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Avatar f tn All lifestyle approaches are important, however recent studies have shown that for women with PCOS without diabetes or pre-diabetes Metformin alone has not been as effective as taking the fertility drug Clomiphene to get pregnant. If you have pre-diabetes or diabetes then you should continue Metformin, however you may need to add clomiphene to get pregnant. If you do not have diabetes or pre-diabetes then Metformin may not help you to get pregnant nor will it help you lose weight.
Avatar n tn I was taking 50 mg of Clomid days 3-7 and 500mg metformin once in the morning and 2 pills at night. I hope you get a + soon!!
Avatar f tn I have pcos and I'm trying to conceive, I have been taking metformin but currently stopped. I ran out. I hope to start up again within a week. After taking it for a month I finally got a period. No spotting for days before or after. It was perfect. My breast even got sore! I am using this as a place for woman trying to conceive with pcos and help each other out, give advice or tell their story. Any one is welcome!
Avatar f tn Hello Ladies, I'm interested in speaking with any ladies that suffer from PCOS.
207106 tn?1189759422 Doctors have done tons of tests but have never come to a conclusion of why I do not get my period. Recently I have done a lot of research myself and PCOS seems to come up in everyone of my searches. After reading up on PCOS I find that I have a lot of the symptoms. My husband and I are meeting with a doctor tomorrow to discuss getting pregnant and I want to bring up PCOS with him.
Avatar m tn At the time, being emotionally stunned by the whole storm of news, I agreed and have been taking 2,000 mg of Metformin daily along with Genress Fe birth control. The birth control and Metformin have been working to keep me in balance, but the Metformin gets me sick on and off in not so tolerable ways. I never imagined at 20 I would have to deal with this and the thought of, potentially, having severe fertility issues from it when I do plan on a child is heart breaking.
317787 tn?1473362051 Was it your liver doctor or a doctor that specializes in treating patients with diabetes? I do not know anything about diabetes or Metformin. What I do know is since your liver is cirrhotic, it is very important that you protect it. Your description of how this medicine is affecting you shows that your body is not happy with this medicine. Every person is different. What may be fine for one patient may not not be fine for you. Listen to your body.
Avatar n tn Metformin is often used for treating PCOS as well as diabetes, but I doubt you will find a doctor to prescribe it solely for weight loss since it's not approved as a weight loss med. Metformin afftects the way your body handles sugar -- i.e. reduces blood sugar. If used on a person with normal blood sugar, it could lower your blood sugar too much, which would in turn cause other problems and could put you into life threatening hypoglycemia.
381616 tn?1204341934 There is a growing population that treats insulin resistant states, especially such as PCOS, with sensitizers like Metformin. But studies have shown that lifestyle changes are better than metformin at preventing diabetes, so it is far preferred especially as the first intervention. Unless there is a contraindication( for example pregnancy, allergy, worsening renal failure on ACEs) , all diabetics with proteinuria should be on an ACE inhibitor or ARB, even if they only tolerate a low dose.
Avatar n tn I was just diagnosed with PCOS about a month ago, and I'm in my last few day of my cycle.( I can' t remember the last time before this) Well I must say, and I'm sure you can all agree, that the most upsetting and deperssing, physically (besides being shaped like an M&M) is the hair, not just a llittle hair on you face, but I have hair on my stomach and some around my nipples.
Avatar f tn A look at your labs will help members assess your situation and allow us to comment more fully. Have you been diagnosed with diabetes or PCOS? Or is the metformin strictly for weight loss? As for food, stick with the complex carbs, such as that found in veggies and whole grains, lean protein, low/no fat dairy, nuts and seeds, etc. Make sure to keep portion sizes in check.
Avatar f tn Hi there, A detailed history should be known before determining the correct answer of your query. In PCOD there may be difficulty in conceiving.Clomid, metformin are used for treating ovulation dysfunction and insulin resistance in PCOD.Women with milder forms of thalassemia usually have healthy pregnancies. Beta thalassaemia major makes it difficult to become pregnant without fertility treatment. After you conceive, you are likely to have complications during your pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Metformin alone has not been shown to be superior to ovulation induction with clomiphene in women in PCOS. So if you do not have diabetes or prediabetes, ovulation induction with Clomiphene would be superior to Metformin alone.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with PCOS after I had my second baby and my doctor put me on metformin and birth control in hopes of conceiving after treatment. He had me stop the birth control and continue taking the metformin, told me to have sex from day 10-20 and hopefully we'll get pregnant. Well, I just started my period! A full week earlier than it's supposed to. I don't know what it means?
