Menstrual period lasting two weeks

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Avatar n tn I started around September 20th. I had my period, normal-heavy, for two-three weeks, with a few days where it was light enough to make me think it was over. I went to the doctor, who took some blood and said I wasn't anemic or pregnant (I thought maybe it was a miscarriage because that is what my sister told me happened to her)... She said to wait 2-3 more weeks, and then to come back if I was still on my period. So it continued...
1633472 tn?1299997963 I have had two pregnancies that I lost and here is what happened: first time I was around 8-9 weeks and had missed m/c w/ d&c and had my period for two weeks and then again two weeks after that my regular period started. It took me 4 more cycles of trying to get pregnant. 2nd time I m/c was on 12/27/10 and I bled for about 5 days immediately and then became pregnant again on 01/09/10...under two weeks later. The body does weird things sometimes.
Avatar n tn My period is two weeks late which means I'm 47 days since my last period came on. I took several home test and I also had a blood test done this past Wednesday when I was only 14 days late for my period. Could I have tested too early and could I still in fact be pregnant. I am doing no bleeding whatsoever, no spotting or nothing. I have been having some flu like symptoms and queasiness in my stomache with very mild cramps off and on.
Avatar n tn After which I notices extreme cramps, I never had cramps when having my period before. I also noticed my period is lasting to just about two weeks and I am having to change a pad quite frequently. When I start getting my period it will start out very light and then around a week into the light cycle is when it starts getting heavy for close to another week.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the posting . I had my period two weeks ago. I had that foul smell ever since. I looked at several things on the internet. I kept seeing the forgotten tampon remark, so i decided i would check to see. I was very suprsed to find one but i did. It was really disgusting, so i am glad i checked.
Avatar f tn If it comes back improved then I will continue on the double load of iron and then go back in two weeks after my cycle for the same scenario all over again. I think the blood work will be improved because I can tell that I am slowly slowly gaining and the head pain has eased somewhat. The doc is going on the basis that the head pain has improved some to determine that it is secondary.
Avatar n tn I had another two weeks period-free, then for four weeks straight after that I bled constantly and heavily. I was tired all the time and my grandma suggested it might be from iron deficiency, so I began taking an iron tablet every day and my bleeding stopped. The next month I had an ultra light period for about four days, accompanied by still excessive cramps (which I had never had before like this).
Avatar n tn I, too, have had a supercervical hysterctomy 4 years ago for adenomyosis with very heavy menstrual bleeding and pain lasting 10-14 days. For the last 2 years, I have been in and out of the OBGYN office with cyclic menstrual bleeding averaging every 25-28 days like a menstrual period. The bleeding is very minimal - initially bright red and almost clot-like for a day then tapers off to a brownish stringy discharge(2 days).
187316 tn?1386360282 It could take up to 8 weeks to get a period back. Since its only been two weeks I would not worry if you haven't gotten it yet. Depending on how far along you were with the pregnancy the day you get your period will vary. On the other hand you may be about to start, if you miscarried and had the dnc and its around the time you would have gotten your period, your cycle may just continue like nothing ever happened. I miscarried at 8 weeks, bled for 5 days and my period was back 4 weeks later.
Avatar f tn ive had about 2 or 3 of the bursting things. Tyelnol and advil doesnt help. My periods are very irregular and heavy..I get a 10 day period every two weeks sometimes less and i soak through a couple extra large pads a i get these random old blood periods where its like black tar on top of that. Does anyone have any idea when these will go away? Any idea on how to ease the pain? And what does extreme thirst and naseaua and urination mean?
Avatar f tn I always feel like I know the general time around when its coming, but I've had as short a time as 2 weeks between periods to nearly 2 months. When I first started getting my period it was always VERY heavy with absolutely horrible cramping happening during it that lasted hours. Pain so bad I couldn't move, and when I got it during school I had to leave class and would have gone home if my mom would've let me. Fortunately as time went on it began to alternate.
Avatar n tn This is what I got from her post, she is having severe cramping and pain that is lasting seven days, rather than just a day or two. So, my advice would be to consult your doctor and discuss the sudden increase in pain associated with your menstrual cycle and see if there is an underlying cause.
Avatar f tn I as well get shortness of breath about 2 days before my period and 1 or two days after. As well my doc looks at me like I have lost my mind. thank you for sharing at least I kinow I am not alone.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex 4 times in the last two years. I am prone to having Irregular periods from 26 Days to 34 Days, My period has been regular since June at 26- Days. I was supposed to start my cycle on Saturday the 15th. So I thought it would be okay to not use protection the night before. Instead of my period the next morning I think I'm ovulating..
7280472 tn?1395276314 If you're breastfeeding and your period comes back later, it may be very erratic at first, lasting longer than a normal period (sometimes as long as two weeks) and then not coming at all for a month or two. The most important thing to remember is that even though your period is off-kilter, you could still be ovulating. So if another baby isn't in your plans right now, be sure to use reliable birth control.
