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Avatar f tn BUT, im mad because i know the dr will tell my dad. And, i cant have that. I dont want my family knowing. Do i have any course of a lawsuit? What do i do? I want to talk to my fam dr but im embarrassed becasue i feel like he wont understand and he will look at me as a dope addict. I never dr shopped, ever. Never.
Avatar f tn com/threads/lyrica-lawsuit-D77155.htm or the Lyrica Survivors group on Facebook. There are a lot of stories about problems we've had with Lyrica.
216046 tn?1193947004 I was just prescribed Lyrica for fibromyalgia pain and take 100mgs of methadone daily for pain as well. Hopefully i can come off the methadone soon. My question is, has anyone heard of lyrica causing withdrawal symptoms when taken w/methadone? I was given Tramadol(Ultram) w/ methadone and thought I was going to die with the interaction it caused!!!
986593 tn?1283535811 Just a heads up. My pain doc gave me a script for lyrica to help with the wd. Its for the rls and sleep. I had a taper thursday and the rls came on strong last nite. I have rls to begin with but the wd makes it even worse. I took a lyrica 75mg 1/2 hr before bed and my legs havent been so peaceful in years. Also it works for the sleep and even noticed my pain was better. The nice thing is its a non narcotic and none benzo.
324184 tn?1308079803 Most recently I was taking Gabapentin (took it until the prescription was out) and after no improvement, I've now been switched to Lyrica. My (newest) Dr. tried to diagnose it initially as Occipital Neuralgia but it surpasses the occipital region. They know that it is nerve related but have no idea what is causing it. It happens from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep (I've learned to cope as best as possible) but it effects my daily life as I'm sure you can imagine.
Avatar m tn I suffer from chronic pain and had allergic three actions to gabapentin, lexapro and cymbalta, then I switched pain doctors not happy, he suggested lyrica I said I wouldn't go on it until I spoke with Eli Lily they told me there is no chance of me having the allergy, I was only on it for two weeks and that dyskinesia kicked in, I was on a low dose, only one pill, because I was or he having problems with it. Now I'm in lyrica brutality withdrawal!
Avatar n tn I have been on Lyrica since Sept. 7-07. I have had no side affects and to me Lyrica has been most benificial with the pain onsetted by removal of nerve root tumor on c7. I couldn't get my script once and went two days without, then my left hand curled in, tingles and pain is deep seems like into the bone. I take 300mgs a day. Good luck!!!!
Avatar m tn I am part of the Lyrica Survivors group on Facebook. There is a class-action lawsuit in development with this due to all of the horrors we have face as a result of Lyrica. I would advise you to check out the Facebook page if you are on or considering taking Lyrica. You may not link symptoms you are having (like vision or dental problems) to the Lyrica but, if you check out this page, you will see that those are just some of the many problems we have had with this drug.
Avatar m tn I've also tried Lyrica, but I had very negative side effects with that as well. Physical therapy helps some, but I should also note that I'm suspected of having Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome as well. I am quite hypermobile, to the point where my SI joint can move "out of place." The joints in my lower back and hips are very loose. Am I stuck? I've been told that my nerve issues should slowly resolve themselves with time.
Avatar m tn We have problems with signal from the brain or spinal cord. With us they use drugs like Lyrica and Gabenpentin for pain. Or muscle relaxers like Baclofen.Opiates do not work as well for MS. We deal with neurologists not Neurosurgeons. You probably would not win a lawsuit. If you went to ERs they do not diagnose. They are to patch things up quickly and get you out of there. An ER missed my cancer. THE ER doctor wanted me admitted for tests and the hospital said no.
Avatar f tn My husband and boys all deal with autism spectrum disorder issues. We decided to try a gluten-free, cassein-free (GFCF) diet to see if it helped any of us. I think it helps the guys somewhat but REALLY helps my Fibromyalgia. It is a difficult diet to follow but you might be amazed at how much better you feel. I have come up with some of my own recipes so I don't have to buy the expensive GFCF foods.
Avatar n tn I did more research on shingles and found that the pain is extremely similar, only I haven't had a rash. My doctor gave me some Lyrica, which I took for a few days, but it did not help and I had nightmares, so I DC'd it. The area of the pain has been becoming more and more localized and I find that I can touch it and it does not hurt but if my shirt just slightly grazes it it's quite painful. Sort of like a bad sunburn.
610249 tn?1220571440 However, some physicians act like they're paying you for the lawsuit right out of their pocket. Sometimes it is better not to mention a lawsuit to a doctor. A physician is supposed to treat you and not judge you but they do. I actually heard a neurosurgeon say "the patient gets better once the lawsuit settles"! They somtimes think you are malingering.
Avatar f tn I would see a neurologist if you can and also if you just want pain treatment maybe Lyrica, Neurontin or any of the nerve pain relievers might help your symptoms. Have you been using your wrists a lot lately doing repetitive work? Did this pain happen after your surgeries?
