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Avatar f tn I mean they are pretty much stewardesses in those offices bring them gifts - bearing gifts. You create the relationship that way. So we can change this - we don't have to have a system like this. Gary Null: I've recently interviewed a drug rep who was one of the most popular in the United States and for two years was in the top five most successful drug reps in the United States out of over 100,000.
1376247 tn?1278892259 Throwing up afterwards and feeling like crap were gifts to me- I was so relieved to have it done. What did they do to me? I had Versed (a sedative similar to valium) right before surgery- I had to wait 2 hours from scheduled time due to an emergency surgery that came in- so I started thinking my fearful thoughts again but pushed those away. The versed was given through IV, literally right when they took me into the O.R.
1187071 tn?1279373298 I encourage you to draw on all of these too. What my wonderful dad left me was gifts of the heart. Gifts that cannot be put in words. He taught me to be honest, hard working, to love my fellow man and this wonderful earth that God gave us. He took me to Church and Sunday school where my faith and love of the Lord and our Savior developed and grew. And now that is what I am left with....all those gifts and so many more that would be much too long to list.
Avatar f tn ( It's so disheartening that so many are suffering with this. I am not young but I am not old (48) and I feel young and besides this I am in good health or at least I was. I just hope there is relief from this...and I hope you are finding relief from your symptoms.
Avatar f tn All I had to do was prove that my insurance didn't cover and she was able to go to the health department for care and medicade took care of everything else. WTH? Wouldn't it have been cheaper to have supported birth control? No, I made too much money. I couldn't lock her up.........or quit my job. So, do not blame the parents in all cases. I am not defending all situations but I find that when teens have babys they are more likely to grow up and repeat the same mistakes the parents make.
Avatar f tn For years there was a battle with his bio mom, she would take him out to men's houses, parties, you name it, and have him sleeping in a back room. We spent years of anguish, trying to reason with her on her weekends, we would switch days with her, whatever we could do to make sure that our son was safe, and she could have him when she had time. She never would take us up on this and thank God it was only every other weekend because we would've probably fell apart.
Avatar n tn 1. The health (standard skin health). 2. The function (urinoir dispenser, reproductive, pleasure). 3. The maintenance (standard health management according to the area's condition). 4. The aplication (serving the only husband is the safest to avoid STD, HIV, AIDS, & damage due to extreme use). Every nature creation, including in genetic factors, must have special aim. Nothing is 100% similar.
Avatar n tn OMG!! 46, will be 47 in June. Can't even tell you how everything seems to be failing, wrinkling, etc. & yes, it seems like it happened overnight. Perimenopausal as well. Had complete check up recently & no major health issues. However, my gyno has me hrt's(which I REALLY want to get off of). Added into the mix of all the skin issues mentioned, I am losing my hair like CRAZY. Anyone else having hair loss issues?
599170 tn?1300977493 however, very border-line....because of the incidence of rape, incest, health of mother, etc, I have to be for it.....or else, I would definitely be against it.
Avatar f tn small gulps of air like children take is not enuff for health.
Avatar n tn any instructions for follow-up? did you get any meds? Seriously think about going to a naturopath for extra health support, get someone to call and drive you there. Also, go see your medical doctor if you feel that you have worsened. I got the flu shots on Nov 5th and there have been days that I felt that I went "backwards" and then I would improve again. Look at our original forum (Tingling after Swine Flu Vaccine) where there are over 150 comments for more feedback and suggestions.
Avatar n tn Brooklyn Girl - It is stressful, but remember that 85% of microcalcs are benign. Sorry to hear about the additional health problems so many of you have. You are all in my prayers.
Avatar n tn Luckily my girlfriend is a champ and isn't too conserned about me getting off, but she's more worried if there are any health issuse i need to be aware of... I don't really think I'm comfortable enough to say "I'm addicted to porn!" Oh well, I suppose I'll take everyone's addvice and just cut back on the porn and masturbation.