Avatar n tn anyways I missed my period for like two weeks almost and started today I'm cramping extremely bad plus its rele dark Can anyone give me advice plz
Avatar n tn I had a similar problem a few months ago, the exception with mine is my period didnt stop, I actually kept my period for two weeks passing the HUGE!!!!
Avatar n tn He said that my body has to work very hard to replace the blood lost, which leaves me tired. Two weeks ago I had balloon thermal abaltion. I already feel better, which is something unexpected so soon! My family said it was like having the old me back.
Avatar n tn I have irregular periods but on average they are 30 days in length and for the past two weeks or so ive had period-like cramps but no period. Have felt a little sick and nauseous but not much. Breasts feel heavier but not sore. Im unsure whether it could be a sign of pregnancy. Does anyone think it could be? I am also unsure when to take a HPT but the maximum length of my cycle that i have recorded is 33 days so i think i'll wait til then to test. Anyone else in the same boat?
Avatar n tn i have been on them till this day but baout a month ago i started again and i knew it was unusual becasue i had been on my period 2 weeks before. but i thought it was just going to be a short period well it will be 4 weeks this saturday. i'm have been reading all these and i getting really worried. i'm supposed to be going to the gyno sometime this week, but i also am a big girl and i really don'e want to gain 100+ pounds from being on birth control.
Avatar n tn I was informed by him later that because the cyst ended up being an endometrioma caused by endometriosis starting that I might later have the same trouble on the other ovary. When my surgery was done it was 2 weeks til my next period. I bleed very little and had just a little bit of pain afterward. However I did have somewhat of a period. When I went back for my 4 wk checkup the doctor asked me a lot of questions, one was if I had a period and I told him yes.
Avatar n tn happened for a few days, stopped, then happened again and stopped now. It has been two weeks since i stopped birth control and I was supposed to start my period yesterday, but i havent gotten it yet. I have tested 5 days before my period (negative) and the day of and today, all negative. I felt mild cramping but no period yet. Could it be because i stopped birth control that i havent gotten it, or am i pregnant?
Avatar n tn I came back home and started bleeding two days after. my period wasn't supposed to come for two to three weeks, and this bleeding seemed like a normal period. . . and lasted about eight days. I then took a pregnancy test the day after i stopped bleeding but, still before my actual period was supposed to arive. the test came back there a chance i could still be pregnant?
Avatar n tn Last month, my period lasted for almost two weeks! Instead of getting my period every 28 days, they are now more like 31-2 days. I had a tubal ligation 3 1/2 years ago and unexpectedly got pregnant last year ending in an ectopic pregnancy. My periods can be very heavy. I feel like I have PMS symptoms 365 days of the year! I am thinking of just getting my uterus removed!
Avatar f tn Three days AFTER my woman's exam, I started my period. **Back Tracking-- I started my menstrual cycle at 13 and had irregular periods. Sometimes I'd have them lasting 1 day, sometimes 3 days, sometimes 3 weeks. And sometimes I would have two periods a month. (Example: Have one that last two days, and 1 week later I'd start again.) So it's never been a 'normal' lifestyle for me.** **Fast forward 4 years after the exam. and LOTS and LOTS of cramps and mood swings later.
514574 tn?1213883940 I had my Mirena removed on 9/7/2010. I bled two days after removal for about 48 hours. I started my normal period 4 weeks later on 10/5/2010. Up until I started, I felt pregnant. My boobs hurt, I felt tired, stomach cramped, heartburn, and even a little sick to my stomach. I guess it was all hormone withdrawal because the pregnancy tests were right...I was not pregnant!!
Avatar n tn Dr says not having a period more than 4 weeks is normal. Although if it gets 6 weeks and no period you should go back to the dr. to get a pg test done. Still waiting on mine to come!
Avatar n tn It has helped the smell considerably. Then this month, I actually took my b/c as directed. Had brown discharge two weeks before period. Period started. Period is ending. Now I am having brown discharge again with a horrible odor - smells like something died..... I apologize for this being so long, but I'm really freaking out because it's been one thing after another. All I want to be is "normal" again. Thanks for any help anybody can give me!!
Avatar n tn I then ovulated a week later so I started to doubt this was a period. Now two weeks later I have heavy bleeding - although no cramping like I normally have. I also have pregnancy symptoms like headaches, dizziness, bigger boobs so I think my hormones are raging at the moment. Even though I am disappointed that my period is so heavy, I see this as my body's way of telling me that it is getting back to normal and will soon be ready again for a baby. So ladies don't ever give up hope.
Avatar n tn Hey, my period came on July 21 & ended the 24th of July..I would say it was a regular period. About two weeks later I started spotting. It was a light brown blood. I would say that lasted for about 6 days. I was supposed to get my period again August 18th..but I`m 9 days late. What should I do? Does anyone know what`s wrong?