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Avatar m tn I deal with chronic pain, I am wondering what to do, should I ask my doctor for methadone because its used for chronic pain and doesn’t abuse the liver like opiates do. I think if I were on 40mgs and took it as a split dose, where i took 20mgs in the morning and 20mgs in the evening would work. With opiates, you build up a tolerance and soon the perks wont work. Whereas methadone you don’t build a tolerance for it and it helps with pain.
1050179 tn?1253902786 ---- But I will print out some articles on how methadone works for pain. I'll even sign a contract and/or go back for pill counts to make certain I won't overuse the med. Which I won't..there is no need. It works for 24 hours. I'll be seeing my doc on Oct2nd. I'll let you know what happens. Thanx!
710547 tn?1295449630 I personally used methadone for nociceptive pain for 12 years without incident, and received the best pain relief of my entire medical history (> 30 years). I rotated off because it was making me drowsy. However, I plan to rotate back when the tolerance to my current oxycodone therapy gets out of hand, for both pain relief, and to relieve chronic insomnia.
Avatar n tn Any medical doctor can prescribe methadone for pain relief. Methadone clinics are for methadone maintainence (for addicts) and not for chronic pain sufferers. They are governmentally subsidized which is why I assume your doctor referred you there and not to a pain management specialist. I am quite surpised the methadone clinic accepted you.
Avatar m tn my pain m docky put me on 30mgs of methadone...this is my 3rd time on it..i never though i be back on it..this is the only thing they like to give to pain m..I ALSO TAKE XANAX IN DIVIDED DOES 0.5MG EVERY 5 HRS OR SO..THATS 1 OF THE RESONS I WEENED OFF CUZ OF THE 2 TOGETHER...TOTAL DOSE NEVER GOES OVER 2MGS ADAY..AM PRESCRIBED 4 MGS ADAY NEVER HAD TO TAKE THAT MUCH BEFORE..I BEEN ON BENZOS FROM MY FAMILY DOCKTER SINC 1993..
Avatar m tn i was on 120mgs of methadone for my server pain in both knees and worked real good on everthing..i also take 2mgs of xanax for pantic..was on klonopin for 13 yrs before they put me on xanax a shorter 1/2 life is 11 hrs..klonopin 100 hrs 1/2 life..anyways i started hearing about people dying from this mix!!! so i weened myself off to 20 mgs then stopped..WRONG THING TO DO!! then 26 days later went to pain management they put me on perks 15 mgs aday..
Avatar m tn I have questions regarding Methadone for treating pain. I been on Norco for quite awhile and have gotten tolerant to it. The Doc tried to put me on Percocet 10mg but i got very depressed when on it so we went back to Norco. I have been on MS Contin 3yrs ago also Fentanyl Patches up to 100mcg 1yr ago even been given Suboxone for pain. I did not like the Fentanyl and it only lasted 48hrs for me. The Doc told me that we should try Methadone and i said no way but i'm not sure now.
4407520 tn?1363015465 Well as some of you know i tried to get off methadone by substituting with pain killers, big mistake considering that was the whole reason i started methadone, i was on a low dose of 6mg and taking pain killers for about 3 weeks, then i quit the methadone and very quickly started taking more and more pain killers until i was taking like 100-150mgs per day, well after about 8 days without methadone i ran out of pain killers and think i starting detoxing off both at the same time, the back pain wa
Avatar f tn If you are taking Methadone for the high/good feelings it gave you, then you are taking it for the wrong reasons completely. Typically, when you are put on a long term pain medication, your body acclimates to it, and you stop experiencing the side effects that someone new to the medication would have for a short time. It is called tolerance. I was on methadone for severe back pain and I never, ever got "high" or felt good, happy or whatever you want to call it from it.
Avatar f tn I'd be a little suspicious of any doctor that would put a person on methadone for back pain that could be considerable lessened by losing weight. Many people gain weight on methadone -- I've never heard of anyone losing weight, though. Is he supposed to be trying to lose weight while he's on the methadone? And if so, has he been successful? Get your husband to understand that it will take him at least six months (probably longer) to get off the methadone he's on. And it won't be fun.
Avatar n tn As you all may know,I have a tramadol and percocet problem,Ive done some researching and found many are helped by methadone,I do know my pain mgt. center presribes this to quite a few people.I dont know if I should talk to the pain mgt. center or my regular family doctor about this,although I seriously doubt a Summit Medical doctor would prescribe methadone! Does this drug take away the cravings for tramadol and percocet or just "transfer" the addiction?
653169 tn?1303449969 Please give me your opinionon methadone for pain control of Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia.
Avatar m tn I say if it's been a week you got out free from detox, just be sure to have a strong support system abd work in close conjunction with your doctor to make sure you don't have to go back on the methadone again, for the longer you are on it, the worse the withdrawls will be.
Avatar f tn I have been taking pain meds for over a year now, recently switched to methadone because my doctor said it's great for pain and very cheap to buy. Well over a peroid of 2 weeks I took 120 pills. I was warned by several people on this forum to be careful with it and i wasn't. I have been without for 4 days now, and today is probably the worst. I figured after 4 days I would start to feel a little better but I am getting worse.
