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1660049 tn?1326092618 Are you monitoring your blood sugar levels? Metformin is a diabetes drug that lowers blood sugar. It can be used to treat PCOS but it will still affect your blood sugar and hypoglycemia can be dangerous. That said :) has your doctor checked your FSH and LH levels? Hubby's sperm count? Link above to good article on PCOS. I have friends who swear that red raspberry leaves (usually as a tea) are the best thing to help conception....
4261944 tn?1530523938 So I had a HCG, I actually need to call for results and also go in to get Metformin prescribed. I'm to start it next cycle, I'm about CD24 now, can be anywhere from the normal CD31 up to CD60 so might be a while off yet! i'm curious to know of any success stories with their cycles being restored to normal, or not so successful are also helpful!
Avatar m tn I was just prescribed Metformin for PCOS. I have been on Synthyroid since may but now I was recently prescribe Metformin. I forgot to ask if it safe to take Metformin with Synthyroid at the same time. Does anyone if it would be ok?
Avatar n tn I never knew that metformin was given to help get pregnant? Im on metformin for PCOS and it also helped me lose 40lbs. My doctor stated to me that it helps to get pregnant while taking this, but most women who have PCOS are on this drug to help with weight issues and insulin issues and also on bc pills to regulate a period (like me).
Avatar n tn So, I stayed on birth control pills until I got diagnosed with PCOS and started taking Metformin, which regulated my periods and cleared up my acne without the use of the Pill. I am convinced that my prolonged hormonal problems/PCOS have something to do with the fact that I have thyroid problems, too. It's kind of a which-came-first kind of thing that I don't know the answer to, but I feel strongly that the two are related. Genetics are to blame,too.
Avatar n tn i have had intermittent menstrual irregularities (sometimes skip a month sometimes 2 times in one month) for over a year now usually related to my hectic studying schedule and stress. ive been treated for pco over a year ago with diane 35, metformin, and atkins based weight loss, recent ultrasounds are clear. to spur my period i ate a large helping of papaya to cause uterine contractions and it worked within a few hours.
360318 tn?1340396963 Hello, I was just recently diagnosed with PCOS and I am curious about my options. My doctor wanted me to take progesterone to jump start my period because I hadn't started in 8 months, but I never took the pills, and I lost 5 pounds and my period started, and now it won't stop. I have been on it for two weeks now, and it seems there is no end in sight. My cousin was like this and she would have no period for almost the whole year then she would bleed for about a month.
1646889 tn?1301484828 I was on Metformin prior for what turned out to be a mis diagnosis of PCOS (4/08) (about a year later I was diagnosed with hypo, went on Armour, this was 3/09); had a number of Dr.'s dispute this diagnosis (PCOS) over time, and was finally weaned off Metformin mid Feb per my OBGYN. Over the next week (s), I gradually took on feelings of too much thyroid med leaving me with the conclusion (stupid on my part, like I am a Dr. or something!
Avatar f tn For several months I've been having a general ill feeling. Within the last 2 months it's gone from just feeling tired after a full night sleep to dizziness, fatigue, and nausea spells that come out of nowhere every day (my blood sugar is good, so it's not that). In February I started seeing a new doctor who decided to do a CBC just to check everything because my PCOS was "flaring up" again and causing unexplained bleeding. What came back was a WBC count of 17.
1646889 tn?1301484828 If you take it at the wrong times, you will gain. If you need it, follow dosing to mimic a diurnal rhythm of bulk of dose in morning lessening through the day tapering to nothing at night - then you minimize side effects. Longer acting corticosteroids tend to cause more side effects like weight gain and the hidden ones like bone loss etc.
Avatar n tn I mention it because if it was a cyst, the severe abdominal pain you experience could've been a cyst rupture. I had 2 of them when I was on clomid, but I also have PCOS, and am prone to getting cysts (I've had 8 or 9?? maybe even 10? cyst ruptures - I can't remember the last time I counted) Generally cysts clear up on their own, but I wanted to mention it because I was concerned. Please feel free to send me a message if you have ANY questions or concerns.
173145 tn?1301704450 Just makes me feel depressed because itis all my body's fault we aren't getting preggo. I just picked up my metformin for my PCOS and took the first pill today. So, maybe this will help! We will see..... Hope all is well with you and will be checking in soon.
1160836 tn?1332333769 Hello everyone I think that this form will be very helpful for all that are on Clomid or that will start Clomid soon. Let me start by saying that I have PCOS and I have 11 year old daughter I have been TTC on and off the last 7 years but since I been married a year ago we been trying faithfully. I was on Clomid in Nov. 2009 I was taking 50mg 3-7cd I was told that I didnt O on this round and that I would need to go up on my next round.
1018470 tn?1251337123 Today, I will hopefully get the report so I can see where my ranges are and post back on here. So as to starting out on NT - you say to go about half of what I was dosing my T4 (which was 100 mcg.- which was to much). Here is the Naturethroid Conversion chart ( Not sure where my starting point would actually be, but I am assuming 1/2 Grain and titrate after " ? 1 or ?
Avatar n tn So I am happy to say that I am not going nuts after all!!! LOL I've been placed on Synthroid and will be rechecked every 6 weeks for awhile until the dosing is correct and the levels are healthy. I will also be seeing an endocrinologist in a couple of weeks to continue care through him. Moral of my story: TRUST YOURSELF. If you feel "off" then insist on investigating why! I knew I was not myself and thankful I listened to my body and sought out help from my doctor.
Avatar n tn my husband and i started trying the night of our wedding, nov 05 and just last november went to the fertility center of las vegas and i found out that i have pcos. the dr said that he is surprised that that is the only thing wrong, i have absolutely no other abnormalities, and no sign of diabetes or heart disease.
393685 tn?1425816122 I came to MedHelp when I was dx w/PCOS and hypothyroidism in late 2007. I have been struggling with hair loss and weight problems. I love this forum as it brings so much knowledge about different things. Hope everything goes back to normal. I dont even want to be seen outside my home, I feel like everyone is looking at me. My husband is very supportive, but I just feel that he would not want to be with someone struggling with hair loss. I dunno.