Menstrual period for 2 weeks

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Avatar f tn I dont know why i have my period 2 weeks early?? I am not on birth control so that is not what it messing up my cycle. Could i be pregnant??
Avatar m tn I'm always stressed out. But 2 weeks seems a little much for me. Especially when I've never been late and take pills.
Avatar f tn My due dates from ultrasounds were exactly the same as from my last period. I had my babies 3 weeks and 2 weeks early all on their own terms. I guess i just dont need the full 40 weeks for my babies to be ready!
3166367 tn?1343916534 Hi my daughter is a year old and I'm breastfeeding I didn't get my period until she was about 11 months not I am bleeding every 2 weeks plus help
Avatar n tn I've been having my period for at least 3 1/2 weeks. It hasn't been heavy, it's actually been rather light. Usually I have a few very heavy days, but this time it's been light the whole way through-just SUPER long. I'm still having my period. Should I worry about uterine cancer or something similar? I know I should start taking iron supplements (I'm also a vegetarian), but other than becoming anemic, what are the medical problems I should be worrying about?
Avatar n tn I didn't get my period for 10 weeks after stopping breastfeeding. I know everyone is different and the time it takes to start ranges widely. Your hormones are also crazy right now trying to level off after breastfeeding and could cause a number of unpleasant side effects. I had nausea, hot flashes, moodiness, etc. You could ask your dr if you are really worried. I don't know if you are using birth control, but if you are, your dr.
Avatar n tn i took dianne 35 pills for 2 consecutive months on the third month that was july 12 this year i stop, i was expecting for my period to come on the 15th of july i had contact with my boyfriend 2xthe first was july 3, the 2nd was july 15 whom i thought was a safe period for me, but up to now i dont have my period yet. i keep on having my pregtest strip for 3x already but it was negative. i had history of ruptured ectopic with surgery of my fallopian tube in 2002 and miscarriaged in 2005.
535202 tn?1216409060 i spotted for 2 weeks then i had a period, ive been REALLY really tired, and i feel sick alot... ive been on BC for 4 1/2 months, i thought it was possible that i was pregnant but i took 3 tests within those 3 weeks... is it still possible that i could be pregnant or am i just paranoid???????? im starting to get nervous because if im not, then there has to be something wrong...
Avatar n tn I have been having the same problems, My husband came in me on the first day of my period my period lasted 3 days. Now a month later my period i due now and all I have been is cramping for 2 days like i would be on my period but no blood discharge when i feel as if i am discharging it is only clear. Im confused this is my first merry go round and i need answers. It is now Thurs and i took a test on monday of this week and it showed neg but I used Dollar General Brand PT.
Avatar n tn I do. i'm 18 and haven't had a period for over 4 months. Sharp consistant pain in my lower stomach everyday. I have also went and had blood tests done and a pregnancy test. I believe its been going on for more than 4 years but I didn't exactly pinpoint the problem until now.
Avatar m tn In that case, can using the same tissue(which had menstrual blood on it) used to clean the head of my penis be ruled out as a non-exposure? 2) If I do have to conduct tests for peace of mind, which ones and whendo you suggest I should take up? Thanks, K.G.
Avatar n tn I am 31 years old my husband and i tried for 4 years to have a baby but to no luck last year in Dec i went on Depo but i bleed the next month and had a regualr period the whole time i was on it i then had a period for 2 weeks in june - july and i have now not had a period for almost 3 months its very frustrating i have not taken a test as hubby doesnt want me to what should i do
Avatar f tn A normal menstrual cycle occurs every 21-35 days with menstruation for 2-7 days. If there is a history of any unprotected intercourse then pregnancy can be thought of. Other than that, High level of stress, cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, chain smoking, dramatic changes in your life style may be some of the common causes of your delayed periods.
Avatar n tn Having a baby shouldn't make it last for 2 weeks. If it's your actual period you are having, you might want to see your Dr. to make sure there is nothing wrong.
Avatar m tn I was looking for a time table of number of weeks and chances of detection (as in 2 weeks - ~number, 4 weeks, etc) Might you know if such a table exist? And if so, may you have a link to it?
Avatar f tn Could this have affected my flow? Two weeks prior to my period I have been running for at least 2 days out of the week. Also, I worked out intensly the day before and during my period. I have never had unprotected sex. What could be the cause of having only 1- 1 1/2 day period?
Avatar f tn Hi, I induced my period last month 2 weeks early using vitamin c. I only bled red blood for 2 days the rest was black and mainly pieces of tissue. I decided to wait around for my normal period to come. Well it did, but now its very very light, i only need to wear a liner, and when i wipe it usually clots. I'm not sure if this is normal since i usually have very very heavy flows. I am also not experiencing any cramps or breast tenderness. Only slight bloating and acne.
Avatar n tn As long as you aren't soaking a pad in an hour everything should be fine. I am also breastfeeding and I'm 4 weeks 2 days postpartum and bleeding, this is what they told me when I called. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I had my period 3 weeks ago and then had unprotected sex the day after my period. I then took the morning after pill and 2 days after that I started bleeding again. Its hasnt stopped and it comes and goes all the time. Its not heavy and it has a little bit of a smell. Please tell me if something could be wrong.
Avatar f tn Two weeks before my period I start bleeding durning intercourse. This time my period was around for two weeks. Know that I'm off I have pain in my lower stomach and a burning feeling.
Avatar n tn hi my period is 2 weeks late i was suppose to get them on a break from my pill but i was suppose to start back on the pill a week ago and haven t as i don t know werather i m expecting on not, i also did 2 tests with came back neg, i ve 2 kids already and i don t know if i am on not , can anyone help
1344131 tn?1276296785 no it does not it can mean ur period is getting off to a slow start i would wait 2 weeks if still no real flow take a hpt or go to doc for a blood pregnancy test
Avatar f tn I bled like that for about 3 weeks after my c-sec. You should be nearing your next check up, so I would ask your doctor about it. I have heard of some bleeding for that long if they did not start out bleeding a lot, but I did not bleed that long. I had trouble after my first period though. My second period, I had uncontrollable bleeding and almost went to the ER... Called my doctor and was on strict bed rest until the bleeding slowed down.
Avatar n tn I have had 2 major hot flashes and now my period is 2 weeks late (i had my tubes tied 5 years ago). I am 46 years old. When my TSH was tested in October it was 4.5 but the Dr said that was normal due to how high I was. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn The period is on and off heavy, thin and it disappeare for a day and start again it goes on for three weeks. Please help.
Avatar n tn I'm not totally sure it's menstrual related, but looking back over the last few months it seems to be - I have 2 good weeks at a time followed by 2 bad weeks at a time, and usually the bad weeks are around my period. BTW: I am currently breastfeeding - I am weaning off of that, though this started at about 8 months post-partum and I wasn't weaning at the time. Thanks for any input.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had given oral sex to a girlfriend in India who was having her period. The exposure was less than 2 minutes and just the tip of my tongue. However, 2 weeks later I developed diarrhea that lasted about 5 days. When the diarrhea went I had about 1 day of nose stuffiness and post nasal drip and was left feeling fatigued.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I'm not sure if anyone can really give me any input on this but here goes. I had my last period on June 13th and it lasted for 5 days (as usual). Now, a couple days ago I started feeling a cramping feeling very similar to menstrual cramps, but was a little confused since my period had just ended on the 17th.