1965340 tn?1325541162 or am i in the wrong Fourm? Anyway I have been on Methadone for 10 years for Pain and perscribed by a Pain doc. I can't drive, memory loss and have turned into basiclly a hermit. can someone Please tell me the best way to tapper off i have looked and looked online and can't find this simple question? Example is it 5mg weekly or what if anyone knows can you please reply? I can't go into a detox center at this time i am on 40mg would it be to much to go to 30 mg?
662972 tn?1270169901 I have been on Methadone now for 8 months and I've gotten my life back. I am on 80mg a day and other than methadone I am 100% clean. I know some feel that your not clean but I can tell ou that it has saved my life in so many different ways. I go to groups and enjoy them. Just wondering if anyone had anything to add about methadone or tips.I really don't know a lot about methadone I mean I've read all web sites and things! All info is apperiated.
Avatar m tn My doctor prescribed 40mg oxycontin along with 15mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Obviously I'm not going back to the methadone clinic, which i'm praying is a blessing in disguise. Can I possibly breeze through methadone withdrawals taking my pain meds as prescribed? Please help because I'm terrified. I wanted to get away from the methadone ball and chain anyway, but I'm not sure if this will work.
Avatar n tn First off, methadone is also used for pain as well and a lot of pain clinics do prescribe it. It is just like any prescription, you go to the pharmacy and they fill it. And, methadone is not only for heroin users. It is for people who are addicted to opioids, heroin being just another one of them. Actually, a lot of pain patients have a higher tolerance than a lot of heroin addicts do because they have more of a steady supply.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with severe endometrious and was told i would never get conceive, well i did. The problem is i take 30 to 40 mil of metadone a day for pain. No longer do i suffer from pain i had, it's much easier to handle a bad back than several cycts on the ovaries. The point i am getting to is how safe is it to withdraw while being preg.? I do not want to hurt my baby anyway, please help!
Avatar n tn That 10MG methadone I took yesterday lasted for 26 hours?? I don't mean for pain, I mean for w/d, .No bad feelings(except no sleep to speak of) I took a 5mg oxy at appx 2pm today. and another at 8pm. I really want to try the meth path, short time My body (since losing kidney and some liver problems) metabolizes stuff real slow. I believe (hope) that 10mg meth can last me a long time. So maybe I should do less(5mg?) and see what happens.
Avatar f tn I cold turky'ed off a fairly high dose of Methadone over three years ago, I was prescribed the Methadone by my pain control doc because he said it was "less addictive" than the oxycodone I was on and wanted off of. wtf? CTing methadone was the worst WD I ever had, listen to Gnarly, he is very knowledgeable about Methadone...I wish I could have had his insight and guidance when I was going through it. If I can be of any help let me know.
550931 tn?1219498420 My pain is so much better that I would say I don't need narcotics for it now. My pain did increase for a while and it scared me a lot, but then it did go way down just as my doctor promised. There are others here who will answer your question far better than I can, but I wanted to let you know what is happening with me. I am seriously considering taking the leap from 45mg to zero.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Methadone and Percocet for control of chronic pain...after 6 back surgeries (in the last 5 years), I just had my last one and hopefully that is it!! I've just about had it with all these surgeries...I had to have so many because of one doctor's bad mistakes. At any rate, I just stopped my methadone (already got off the percocet 3 months ago) and I took my last 5 mg. tablet yesterday morning at 5:00 a.m.
Avatar m tn So glad your here. I jumped at 20 mg along with 3 other drugs. I have 55 days & I'm feeling rally good most of the time. I'd taken pain meds, benzos & muscle relaxers for 7 years but methadone only 5 months. It's been completely worth it. I go to AA everyday, I have a sponsor & I'm working the steps. Hang in there post often. I took vitamins, cal/mag/zinc, sublingual B12, B complex, amino acids & protein drinks.
Avatar n tn I heard methadone is very good for chronic pain, I hope this isn't a mistake in the long run. Bye for now, Jackie Oh and by the way I changed my nick anme from GypsyStevi to MoonSista.
Avatar n tn You try that methadone and we'll see you back here with a problem you can't stop, trying to withdraw, miserable, depressed, with your life spiraling our of control, or maybe we won't see you at all because you'll be dead.
Avatar n tn Yes, my new love was not only back on pain medication, but she is hooked on Methadone as well. I have a lot on my plate. My question is how does one get off this medication? Yes, I have researched the topic (and found this site in the process) She gets the Methadone from a local clinic, it is liquid form, the bottles are not identified as how much of a dose but she thinks it is 80mg.
217599 tn?1202854552 i was a zombie, and gained 40 lbs, my teeth were rotting out, and the pain they gave it to me for wasn't any better while i was on it. wd's are horrible, but i am so glad to be free from that poison. will your dr. give you meds to help you withdraw? he got you hooked, so he should help you get off. sleeping pills, clonidine, and mega vitamins will help. good luck, hun, and i will be praying for you.
Avatar m tn I know my son is depressed and maybe that is why he always wants to get high to get that happy feeling. I hope that Rehab will help but it is only for 16 days. Should he have methadone in his system or should he ween himself off. I too hate him being on that but he says it takes the urge away. This has been a nightmare for everyone in the family. He is on my mind 24/7 and I feel so helpless. I want my son back and well. What advice can you give us??? Please respond.