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539209 tn?1225972263 The info is in any drug classification/drug ref book,,It is generaly used for people with nevrve pain that have Herpes Zoster and those who have Diabetic Neuropathy,,Lyrica is a stronger version of Neurontin (if you know what that is) I will look to see if I can find the info on the net and send u the link.
Avatar f tn If you experience adverse drug effect(s), please contact your physician and pharmacist right away. Please report serious adverse drug effects to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program by: 1. calling 1-800-332-1088, or 2. go online:http://www.fda.
Avatar n tn Hi, As, I know about this drug than this drug is taken for anxiety disorder and also, this drug has been taken to decrease the Hot Flashes, and I am not finding that this medicine is use for brest cancer as, there are several other medicines that are used for this as, this is also called Pregabalin and this is a production of Pfizer. Thanks!!
Avatar f tn I have fibromyalgia as well and my pain has come back big time since I stopped taking the pain meds. Lyrica is an anti-epileptic drug like neurontin. I am on neurontin it helps with the withdrawals but I don't find any relief for the pain.
Avatar f tn When I was addicted to percocet and ran out we tried Lyrica a bunch of times and it did nothing. Keep in mind we were looking for a high. Is he adddicted to any pain meds or anything like that?
210982 tn?1280983895 Hello! My Dr prescribed me Lyrica and I have been readin about this drug, but I can't seem to find anything telling me what is in it. Does anyone know the ingredients? I was told it was a non-narcotic drug but then the leaflet says that it can be addictive and do not stop immediately..blah,blah, blah...does anyone know what is in this stuff?
Avatar n tn Has anyone had success for pain cramps or stomach using lyrica?
237152 tn?1206651036 My pain doc says neurontin is a much safer drug than lyrica and wants me to stick to the neurontin.....lyrica does have a euphoria associted with it with use for some....especially at first....
1168718 tn?1464983535 unfortunately I have maxed out on lyrica dosage probably even doubled the standard dosing 300mg three times a day now I am on 300mg daily and its not working as well as it used to so I need to find something else but i weaned myself off a few months ago and had pins and needles from the waist down the neuro said she feels like this is how I would be off the lyrica so I am back on it until we can find another drug. In my opionion I would take the 20lb weight gain over the pain I was having.
901222 tn?1399142874 It seems lyrica can cause weight gain. That would be an issue as I had gestational diabetes.
719785 tn?1232901518 The dr. took me off of Cymbalta because I was getting no relief. He put me on Lyrica. When I got my Rx filled I had to show my ID. I'm guessing Lyrica is a controlled substance? Does anyone know why or what it contains that makes it a controlled substance??
Avatar m tn has anyone ever been perscribed Lyrica for cronic pain. If so how much do you take, and how long did it take to notice any results. I started taking 50MG's 3X's a day. I started last Tuesday, and haven't noticed any difference in my pain. any feedback would be great.
Avatar f tn If I didn't know better I would think you were an MD. Lack of knowledge and being arrogant seems to be their forte. I have severe pain all day which would mean that a one shot deal of nuerontin isn't going to cut it and since Lyrica is of the same drug class one would think it would be prudent to find out the problem before starting another drug.
1983221 tn?1333506185 Lyrica and Neurontin (Gabapentin) are in the same class of drug and have similar side effects profiles.
Avatar f tn alcoholic intoxication, fatty liver, mitochondrial dysfunctions.
Avatar f tn Is anyone taking Lyrica for their Fibro and if so is it helping and what doseage are you taking? I am medicine sensitive so I was started last Sept. on 25mg and have just now made it up to 225mg.
723959 tn?1314744225 the safer choice is the older nerve pain drug called neurontin as it does not have the same effect on sensorium as llyrica does...good that u r looking into it...i did not tolerate lyrica as it made me spacey..not a drug i would care to take nor abuse..but some love it..a friend of mine abuses it..
5164523 tn?1366525959 I think most nerve drugs take a little time in order to start working as designed, and starting and stopping them certainly doesn't help one's nerve pain at all. 50 mg. of lyrica is considered to be a low dose of that particular drug, but that is where people usually start out at. I think it's a good thing that this person is on a low dose, since they are taking it sporadically, a low dose is probably a lot safer in the long run.
Avatar n tn iI know this is long, but one more tid bit of info, lyrica the actually chemical name for it is pregabalin and its a more potent drug created from gabapentin(brnad name Neurontin), a drug used for neuropathic pain, anxiety disorders, and lots of others considered off-label, and suprisingly theyre starting to use both during benzo withdrawal.It is a good drug.
Avatar n tn I have fibromyalgia and have been taking Lyrica for years now. Lyrica in conjunction with Savella is the only drug combination that helps my pain. I had to stop taking Lyrica for a short time and had NO withdrawl symptoms. To be honest, for me; Lyrica saved my life. I am 47 now and have been fighting fibromyalgia since I was 14. I have tried most every anti-depressant, anti-convulsant, and narcotic available.
Avatar m tn Does anyone take lyrica and if so, has it made a difference resting at night? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Tramadol is now a scheduled drug, classified as an opiat (narcotic).. It has had that classification for several years.
Avatar m tn The way Lyrica has worked for me, I had to increase dose until I reached a plateau. You probably need more of the drug, not less, until your body settles into it. Lyrica is a powerful drug, but it is also good for what ails you when it reaches therapeutic levels. Again, your doctor will know about possibly increasing it. If you are taking other drugs besides the Lyrica, they can have an affect on you, plus or minus depending on what it is.
Avatar m tn My dr just gave me Lyrica. I have been taking 4 hydros 10/500 a day for several years. I very seldom use more, I took the first Lyrica last night and feel pretty sluggish today. Has anyone on here taken this and had any luck with it? I have read some bad things about it which I guess all of these pain killers have bad side effects. I just want to know has it helped anyone cut back on the other pain killers.