Menstrual period for 2 weeks

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535202 tn?1216405460 i spotted for 2 weeks then i had a period, ive been REALLY really tired, and i feel sick alot... ive been on BC for 4 1/2 months, i thought it was possible that i was pregnant but i took 3 tests within those 3 weeks... is it still possible that i could be pregnant or am i just paranoid???????? im starting to get nervous because if im not, then there has to be something wrong...
Avatar m tn I'm always stressed out. But 2 weeks seems a little much for me. Especially when I've never been late and take pills.
Avatar f tn Technically fetus age is 2 weeks shorter than pregnancy age bc they start counting pregnancy age from ur last period and count fetus age from ovulation so if u are 8 weeks pregnant ur fetus age is 6 weeks
Avatar f tn So I'm 36 weeks but I will be induced on Oct 14 and 15th I also have been having menstrual like cramps. To where it ranges from being really mild to really bad. As long as you haven't had a change in discharge or odor then you shouldn't have an infection, since those can cause it. So as long as it's not an infection you don't need to worry. My Dr said it's most likely the position the baby is in.
3166367 tn?1343912934 Hi my daughter is a year old and I'm breastfeeding I didn't get my period until she was about 11 months not I am bleeding every 2 weeks plus help
Avatar f tn I think you should go by the last menstrual and make sure that your hcg levels are rising normally, take a 99 cents store pregnancy test it should come out positive right away if you're 6 weeks
Avatar f tn I am currently 2 weeks late from my period and I already took 3 pregnancy test at home they all came up positive. I wanna know when will I have changes in my body? My belly is still flat or maybe because I'm just too skinny. This is my firs time so I have no idea what's going on.
Avatar f tn In obstetrics we use the last menstrual period to date the pregnancy which adds two weeks to the embryologic gestational age. Ultrasound calculations are programmed to correspond to the lmp dates to avoid confusion. SO, if your LMP puts you at 7 weeks, then you are 7 weeks pregnant, and your due date will be 33 weeks from now. It's just a lot easier to go with the LMP dates! Good luck!
Avatar f tn The symptoms only lasts for 2 weeks. But I still have breast tenderness and use the bathroom more . What could be goin on?
1304588 tn?1299071471 My question is since I lost 10 pounds in about 2 weeks, would that have messed with my menstrual cycle? Please any advise will help me a lot. I do plan to take a pregnancy test within a week to rule out pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Cause they count 2weeks from your period doctors considered you pregnant before conceiving well that's what I heard I was wondering the same thing to and i'm still a lil confused to how they calculate things
Avatar f tn It was the normal bleeding after giving birth.
Avatar f tn (Cycle day 1 is the first day of the menstrual period). I would then do an ultrasound on cycle day 11 or 12 to look for a developing follicle. On day 21 I would check a progesterone level to see if you did indeed ovulate and if your luteal phase was sufficient ( a good progesterone level suggests that it is.) Ovulation predictors can be very confusing, and I think that the BBTs are not a bad idea in your case.
422891 tn?1315179920 Also in march I went for my annual and got tested for pcos that test came back normal. My last period was march 31 and I haven't had one since then. Usually before I start my period I have the mood swing nipples tenderness all of the pms symptoms u can think of. I haven't had any of those things this time around jus breast tenderness from time to time especially If I lay on them and if I lay on my stomach that hurts and creamy cm but other than that nothing.
Avatar f tn Can u get pregnant again while pregnant? I am 14 weeks preggers and I missed my period 2 weeks ago, I still have morning sickness :( How would that work?
Avatar f tn bloating, mood swings, headaches, and cramping. Now my question is; is this normal? I've never missed my period before and this is starting to scare me.
Avatar f tn I would wait to see if this caused you to have a menstrual period. If yes, I would investigate some common hormone levels such as TSH and prolactin as well as 17 oh progesterone. If you did not have a period, my next step would be ultrasound to rule out any type of obstruction to the menstrual flow. This can sometimes be caused by cervical biopsies. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn I took Plan B a few days after my last period, and I had a full week (normal length) of menstrual bleeding a few days after taking Plan B. Now it has been a full month and two weeks since I took Plan B. I have taken two pregnancy tests, and they have both been negative. Am I pregnant?