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Avatar m tn i didnt have a period for years and i took that same stuff to get it and then stuff to stop it since it wouldnt stop by itself i have been like this for years i have not heard that could cause cancer there are lots of women that are irregular i have had many visits to the doc and have had many clean pap results. I now am 36 with two healthy kids and no period yet again..
Avatar n tn During your normal cycle your progesterone raises right before your period and that drop in levels causes the period. The medroxyprogesterone is just like that normal rise and drop. I hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I have been on medroxy for 5 months, I was taking them for 15 days during the month from the 10th to the 25th of the month, the first 2 months went really well, no period, on the third month my period showed up, super heavy, so now I take them everyday, and again the first 2 months went well, no period, this is the third month and I have had my period for 3 weeks now, but for some reason it starts between 2am and 5 am lasts for about 4 hrs and then stops, only to start again the next day at th
Avatar n tn well I took it b/c my period stop and they did lab levels and my progesterone level was too low on day 10 the last day I was to take the pill I got my "period" well I basically bleed since it isn't really a period. My dr told me to give it 2wks and if nothing happened call them back and we would do they same thing again. It doesn't always work the first time and I have known people that it took another round.
16221027 tn?1446217790 6 days ago i was perscribed Medroxyprogesterone 10mg for 10days. i was having side effects so i decided to stop taking it. and it's been 2 days since the 5th dose. I've been having brown discharge and light cramping in my lower stomach. I'm not sure if this is even right? Or not. I'm also trying to eventually have a baby. i'm 18. i've been with my partner for almost a year. i've never really had regular period.
Avatar n tn Now, in April I have been since April 13 bleeding from spotting to light and was put on Medroxyprogesterone April 30 - May 9th today is the 12th and I am bleeding heavy .. I was told to start the Lysteda I originally and preferred to take . Why didnt my period stop ? I thought that was the whole thing with Medroxyprogesterone. Now I have to have a biopsy and blood work . What if it doesnt stop will this medicine be used again ?
2051102 tn?1330321233 when you take this medication it helps to build up progesterone in you body (which we should normally do by ourselves) and then after you stop taking it you will get a period anywhere from 3-10 day later. You might need some help with progesterone so that your period will stop and then come when it should. It may not regulate you right away but over time it should....this will help you shed your uterine lining!
Avatar m tn I am 43 with irregular periods and my period stopped after June. I had blood work done and I am not full menopause - so my DR, put me on Medroxyprogesterone for 10 days to start it up. Is it true that these drugs can make you more fertile after all is on track? I've posted before as I would love to get pregnant. When I thought I was full menopause I was sad to say the least.
Avatar f tn I have been on 3 different rounds of provera and it didnt work I had all the signs of my period but no period has anyone had this happen if so what did you do
Avatar f tn If it is a full period, you can stop the Medroxyprogesterone. If it is spotting, continue taking it. Machelle M.
Avatar n tn I started taking that along with iron pills and did manage to get my period to stop! I took these two pills and did stop my period with no side effects. And no fainting occurred! I continue to take the iron pills daily, however I stop taking the chasteberry when my period stops though continue to take the iron. So now whenever my period wont start or is continuous I will start up the chasteberry again. Check it out ladies!
Avatar f tn This is the first time that I took my Medroxyprogesterone and got my period on the 7th day when I was taking the pills for Days 1-10.Do I continue and finish them off or stop?
Avatar f tn So, I'm 19 years old. I started my period in about June and it has only stop for about 4 to 5 days at a time but keeps returning. It is not a light flow either. I am having to change my tampon once an hour. (sorry TMI) I have gone to the doctor twice about this. The first time she ordered me to get blood work done. It came out and I'm perfectly healthy. She put me on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo (The pill) to help with it. Even that hasn't stopped it.
1855970 tn?1325827213 I have been taking Medroxyprogesterone (Provera) for 11 months now to induce my period each month. I take 10mg days 16-26 each month. I usually get my period 2-5 days after i stop the medicine. This month however, its day 11 and still no period. For the past week or so I have been experiencing very painful/sensitive nipples, slight abdominal cramping, excessive tiredness, headaches, and nausea.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had my period at the end of April after being on medroxyprogesterone. 3 days after taking the last pill my period started. It lasted 5 days. Kinda heavy and clotty. I was also on birth control pills to regulate my period , my first bcp was started the day I started my period. I stopped taking the pills because they were making me sick and I was crying for crazy reasons and having thoughts of dying.My last bcp was 5 days after period. So that would be the 10th.
