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1963551 tn?1325604592 the other i could visit and go in to his room and it was mixed gender and i think that is the bad ones..Too easy for a rehab romance for some..He is at a mens facility right now..Just wish I new where and pray he calls soon...Thanks for the info..
Avatar n tn I now have been feeling a similar tearing feeling on the top of my hand coming down from between my index and middle finger and then it goes numb for a period. What gender are the rest of you? Some things like MS tend to be more common in one sex vs another.
572651 tn?1531002957 However, from the many testimonies I've read here and elsewhere, NO ONE is safe from this type of treatment. I mean that regardless of gender, age, position in life, income, education, geography, or any parameter or demographic, it can happen. Consider that our forum leader is an MD, and as her (very eye-opening) journal entry notes, she went through quite a lot in order to get diagnosed.
Avatar n tn Thanks so much for advice, I think this Endo deals with a lot of thyroid but one thing right off the bat I didn't like was he only deals with Men's hormonal issues and not women's. I was hoping that he was going to help with my menopausal & osteopenia issue along with the thyroid since they all interact with each other in the body. After my phone call tomorrow I may be looking for a new Endo..probably a good thing if it comes to that.
Avatar f tn I started voting absentee because, for one thing, it's much easier to vote from home in the comfort of your home and having time to think about what you're doing, than standing in a line and having people stand behind you waiting. And yes, for me, health care and the economy is probably on the top of my priority list. I have mixed feelings on the war.....with a family member in Iraq and at the same time, not really thinking that he should be there in the first place.
Avatar n tn Let`s stop with that porn, that`s now what we need....we need our health and imagination and I am now really determined to quit and return to nature.
Avatar n tn i have had 3 iuis and going for my 4 today, with the other 3 even though i wasnt pregnant i had very sore breasts and felt very bloted i learned after having so many iuis to expect that i guess that comes from the hcg shot, i never was nausiuos though,that could be a good sign some woman know it the minute they become pregnant,and you could be one of them,i know the two week wait can be unbearable,but try and hang in there and try not to take a hpt test for a few more days,unlike i did and get a