Medroxyprogesterone when will i get my period

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Avatar f tn Hi guys, i'm new here. I was diagnosed with pcos just recently. I didn't have my period for 6-8 months now. I was afraid i will not be able to conceive:(. Yesterday i started taking medroprogesterone for 10 days. I will be starting with BC for few months until me and my husband are ready for a baby. I am afraid, really afraid of the side effects... and one thing the scared me to death is finding out in the future...i cant have a baby.. guys, i dont what to do.
Avatar m tn I've posted before as I would love to get pregnant. When I thought I was full menopause I was sad to say the least. I hear so many stories of people that get surprised during pre-menopause when they think they are safe and then get pregnant - I should be so lucky! Thanks in advance for your help.
Avatar f tn right now im using it for 16 days my doctor told me that my AF will arrive may 25th. then i will take clomid... by the way my cycle is regular but now im in hormonal imbalance...
1906894 tn?1321877167 With the stuff that made me hurt it took over a month to get my period, and I had those pains the whole time. With the others stuff I had no pains and my period within a couple days. Good luck with everything!
Avatar n tn i am 28 yrs old and i had a mc at 11 weeks, my babies didn't develop after six weeks (there were two sacs), but my body refused to miscarry naturally. i had a d&c on 12/12/07, and i haven't been handling it very well. my husband and i are in therapy to help us through it. this was my first pregnancy.
Avatar f tn so i was wondering what i should do and when can i start trying to have another baby for my situation. i dont know when i should start and will it be easy. i have had two healthly babies before this and this is my first miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Today is my 6th day since I took my last pill but still no period. Though I am cramping alolike period is coming. Why no period yet?
Avatar n tn i was on depo when i was 17, it took over a year for my period to come back. i would ask more questions at the docs office. If you are not comfortable asking questions you need to find a doc that you can ask. This is your body and being so young it may cause probs later in life. The docs are there to help, that is what you pay them for.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 20 years old. When I was about 12 i start my period. I had it about 2 years then it stop. When i was about 14teen my mom put me on the deop. The Dr. had to give me pill so that i could have a period. So that i could start the deop. I had to get off of them buz i gain to much weight. I was one about a year. Since then i have had about 2 n i had to take pills to make me have them. It 2009 in it been about 3 years since dr.
Avatar f tn i had unprotected sex on the 7th day of my periods starting from the day of my period. will i get pregnant??? my periods lasts for 7 days and i get my periods on the exact date... my boyfriend withdrew before cumming. few drops were on my vagina... i am worried.
Avatar n tn My Doc has me on Provera and told me to take it either every month or every 3 months as long as I don't go more than 3 months without a period. If I don't take my Provera, I don't get my period, will I be able to get pregnant in the future?
2035763 tn?1329566863 Last year there were a few times that I skipped a period having my period 60 some days apart. I can't remember when I last had it at this point so I am going by the last time I wrote it down and that is in November. I have been having bloating and pain and backaches when I SHOULD be getting my period but it doesn't come. I have not experienced the pre-period frequent bowel movements that I usually do.
Avatar f tn Hi im 22 yrs old and started my period when i was 16. My period has never been regular. Since i started my period, it has only come 3 to 4 times a year. i have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend for 3 yrs now, never been on birth control and have yet to come up pregnant. At first i thought i just had an irregular period but now im scared that i will not be able to conceive. Since the age of 18, doctors have told me that my period will regulate 22 and its still irregular.
Avatar f tn also my doctor prescribed clomid for when my period started. But I want to know does it help you get pregnant in the first trial or is it until several times ? Please help me am really anxious to have a baby but I really don't know how fast this treatment will be. I just don't want to get my hopes to high.
Avatar n tn This month, my period started and it has been 3 weeks and I still have my period. I am a big woman, so I don't want to get on birth control just to gain more weight. Is there anyone who has maybe experienced this as well or has some kind of advise. I don't like having a period at all, and today when facing public I came home to find a period spot on the back of my pants. This is driving me crazy.