Avatar n tn I took medroxyprogesterone 10mg for 10 days,i start my period 2 weeks after my last pill
Avatar f tn I got the deprovera (not sure about the spelling) about three and a half months ago and I was normal for a bit but now I've been on my period for seven weeks and two days now. I called my doctor and talked to her as well as a nurse at the clinic near my college, and both of them said that "irregular bleeding is normal with deprovera." First of all I think it has surpassed "irregular" bleeding. Second, even if it is a normal symptom, that doesn't make it any less terrible.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed medroxyprogesterone on July 1st to stop my period, which is the opposite reason why many women take it, but I was told it works both ways. I've had my period for about a month and the medication hasn't seemed to help. I have days where it is really light and days where it can be heavy. The medication hasn't done anything in my opinion. I have also started taking birth control 4 days ago. I had this happen back in December 2013 and I was seen in the ED.
Avatar f tn I did see the Dr and he prescribed me some pills that would make my period come down. It's a 10 day supply. I am all finished with the pills and i still have not got my period. I have taken pregnancy test and even had blood drawn. I don't know what else to do.
Avatar n tn i was told to start it on day 16 of my cycle and stop upon getting my period. i heard it delays the period so i asked my dr how do i know when to stop then? he told me take it and two days after period expected take a preg test, if negative stop it and the period shoudl come. i too, am wondering how long it will arrive in.
Avatar n tn C which was Oct 6, 2003 (they did NOT get everything the first time) I got my period Nov 7, 2003 and then my second period came Dec 7, 2003 (I had NEVER been that reg.) Jan 7 came and went so I took a test and was pg again. I have a wonderful but fussy 6 month old baby boy. Good Luck to you and I am so sorry you had to go through that.
Avatar f tn ( which is about a year since my last period) So my doctor gave me provera (medroxyprogesterone) to take for 10 days to induce a period. I finally got my period a week later and I am on my 6th day now. I called n asked a nurse at my dr office 2 see if i could count spotting as CD 1 & she said it wouldnt matter if i counted it as day 1 or the day a blood red period came as cd1 so I decided to go w/ counting the day a blood red period came as cd1 so in saying that..
Avatar n tn hi. i havent had my period for 4 years straight. my doc didnt do nothing about it since recently, he put me on abunch of diff pills, metformin,medroxyprogesterone,birth control and nothing bought my period back, im just wondering if the depo caused this, ive been on the depo after my baby was born in dec,02 and got off it in oct,05 and havent been on any birth control since.
Avatar n tn It was probably six or seven months with no period. The dr prescribed medroxyprogesterone to jump start my period again. They say they dont like you to go more than six months without a period simply because its good for your uterus to shed its lining and clean itself out. The medication did work but had some side effects for me. Years later, when I was a newly wed my periods stopped once again.
Avatar n tn hi, i have been on birth control and metformin and medroxyprogesterone, and they still didnt bring back my period, i had my baby in dec 02 and went on the needle in jan 03, and been on it since 05 and ever since i been on the needle, no period at all. i been on the needle 2 years, i dont know if its the needle,alot of people i know who have tried the needle for long periods of time got pregnant right after they stopped the needle, maybe im differ?
Avatar n tn ) 6 months to figure out why you haven't had a period is far too long. I went 16 months without a period and my doctor freaked out when she found out (I recently changed doctors). Cysts can make you irregular, as can thyroid conditions. I'm sure there are other reasons. I know that when it would go for extended periods of time, I would take test after test after test and they would always be negative......
Avatar f tn and aslo if we have sex durning my period can the blood kill his sperm cells and stop me from getting pregnant or can i even get pregnant while on my period?? THANKS!!!
Avatar n tn hi i had the depo shot after my son was born and bleed for almost three months and stop bleeding at the begain of this month and i have not started a period yet is it because of the shot
Avatar n tn I took medroxyprogesterone because I hadn't had a period in over a year.