Avatar f tn If there are specific side effects associated with medication use, it is best advised to consult you treating doctor for a possible change in dosage or change in medication. If the symptoms are more than mild, discontinuation of the medication and review with your treating doctor would ne suggested and if mild you could continue with the medication and consider a review with your treating doctor. Self-change in dosage is not advisable.
788876 tn?1236656278 hey im starting my b12 shots today and i was wondering if anyone is on the b12 and has pcos? if so, have you had any bad side affects or is it helping? i used to take metformin but it made me very sick.. i havent been treating the pcos and i want to lose weight..
Avatar n tn Hi there, PCOD occurs due to imbalances in the hormonal system which makes ovulation irregular and causing other changes in the body. Drug like Clomiphene is used as first line drug for treatment of PCOS related infertility. It has been observed that approximately 60-70 percent ovulate after taking Clomiphene. Along with Clomiphene lifestyle modifications like weight control, exercise are very important to improve the success rates of Clomiphene.
Avatar f tn I don't have the hairloss problem BUT my dr is treating me for PCOS as my hormone tests came back barley in the normal range. I am taking Metformin (I was also trying to get pregnant) and have been feeling better. BCP worked for too as I didn't know I had it until I came off it to get pregnant. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn Hi, metformin is a tried and proven way of treating PCOS. In many cases it normalises fertility such that drugs like clomid are no longer necessary. IF your doctor won't allow you to use it, perhaps you should change doctors. Please work hard to lose weight and improve your fitness, which will also increase your chances for a healthy pregnancy. As people with PCOS sometimes also have thyroid problems, now would be a good time to screen to make sure your thyroid is normal.
Avatar f tn However, since you already have a metabolic disorder (insulin resistance) due to PCOS, it is advisable to first consult your treating doctor before taking this supplement. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar n tn You should see about taking Metformin for your pcos. Bcp should regulate your cycles. Since you stopped taking it your cycles will become irregular again. Maybe speaking to a nutritionist will help you understand what diet to follow or you could try looking it up online.
Avatar n tn For this, Apart from these hair removal options, there are some medicines available for treating hirsutism in PCOS. These include oral contraceptives which contain estrogen and progesterone and suppress ovulation, Metformin, antiandrogens which cause androgen blockage( eg spironolactone, flutamide, cyproterone acetate), oral corticosteroids and Finasteride. If the symptoms are severe then it will be best to consult a dermatologist.
554174 tn?1284034702 I asked her about the difference between PCO and PCOS as they diagnosed me as PCO and not PCOS. I asked her whther i had PCOS and that was leading to me not conceiving and my re told me that u need symptoms to have PCOS. I said well i have irregular periods and slightly heavy hair growth like in the usual areas and around my breatsts etc...actually it was me who was suggesting her various options like should I take progestrone supplements after IUI if I am PCOS...U know what...
1946380 tn?1324242592 I was prescribed metformin hcl 500mg once a day since metformin 500mg twice a day made me sick... Do any of you feel that metformin is effective in treating PCOS and make it possible for pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I have been treating with an endo because I have the symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome). I am 28 but at about 18 I started to develop facial hair & it has gotten worse thru the years. I have never experienced any ovarian cysts and was able to conceive without trouble. Also, I have weight gain problems and difficulty losing weight.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have PCOS too. I tried both Metformin and Clomid. Metformin made me feel very sick and nauseated. Clomid (50mg) did not work. But Clomid (100mg) made me ovulate this month! I think I could be pregnant and have the symptoms (plus my periods are 5 days due now), but the HPTs keep coming negative. I am losing patience so I'll take a blood test this monday. So, the answer to your question is that when you get your health insurance don't waste time... just go get some fertility drugs.
Avatar f tn Some women with PCOS have unhealthy eggs because their periods are too far apart, in many cases this is correctable with herbs, diet or drugs. Many women with PCOS also have a thyroid condition. Frequently, if this is treated they begin to ovulate. Many women with PCOS have frequent miscarriages, but they eventually have a healthy baby-often with the help of progesterone cream or suppositories.
1569575 tn?1314427659 It has multiple chapters dedicated to the female reproductive system. One part being on PCOS. I am 22, 185-190lbs and 5'1. I have problems in that area as well so please know you are not alone. I can go months without a period (right now it has been more then 3 months) though I am not pregnant. Infertility runs in my family (my mom was told she would never have children). The book I mentioned offers some sound advise on making our broken bodies better.
363243 tn?1331037450 Hi, I am writing an article about PCOS in African American women.
Avatar n tn Your doc is again correct about not treating the PCOS unless trying for a baby as all treatments can result in pregnancy and are only meant to be taken short short term, they just like you to have periods so therefore the pill. Just bare in mind that when you want kids speak to your doc asap as treatment on the nhs is very slow. Dont worry PCOS is very common.