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Avatar f tn Tahiri - You stated in another post that Lyrica is a dangerous drug. Can you give more info? My dr has just prescribed this for me neuropathic pain - I have fibromyalgia. I like to be informed so any info about Lyrica that you can share would be great! Thanks so much!
Avatar m tn I went to my Dr. and he told me to taper off 2-7.5 hydro's & replace them with 2 -- Lyrica 75mg. I'm still on 3--.5mg xanax as well as prozac /heart pills and prevacid .I never use more than prescribed .Should I just deal with life without meds .I'm having trouble going to NA & AA because I still feel like I'm useing. I have been clean of my addiction drug for 6 months . Am I fooling myself thinking I won't abuse these new " "Prescribed "meds.
Avatar f tn This is the first drug test from him in 2-3 years. I had been taking less of my MSContin and Lyrica because of being in the"donut-hole" of Med.D script plan and , also trying to resolve co-pay of MSContin-generic back down to tier exception lower cost co-pay. We tryed to resolve the lower MSContin copay in his office for 45 min. with insurance co. to no have info. to have my PMP to help me resove this.
Avatar f tn I've taken Gabapentin (generic Neurontin) for almost 4 years along with other meds. It seems to help my severe nerve damage in my shin.
Avatar n tn I take a cousin to your Epleptin, which the generic for yours is Gabapentin, and mine is Pregabalin or Lyrica. I have a lot of pain in my body from tearing up my back in a car accident years ago, it really helps it so much, and I think it will help your headaches a lot. Also, it is an anti-seizure type drug, so it helps with people who have musculature trouble. Also, once you get used to the drug, sometimes doctors will increase the dose until you reach a plateau of comfort.
15227985 tn?1439629482 that pregabalin was IDENTICAL...or rather THE generic of Lyrica. However, Pfizer, the drug company filed a law suit that gives them a patent on Lyrica until 2018. And while pregabalin does have the same ACTIVE ingredient in it as is NOT identical....and Pfizer doesn't want a "generic" of their specific formula available right now ($$$)...thus the law suit granting them the patent for 3 more years.
14548893 tn?1435103687 I am currently taking Gabapentin which is generic for Neurontin. It is similar to Lyrica. I am dizzy on 400 but can tolerate 300. Maybe they can lower your dose until you get used to it.
Avatar m tn My pain doctor prescribed Lyrica about a year ago, but I wanted to stick to my Hydro/Tram/Benzo cocktail at that time. Also, when I received my venomous bite that also sliced through my hand breaking it and slicing through nerves and tendons, the hand specialist recommended Lyrica. I actually tried it a few days ago and it it awesome at just 50 MG 2 times a day. No more pain and I sleep like a baby. It acts directly on nerves by mimicking nerve fluid and calms them.
Avatar f tn I just started taking baclofen as well. It is considered a generic drug, I take 180 a month, and it only costs $10.
Avatar m tn Lyrica is an amazing drug. I tried every/any number of neuro drugs, none worked, or worked long enough. Lyrica does. I have a neuropathy damage in my R foot from a construction accident. Also in my R hand from a "complex fracture" (a cracker) of my radius. Later the plate actually became an issue, and I had it removed. That caused a whole new pile of hand pain... Lyrica keeps them 99.1% under control... yea even w/ insurance it's dam expensive, but wow does it work.
1805240 tn?1317228731 I was told by my PMP just this month that the Lyrica is a much better drug as it has been fine tuned so to say. I do take Lyrica and it is a blessing for me. Although it is the same drug basically I believe the Lyrica works better for me.
Avatar f tn If you experience adverse drug effect(s), please contact your physician and pharmacist right away. Please report serious adverse drug effects to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program by: 1. calling 1-800-332-1088, or 2. go online:http://www.fda.
Avatar m tn I took neutontin for several years until it started to take more and more to acheive the same level of pain relief at which time my Doctor switched me to LYRICA 75mg 3 times a day. Except for the occassional flare up the LYRICA seems to work.
5333788 tn?1366569346 Was told that I was going through withdrawal symptoms from the Lyrica. Can this be possible even though I was taking Lyrica for a short period of time? Sorry if this does not make sense. Have been seen by a few doctor's, gone through many tests, the list goes on........
Avatar f tn yes, i swear by the drug gabapentin is the generic name for it.. i took it this last time i detoxed and it helped me so much.. I still had mild withdrawal symptoms just some small achieness and sneezes.. and some RLS every now and then..But it does help so much oh and it helps with the anxiousness so much.. Well if there is anything els you would like to know , please don't hesitate to pm me .. Talk to you soon and take care..
Avatar m tn When a patent for a brand name drug expires, pharmaceutical company can make a generic form of the drug. Effexor patent expired in 2006, since then several generics are available. Those generics are usually cheaper but they must contain the same active ingredient(s), the same dosage form, at the same dose or concentration, and for the same route of administration. The generics are usually cheaper and can use different inactive ingredients and preservatives which can sometimes cause trouble.
Avatar f tn I have been on Protriptyline 10 days now to counter the side effects of Lyrica and the combination of Protriptyline & Lyrica has been like a wonder drug cocktail for my severe nerve pain in my right foot and lower calf. I have had nerve pain for 3 1/2 years ever since I herniated a disc at S1/L5 and a Lower Lumbar Discectomy was done 11 days after disc injury. Back pain and upper right leg sciatic nerve pain went away completely but I still had severe sciatic nerve pain in right foot.
883607 tn?1241847511 You can try Webmd for generic names but most drs and many pharmacists have a 2 tier system, name brands and generic drugs and dispense them accordingly. Not all name brand drugs have generic equivalents so they don't use the generic names. Most pharmacists also are so busy that they only have time to verify the meds in the bottle against what is in it and read the possible side effects if needed by a patron.
Avatar n tn Hi, As, I know about this drug than this drug is taken for anxiety disorder and also, this drug has been taken to decrease the Hot Flashes, and I am not finding that this medicine is use for brest cancer as, there are several other medicines that are used for this as, this is also called Pregabalin and this is a production of Pfizer. Thanks!!
600857 tn?1230057770 My PM doc told me Neurontin (gabapentin) was useless!!! He put me on LYRICA, but it can be costly. Ask them for a drug savings card for LYRICA. I got one, and only pay $25.00 a month for my script. Good Luck. Neurontin didnt do anything for me but give me a headache, and made me loopy. Had more breakthrough pain also with it.
Avatar m tn which results in a TON of companies abroad producing the generic of the drug and hurting their profits.) I too, am on a large dose, but my doctor assures me it is safe. But I digress.... As I said, its best that you do this under your doctor's supervision. You've only been on the Tramadol for 3 years..that is good. The longer you've been on an opiate, the tougher and more drawn out the withdrawal will be. BUT...Tramadol can be tricky, since its two drugs in one.
620923 tn?1452915648 I've never used Topamax, but it's similar to Lyrica, which I am on. Lyrica helps me out a lot. Understand that it's not like a regular "pain pill". You need to keep it in your system for it to work right - don't try and just take it when you are hurting. That's not how it works.
Avatar f tn t take it long b/c I noticed nothing. I just started taking Lyrica 75mg 3x a day started about almost 2 weeks ago. I am confused b/c I know that Lyrica can cause some really big side effects and I can't tell if I am having w/d from detoxing off of fentanyl or is it Lyrica. I know it causes major weight gain and I don't need that. I know a girl who has been on it for a year and has my same med. problems.