Avatar f tn Okay my doctor give me medroxyprogesterone 10mg. So I told my doctor it was a iregular she gave me that to take for 10 days, one pill a day. I took all the pills and then I start testing for ovulation. 2 days it was testing I tested positive for ovulation I started bleeding and looks like I'm on my menstrual cycle but I don't know what it means can anybody help me.
Avatar n tn I went to my gyn dr and now I'm on provera to regulate my period. I wonder if I will get pregnant from taken the provera. I have to take the provera for two months until my period get regulated. I wonder during that tme if I will conceive I have to have faith. I think that you ladies also should have faith. I know it is a long journay, but we can do it.
430388 tn?1239588723 i'm 29 and i have Polycystic ovaries and i dont get my period and i been had it sinces 05 and my daughter is 11 now and i want to have a baby but i can't and i been tell my doctor i want a baby and they said i can it just dont know why i'm not getting my period but i want to have a baby
Avatar f tn My question is also if take this med and I do get my period will it last longer than normal or should it just be like a normal period 4-5 days long?
Avatar n tn i was told to start it on day 16 of my cycle and stop upon getting my period. i heard it delays the period so i asked my dr how do i know when to stop then? he told me take it and two days after period expected take a preg test, if negative stop it and the period shoudl come. i too, am wondering how long it will arrive in.
143868 tn?1263932445 I had unprotected sex january 4th started my period january 19th 8 days later I'm spotting this only happens when I'm about to get my period but this is too soon for another period....I haven't been feeling well at all I have backaches and a lot of headaches I don't know if this is normal??? Could I be prego.? PLEASE HELPP.!
Avatar m tn I had my Mirena IUD taken out and 4 days after i started my period, it is now 10 days later and i'm still on my period! so my doc prescribed this medication to me from what i gathered it is to stop the bleeding. will this make me ovulate after i have finished taking it? I really don't know awhile lot about it, so any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Hi I Had my last period on April 8 and around May 8 i was having a feeling that my periods were coming but they didn't and my doctor told me around May 5th that my progesterone level is high so i should be getting period any day but i didn't so on wed i started Medroxyprogesterone and i have taken 4 dose of 10mg and still no period but i keep having the feeling that i will get it but not as strong as May 8 and today is May 16 and still no period and clear discharge just like before or after per
280700 tn?1210287416 it's September now and i started the diet in July so hopefully since I've lost weight I will ovulate. I go day 21 to get my blood taken..I really hope I ovulate. My husband's leaving for Afganstan in December so we only have 2 months to try..I pray it works quickly!
1897345 tn?1374269455 No one has the same signs of it. When I was younger I over bled. When I was older, I skipped periods. Birth control can cause cysts. If you are prone to cysts, birth control ups your chances. My mother doesn't have PCOS. It can be hereditary and also not. Good luck with this. Try asking your doc to try you on metformin. Metformin really helps. I started it in October and got pregnant in December.
Avatar n tn i was on the birth control pill and i had regualr periods i stopped takin git like a month ago, an dive ben having unprotected sex to see if i get pregnant i didnt have my period the whole june month. can i still get pregnant?
Avatar f tn they said that because of my cancelled ivf, the meds messed up my cycle and they prescribed me these pill called medroxyprogesterone(Sp) to bring my af up, i am very reluctant to take this pills. I started having af cramps on June 2 then until now. I dont know why im not comfortable taking it. The fact that the nurse told me that there is no way i could get pregnant, i did not ovulate last month. So, the chance of me being pregnant is really slim.
Avatar n tn It has to be a side effect of gett off the pill because I just finished my last pack of pills and didn't start a new one, so I was on my period when I quit taking the pills. That was August 5th. My husband and I had sex on the 12th. My breasts started getting sore a couple days ago - maybe the 16th or 17th. I can't imagine me being pregnant already, and since I've never had breast tenderness before I can only associate it with stopping the pill. This is the only strange symptom I've had.