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Avatar n tn I took Geritol for about 3 weeks as well as my husband, then i thought i was pregnant and switched over to prenatal pills, and sure enough i was! Im currently 7 weeks pregnant. Good luck to you!! My pregnancy isnt going so well though(not geritol related) but hopefully yours will be better!!
Avatar n tn Hi all. New to this. I am a 44 year old woman who is physically fit (gym 5 days a week) and eats pretty well. Approx 5 weeks ago I developed veins showing on both hands. They have not gone away and infact they are bulging most times, and I can "feel them". They have increased and I can see some starting to climb up my forearm now. Before this, my veins barely ever showed.
1376247 tn?1278892259 I jogged, danced or swam every day and ate fresh foods. I stopped drinking alcohol and meditated. I also played little mind games with myself, forcing myself out of my comfort zones in various situations. I allowed myself to fully imagine the worse case scenarios and go through the feelings, desensitizing. Talking to the anesthesiologist- and officially requesting him - really helped a LOT with trust and info.
Avatar f tn So really the only ones that we charge these high prices to are the one who can't afford it. And what that means is many of them can't take the drugs they need. And we know that drugs save lives. So, when you can't afford your drugs, you might die or you may stay very sick. And it might also force you to go on buses to Canada or Mexico or to go on the Internet to try to find a cheaper drug.
1187071 tn?1279373298 He took me to Church and Sunday school where my faith and love of the Lord and our Savior developed and grew. And now that is what I am left with....all those gifts and so many more that would be much too long to list. And I hope and believe that your mom must have left you the same or similar. Your mom may have left this earth but she never left you. She will always be in your heart. She will live on through you.
Avatar f tn ( It's so disheartening that so many are suffering with this. I am not young but I am not old (48) and I feel young and besides this I am in good health or at least I was. I just hope there is relief from this...and I hope you are finding relief from your symptoms.
Avatar f tn All I had to do was prove that my insurance didn't cover and she was able to go to the health department for care and medicade took care of everything else. WTH? Wouldn't it have been cheaper to have supported birth control? No, I made too much money. I couldn't lock her up.........or quit my job. So, do not blame the parents in all cases. I am not defending all situations but I find that when teens have babys they are more likely to grow up and repeat the same mistakes the parents make.
Avatar f tn So this is what I have, this space, my ideas, opinions,responses and questions aren't always perfect, but I just want to have this space to say THANK YOU to all of the "step parents". Being a child of divorce and a mother of divorce, I have had "step parents", my kids have had "step parents" and I have been a "step parent"..Its like a world that revolves around "step parents".
Avatar n tn OMG!!!! I cannot believe what I'm reading! Are freakin crazy! I, and most guys and girls that I know - we love large labia! Love it, love it, love it! As a matter of fact - It's almost a must-have. It's so damned sexy and hott. It makes for great sex. Girl's please don't let any guy tell you otherwise. If you're young and inexperienced, please wait! You'll soon realize that you have a Diamond, and young guys are sometimes just intimidated - afraid that they don't know what to do with it.
Avatar n tn She tested my reflexes again and assured me that this should run it's course and leave no residual effects. It's always so great to be reassured, because this week it really feels like my muscles are going into spasms more than they were before. Anyway, stay strong everyone and take care!
Avatar f tn My husband and I have been together for 7+ years and married for 4 years now and we have a 20 month old son. We are both working professionals. Ever since I have been pregnant, my husband has been yelling at me when he gets stressed out by any situation. If my alarm clock went off and I didn't turn it off quickly enough he would scream at me "TURN OFF THE F****ING THING". When our son was little and woke up at night to feed, he would scream at me if I didn't wake up quickly enough.
599170 tn?1300977493 I think that anyone who needs an abortion, should be able to get one that is safe and legal. It's not a decision that should be made lightly or without a lot of thought however it is the right decision in many cases. I am not "pro-abortion" though. I am "pro-choice". If someone really feels strongly about keeping their baby, and is willing to do the work with raising a child, more power to them.
Avatar n tn I have known this for years, but after my mammogram/ultrasound with a BI-RADS 4, I went right to the health food store and bought a deodorant without antiperspirant and am planning to ditch the underwires. It is just not worth it. I have a friend whose fibroids in her breasts went away after she stopped wearing underwires. She used to have them drained every 4 - 6 weeks because they would fill with fluid.
280700 tn?1210287416 it doesn't increase your chances of m/c. My friend took it and she is 20 weeks preg...her friend took it and is also 20 weeks preg. I also know another woman who took it and has a 7 year old. There are good stories out their don't worry.
Avatar n tn Let`s stop with that porn, that`s now what we need....we need our health and imagination and I am now really determined to quit and return to nature.
Avatar n tn i have had 3 iuis and going for my 4 today, with the other 3 even though i wasnt pregnant i had very sore breasts and felt very bloted i learned after having so many iuis to expect that i guess that comes from the hcg shot, i never was nausiuos though,that could be a good sign some woman know it the minute they become pregnant,and you could be one of them,i know the two week wait can be unbearable,but try and hang in there and try not to take a hpt test for a few more days,unlike i did and get a