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199177 tn?1490502134 I very well may need to stay on these or risk going into a manic episode (insane) or sever depression or my favorite (not) both at the same su##s to live with this disorder ....its probably why I self medicated most of my life...most of these meds I don't think you could get high on if you wanted to they dont work that way....when there working you don't even know your on them..
574118 tn?1305138884 Again does it exist a category of people not necessarily BP or classicaly BP but because under the constant use of AD get manic. you see the definition of a BP pt is someone who can get manic either with or without an AD. So the label BP is not a disease but a property or behaviour. Because if if someone not called having originally the disease but got manic it means that bipolarity is the ability to get manic and not a category called bipolars.
1304850 tn?1273219093 I've taken several questionnaires and usually score in the moderate-severe depression range but I feel like a lot of those symptoms would be normal for a lot of people. I'm not trying to blame my faults on something but recently it seems like a lot of issues between me and my boyfriend stem might stem from depression. It also makes things complicated because I think he might be depressed as well.
Avatar f tn your pdoc prescribed one AD one AD and one AP. you will find that geodon used to treat schizophrenia and acute manic or mixed episodes associated with bipolar disorder. it's also used as maintenance treatment of bipolar disorder when added to lithium or valproate. so the pdoc followed what is known. This doesn't mean you will get the best of this combo. Sure there must be a certain there that fits but it needs many trials and errors. pts can stay some time until they find one.
Avatar n tn student in neuorpsychology and I take 75 mg of Zoloft and see a therapist once a week to deal with frightening thoughts of hurting children in my life and depression. Originaly, it was thought that the depression was secondary to the obsessions but now my obsessions are undercontrol (They are not in control of my life anymore) and I'm still depressed. I will go three days to a week of feeling alright and then I will be in a full depression again for another couple of days.
Avatar n tn Haven't had a recurrence of a manic episode since going off Celexa 4 years ago, which has been known to trigger mania, but I'm usually just depressed.
Avatar f tn One or more major depressive episodes At least one hypomanic episode There has never been a manic or mixed episode Another disorder is not responsible for symptoms Symptoms cause distress or impair functioning Symptoms and characteristics of depression include: Decreased energy Weight loss or gain Despair Irritability Uncontrollable crying Symptoms and characteristics of hypomania include: Grandiosity Decreased need for sleep Pressured speech Racing thoughts Distractibilit
585414 tn?1288944902 Ive been there and they are the most dangerous state to be in for a bipolar. You get all the fun stuff - manic energy, deep depression, anger, hallucinations, delusions, paranoia. Ive been there once all the way and it ended up with me in hospital after a suicide attempt - I was psychotic, parnoid and delusional and in a great deal of pain. Treatment.
Avatar f tn Haven't had a recurrence of a manic episode since going off Celexa 4 years ago, which has been known to trigger mania, but I'm usually just depressed.
1066198 tn?1333312628 i'm unearthly consumed about my bipolar and meds and depression..... is it the meds? is it just the workings of the BP? depression? do I need to have my doc check my thyroid levels? maybe add in some cytomel?? I dont want to do anything, go anywhere-- not even out to the mailbox most days... i know i have all this **** to do-- i just dont have the motivation-- and i just dont care about it...
Avatar f tn Bipolar 1 from the definition of it can have hypomanic episodes which are similar to manic episodes but less in intensity. Also a person can have mixed states which are mood episodes that have some aspects of mania and some of depression. For example in an agitated mixed state which is one type of mixed state a person has the speeded up aspect of mania but the down quality of depression and can feel angry at the world. Psychosis can also be part of this condition.
574118 tn?1305138884 Then with an abuse of an antidepressant I was dx BP as I became manic. After I extinguished my mania, I adopted a theory saying that A PERSON BECOMES MANIC ONLY UNDER AN ANTIDEPRESSANT. An obvious corollary to my theorem is IF NO DEPRESSION THEN NO BP since you will not need an AD so you won't be manic. I was happy with my theory for 3 years as I didn't need to take any AD as my depression is not so severe. Hence I never took an AD since this date.
Avatar n tn There is a wealth of information in this forum, website and on google. As a beginner try here : Is there a person in your life you are asking with this in mind?
574118 tn?1305138884 I had to call it this name, as this opinion i read it for the 1st time in a post of moonpanda. She said: >>> the academia see bipolar disorder as being on a spectrum spreading from unipolar depression to classic manic depression, with variants falling everywhere in-between."" now we know that numbers say fall on the so-called real line like there is a definite location for the number 2 and one for 3 , one for 1000 etc...
574118 tn?1305138884 My parents took me to a couple of psyhologits while I was in high-school but I didn’t have that strong depression symptoms then. My depression problems got much worse when I started my university and my parents are far from me and there is nothing they can do from home. So if I state some of my symptoms, could you please let me know if there might be a chance I could have BP or any other problem that require medical help? 1. According to other people I could have a very nice life.
874521 tn?1424120397 You get what is called agitated depression or dysphoric mania. When you read the definition of mania you always find the classical definition: euphoric, spending sprees, grandiosity, happiness, etc...why you don't get the dysphoric type because it's not mania it's mixed state.
