using recreational off & on most of my life. Was always able to walk away until I got hooked on the Hydos/Oxys that lead me up to getting the Methadone prescribed for pain. I did quit drinking yrs ago when I was on the dones and stuck to it to this day. I was a bit older when I finally realized that after 12-16 yrs I could not stop!!
Avatar n tn I do know others say it works well for it. And, methadone works very well for pain for me. I know I will be on it for life, unless some miracle happens and I get healed. So, detox and withdrawal is not even an issue with me. I do know methadone is excellent for pain control due to the one fact it is very stable. That means tolerance does not go up near as fast as with other opioids. Most go long periods without a dosage increase.....after they are stabilized.
Avatar n tn Many anesthesiologists and doctors/surgeons are unfamiliar with the proper equalanegesic dosage of morphine for patients on methadone maintenance, or using methadone for pain. As a result, they make the mistake of giving you too little morphine when they are using that in place of or in addition to your methadone dose for pain. Sometimes they even think that the methadone you normally take will help address your post-surgical pain. This is in fact NOT the case at all.
1490116 tn?1304820737 I can sympathize with you. I have debilitating pain in my back which causes numbness in my legs. I too have children that rely on me daily & am currently 25 weeks pregnant with child #3. Regardless if you think you can keep your meds low or not Fentanyl is a VERY strong medication. The dosage you'll be given depends on the dosage of Methadone you're on.
575947 tn?1220745787 I sent you a pm.I was on methadone for well over a year.I went c/t off of 25 mgs 8 1/2 months ago.I just needed a little more info about your situation,so check your inbox and I'll keep an eye out for your response.hang in there....Peace...
Avatar n tn That, how hard it is to get off of physically, and the fact that and no help is offered for physical after care to speak of, makes for around a 96% failure rate for people trying to get off methadone. If you have the money, then Ibogaine detox (out of country only) has had good success. Otherwise, most MMT patients have to do it the old fashioned way, tapering slowly down and using whatever medications and supplements they can get from the doctor/health food store to get through it.
Avatar n tn htm Hi, I am currently perscribed to 4 - 40mg methadone wafers a day which is 160mg's a day. I get this medication for treatment of severe chronic pain. This has been a miracle medication for me and has given me my life back. I have a question and did some reasearch and couldnt find an answer to. I know 40's are being taken off the market. The 10's will still be available.
897749 tn?1241764082 lol When I had to stop the fentanyl, my insurance co. said both the patch AND actiq were only for cancer patients from then on. It seems unfair - given that many cancer patients have less pain than so many. I know I have more than many of them - but I have so many different diseases pulling on my nerve endings at once!!! :( BUT - I have such a strong sense of humor that as long as I keep distracted and laughing etc.
Avatar f tn I have found that none of the other Laxatives or Stool softeners help except for Sanakot. I have been on methadone on and off for about 12-13 years and this has only been a problem for the last year or so. I also found that the Senokat can be addictive. So now I only take it when completely necessary. Instead I use Fiber Supplements with my drinks. I use "Fibersure" in the blue bottles for a few days then I switch to "Benifiber" for a few days.
Avatar n tn I have also been on the methadone for my pain. Methadone does not work for everyone as far as pain goes. It didn't work for me. If you can take the oxy as prescribed, then stay with it! Unlike what has been previously stated, oxycodone, when taken for a very long time, does not adversely affect any of the bodies organ systems. Even heroin, in its pure form, is a safe pain med. Morphine has been studied for a REALLY long time.
Avatar n tn The thing is all the talk about hydro u will soon be on twice the amount or looking for herion and loosin ur jobs, i believe cancer patients should be the only people prescribe regularly, if you dont have cancer you dont care, unless after all said and done(the relaxation fun happyness then the horible WDs) u enjoid urself iam 25 and have had a late start in life becasue addiction, IAM TRULY SORRY FOR THE ONES THAT TAKE THE PILL TO MAYBE HAVE FUN AND WITH SO MUCH ON THE MARKET ALMOST ANYTHIN
1511671 tn?1316567803 So many challenges for those if us who are chronic pain patients on SSDI. It may be the methadone that is contributing to your lack of energy and interest. I'm guessing it's a combination of things. I am not on methadone but I have little energy or interest in the activities that use to occupy my time. Physically I simply can't handle 90% of them. Your plate is not only full, it is over flowing. So where do you go from here?
Avatar n tn I have been taking methadone for pain for about four years. Now that I have been "cured" of the pain (I had some cancerous tumors removed finally!!), I no longer have the need to be on all this medication. I was on 80 mg. of methadone a day which I cut in half about 6 weeks ago. No withdrawals. About 4 weeks ago, I cut that dosage in half again. I am now at 20 mg. a day. I can't seem to go below that point without triggering a whole bunch of weird symptoms.
Avatar n tn of methadone for about 3 years now and the Dr. gave me klonipin 2 mgs. a day and I have been on that for about 6 months. I have always heard this was a dangerous mix do you think I am in danger since I have been mixing them for 6 months. I want off methadone. I was given it for chronic pain and from what I have learned about this drug it is from the Devil himself.
Avatar n tn I have a feeling I went about this the right way, rapid detox seems like your just setting yourself up for a nasty fall. I got on methadone when I was 19 yrs. old, I'm 26 and just want to reclaim my life back, go to NA- stay sober! This is actually my third time trying to kick methadone, the other two times I failed miserably. I don't want to end up back 'chasing a bag' or limping back to the methadone clinic.
Avatar n tn I'm hoping it means at some private practice addiction specialists will be able to treat patients with methadone. About Darvon, I've been hearing for years that heroin addicts sometimes use Darvon to get them through periods when heroin is unavailable. My recollection is that Darvon only partially addresses the needs of heroin addicts, even though it's chemically related in structure to methadone. I can tell you it's not a good pain killer if pain relief is what you're after.
Avatar m tn I was on methadone for almost 7 yrs and was dosing at 150mg I weened of for 8 1/2 months and jumped off at 1mg ....what your going threw is prity normal for takes a lot longer to detox off of then the pills just know you will get better for me the first 2 weeks where plagued with symptoms but gradually they went away only to leave me in this energy crash that seamed to last forever...
Avatar f tn I feel so bad for you. I can't believe they'd put you on Methadone for Migraines. Like Avis said, all the other meds they have now. And you are so young. It's such a hard drug to get off of. You will find lots of support on this site. By the way, all that weird head/brain activity is what drives me insane also. It will get me so freaky sometimes I just want to bang my head on the wall.
1362888 tn?1277762352 I've been on methadone for 8years & I've been on liquid methadone for the past 2years & ill tell you for sure that liquid m done does eat the enamel on your teeth my dentist said it does cause I was on the pill form at 1st & never had any problem but past 2years I've been on the liquid & the stuff that's in the liquid does eat your teeth away.
Avatar n tn i have been off of methadone for a long, long time and the w/d for methadone are the hardest opiate w/d's there are in my opinion... i agree with the folks who suggest a slow tapering off it at all possible. that is the easiest on your body. no matter how i ever tried to taper down going down the rest of the way to nothing kicked my butt... let us know more about the reasons you were on methadone in the first place, opiate dependence or pain control...