Avatar m tn I just found out that there is a class-action lawsuit against the companies that make denture adhesive. It seems that these adhesives contain enough zinc to cause many of the my FMS symptoms. I've been wearing dentures for 18 years and I have always used the same brand of adhesive, which is made by one of the companies targeted by the lawsuit. I called my Dr this am to arrange a blood test to determine the my zinc levels.
Avatar f tn Hi weeko and welcome to the forum, If you are still having a lot of pain why not call your neuro and explain that you need something for the pain, maybe he/she can give you something different than the lyrica or add something to go with the lyrica to see if it will help. I am sorry you are going through this and I agree with Lulu maybe talking to someone about the issues will help. Depression is a big part of MS and can make things worse if not addressed.
Avatar f tn My brother-in-law claims that there is no such thing as fibromyalgia and that the "disease" or "syndrome" was created by the drug manufacturers only AFTER they created the drug Lyrica. Do any of you have any credible evidence that this absurd statement is true??? I was recently diagnosed with FMS and am pained by his unwillingness to believe that this horrible syndrome is a valid, medically-accepted diagnosis.
Avatar n tn In case it's helpful, I also have a mild case of small-fiber neuropathy affecting the soles of my feet and palms of my hands, and it has not progressed further in 9 years (although the pain has become more chronic). Doctors think the s.f.n. is "post-viral" since the symptoms began after a mild virus and all other causes have been ruled out.
Avatar n tn I desperately searched for another physician to help me with the new pain in addition to the old pain. I have been taking Lyrica for about 3 months now and it has helped with the burning and stabbing pain, but I have yet to have a pain-free moment since this all started. My new physician is encouraging though and is planning on placing a spinal stimulator in my spine to interrupt the pain signals. It won't stop the muscle spasms, but hopefully will help with the 'neurogenic/neuropathic' pain.
Avatar f tn mis diagnosed with fibromyalgia and given medicine that is hard on the kidneys and liver..idiots! Lyrica gave me edema and hair loss more depressed, didn't help my legs or arms and now a leaky bladder i hope will get better. antibiotics don't help fibromyalgia! the antibiotics are helping and i am sure i have the critters running around in me. my brain feels better. clearer. not so tired. so excited to get my tests.
Avatar f tn i dont know how real they are as most seem to be posted around the time of the I have taken it for a while and stopped with no withdrawal, although i haven't taken it but for a couple months lately. I love it ! I won't go back to opiates, so I have no choice. Nauty.........
Avatar f tn 14am, so I am short on sleep, emotional, in pain, on meds (I took my 150mg of Lyrica this morning with about 30% relief). I cannot take the pain. Johnny Utah, sounds like you understand the TN, but could you imaging having it every day, all day, at this point today, going on 9 weeks. I am fortunate to be out of work on workman's comp for a leg injury and the company is being difficult with regard to letting me return. I guess God works in mysterious ways.
Avatar f tn Incase your not aware of it,,, the makers of that medicine knowingly lied about their tests showing it was more addicting than anything they put out so far, they knew it was the most addicting yet,,,, but their accountants realized the lawsuit that would ensue would be a drop in the bucket by compairson with the sales......... so they did it anyways , and yes only got a slap on the wrist in court.
1396846 tn?1332463110 I joined weight watchers today, gotta do something to help with the weight gain from the lyrica. Not to mention make myself feel better. Thanks again for all your input.
Avatar m tn I think i'm going to try it...i HAVE to do something...or lyrica, but was told lyrica is about the same med just cost twice as much...
548065 tn?1214655616 I had a emg of bilateral wrist a live"_electrocution.ive had hell bent shooting pain,"unbelievable "-tingling in fingers,shooting pain to tips of fingers,fron the severe jolts of electricity,shaking nonstop,its a ******* scam I hate doctors and their referal schemes ,using patients as gueony pigs for profit.its ;class action lawsuit"time .
Avatar n tn Its unfortunate and unfair but that's the way it is now-a-days. Also, you may want to ask for a nerve-pain med like Lyrica or cymbalta, those are usually one of the treatments for disc issues anyways, and a muscle relaxer might help also, but most doctors have stopped prescribing soma. Good luck to you and again, hang in there. keep us updated.
Avatar f tn Most of the time I will skip supper or only eat a very little bit. I eat a small breakfast and a medium lunch. The drs put me on lyrica for a while and that probably contributed to the weight, but I am off of it now. I walk a lot during the day and try to do some other mild exercise, but can't handle alot. I am soooooo wore out by the time I get off work. Any suggestions? I know there are several people here who can't seem to put weight on. I stay sick to my stomach a lot, also.
292728 tn?1263240733 I am now dealing with a lot of pain especially from the waist down. My legs, hips, feet. My doctor also said I have fibromyalgia now. She gave me lyrica but there's no relief. My last x-rays show that I have no cushion whatsoever between three discs. The pain and the tingling/burning/numbness in unbearable, not to mention the spasms that seem like someone is stabbing me. I'm not sure what the solution is at this point.