202665 tn?1248810333 but got to a point where the symptoms I started taking it for came roaring back. Same happened when i tried to come off lithium. I thought I heard these types of medications were not addictive...but if your mind is dependent on them to balance biological factors...doesn't that make them an addiction?
222267 tn?1253305810 So either they are not bipolar, i.e. their depression is not bipolar depression rather unipolar depression or that they take them until a little relieved then they start again on their mood stabilizers. Most probably they are unaware of the consequences. They tried it once and it worked for a while. The problem with this disease is that the brain system is not stable. Even if it's stable we call it in engineering metastable position.
2010625 tn?1329375656 Mixed state is when you display both symptoms of depression and mania at the same time. I do this a lot. I always rapid cycle and always have when I was clean. However until I have a breakthrough of full blown mania I do not go into a mixed state. The mixed state usually follow a manic spell and lasts for a day or two. I will start crying for no reason, uncontrollably, then stop and start laughing.
1167245 tn?1353882100 I have had periods of depression usually after my manic episodes that have left me feeling suicidal. Usually in bipolar 2 the mania comes but not as extreme. Some people cycle from depression to hypomania almost daily. Personally I'm glad I have bipolar 1 because the cycles are more spread apart. My friends with bipolar 2 have a hard time with medication because one day they can be manic and the next day depressed. The bad part about having bipolar 1 is the hospitalizations are long.
605458 tn?1539232408 I understand that dyphoric mania and agitated depression are also terms used when talking about mixed episodes. I had a major manic episode. Then I had the mixed state/episode of the type where I was mentally and physically still racing and not sleeping at all, but my thoughts were "Only an evil person would think such things. You are evil. You should die and go back to hell." I was up walking the streets at night in my pajamas praying for my mind to just stop. It only went faster.
915369 tn?1355318410 Okay so I was reading the diagnostic criteria on bipolar and now I'm confused on where I fall. A manic episode needs to last a week unless in hospital, depression said 2. I always described my manic episodes as lasting anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks but after talking to my fiancee she says they last a few days and rarely more than a week. Since being on lithium my deppresive episodes have gotten shorter,a few days to a week, occasionally more. I'm wondering where that leaves me.
Avatar m tn This relationship between the administration of glucocorticoids and the switch process is more striking when one considers that the administration of prednisone 40–60 mg on alternate days (in an on–off fashion) induced rapid-cycling symptoms in three patients115. These patients developed manic symptoms on the days they received prednisone; the opposite—a relapse into depression—occurred on the days they did not receive the drug.
Avatar f tn But it alleviates the bad symptoms a great deal. As to the phases of BP, some manifest mostly depression others tend more to the manic side but by definition the pt should pass by both phases while others cycle between both phases rather quickly. As to your mother feeling depressed all the time she needs an antidepressant sure. The more one gets older he needs antidepressant. Because the liquids in his body start getting depleted.
574118 tn?1305138884 As you I was diagnosed with depression for years. All other symptoms weren't noticed as I am BP2. So years on AD ended up with rages and even deeper depressions and in the other hand bit manic times. It defo became worse with time. I am sure I was always BP2. Not sure what to think about it. My poor brain is probably getting tired of it and can't cope with all the swings better.
574118 tn?1305138884 So it feels better every time I go up - but then there is no 'going back' which feels a bit scary and uncomfortable We are also similar in ways that we were treated for depression first which probably set off my first manic episode as well, but now the cycle is set, it also feels as if there's 'no going back'. I queried my diagnosis to the mental health team 'which bipolar' - BP1- 2 3? etc but I was told not to get involved with labels and that I should just get on with treating symptoms.
Avatar f tn I do not think that I am bipolar. Doc said that the panic attacks may be manic symptoms and so she told me to take zyprexa 2.5mg at night, stop the prozac and take 37.5 of effexor until she gets back in town. She told me that she thinks that I am bipolar but I don’t understand why. She said that she thought my panic attacks were manic episodes that manifest as irritability and panic. I don’t get it. I do have ups and downs but just like anyone else I think.
Avatar f tn What you're describing is the 'manic' part of the manic depression that is bipolar. Even though you might not have had the low lows that some bipolar people have experienced, the mania is a BIG indicator of the disorder. If the medicine isn't working, give it time. Try some things on your own to try to get you to sleep. Write in a journal, keep your bed and bedroom as a SLEEP ONLY zone, listen to calming white noise. Also, DO NOT jump from medicine to medicine!
Avatar f tn of BP because I have not had a full manic episode in years. He couldn't be more wrong. There are rare remissions but I am unfortunately not one of them. I still have hypomania and mixed episodes. True, I take anti depressants but many BPers do. I am not alone in this. It does not mean that BPers that take anti depressants are not BPers it just means our illness is different, our systems different from others. There is NO CURE for BP!
1526148 tn?1295434820 I got so bad that everything in me was rushing and my pupils got huge and i wanted to scream i got so bad. i dont know if that is a definition of manic... or if that could be what made the doctor think i'm bipolar... but it was very scary.