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Avatar n tn As I explained earlier I had a palpable lump in my left breast and was referred to a surgeon for a 2nd opinion. I saw him right before the holidays. He too did feel the lump ((which did not show on ultrasound or mammo)) and suggested that it is not anything to worry about and is probably hormonal. (fibro-something...sorry I don't remember exact term) During the exam he found another lump....besides the one that I pointed out to him. One that does not hurt and one that does...
900105 tn?1241942923 This one is on the indise of the right breast. Can hormonal lumps appear in any area in the breast?
Avatar f tn I am only 37 years old and I have had three breast bx in the past. One came back with ductal and lobular hyperplasia. They were all in the same breast and not one of them ever showed on a mammogram or ultrasound. Last year I found a lump on the upper side of my left breast, almost under my arm, and the surgeon thought it was just muscle tisse swollen and chose to leave it alone. A year later the lump is still there and today I had an ultrasound and mammogram. Of course nothing showed up.
Avatar n tn a lump in my left breast shows in ultrasoun,but not on mamograms 2 actually.fine needle biopsy said atypical cells but not enought sample.did open lump removal surgery ,took as in a clock from 2 to 4 of tissue, can the surgeon know by looking if is not cancer but fat lump. she said it looks like a good lump,can you really tell by eye. thanks hard to heel from catheter left one day.does the breast really full looks bad.
Avatar f tn i just have a question, now seem i have lumps on the left breast and one is located the same place as the original lump which has been removed last year and the other one is in a new place. my question is it going to be increasing possibility the lump i find out now which located at the place i got biopsy is cancer or there is no relation with that. i will meet my surgeon in 2 weeks, i am just too nervous about that.
Avatar f tn Okay so I've went to the hospital because I wasn't feeling very well and it turned out I had Hyperemesis Grandivum (Spell check)I asked them to check the lump in my breast they said the cat scan didn't show anything.I've had it before I was pregnant, its like Hard,and its hurts very badly when I sleep.I DONT quite know what it is.Do you?
Avatar f tn I have a breast lump in L breast. Upon U/S and mammogram one radiologist said it was a lymph node. I had f/u appt with General Surgeon. His suggestion was biopsy. He did not think lymph node. I had biopsy and it showed :Fibrocystic changes with dense hyalinized stroma-with the comment: There is a small focal area suggestive of Pseudo-angiomatous stromal hyperplasia. I know this is a benign condition. My concern is that it is rare and sometimes misdiagnosed.
Avatar n tn i have noticed a painful lump in my left breast and 3 goose pimple like things on the dark area of the left breast. are these signs of breast cancer. i have no family history of breast cancer. which one is usually painful? a cyst or breast cancer. i am able to move the lump with my hand? what could this be? a tumor or a cyst. i am really worried about it. i just got married. is a breast tumor painful?
1330312 tn?1275345113 was trying to get across to you was that #1 as a rule there is no need to remove a fibroadenoma unless they become very large and #2 you may still experience some discomfort in the breast even after this small (0.3 in.) fibroadenoma is removed. It would of course be your decision. Regards ....
Avatar f tn I'm 19 weeks pregnant and found a lump in my breast.. It's about the size of a bb and really hard had husband feel and he says he can feel it move a little but I can't it feels very fixed to one spot! Any other pregnant moms have this! I'm so scared!
Avatar n tn This year in the month of June and July I had pain in my right breast and I could find a lump in the same breast. From then onwards I stopped wearing Bar whenever I am at home. Because I was worried that the elastic of the Bar may be putting some pressure on my breast. After that for three months I did not get pain. Just a week ago I went for physical checkup but the Doctor said that my breast condition is normal and she said she could not find any lump in my breast. She said nothing to worry.
Avatar f tn hey i am 19 yrs. old and have been observing a lump in my breast from atleast past 2-3 yrs. it is kind of stable in size and dos not pain at all.... Recently i have come across the facts of breast cancer and fibroadenoma. i am a bit reluctant to go for a checkup as it would cause anxiety at home...also through the info. about fibroadenoma i am positive that the lump is it....but still tell there a possibility that i am suffering from cancer or even if it's a fibroadenoma..
Avatar n tn No discrete solid or cystic mass, area of the architectural distortion or abnormal ascoustical shawdowing in the directly retroareolar area. An isoechic solid cannot be excluded. In 2005 I found a lump in my left breast. It demonstrated a simple cyst that measured 3.4x3.3x3.0mm. Finding is considered benign. In 2006, the cyst measured 4.3x4.0x4.1mm. Should i also be concerned about my left breast. My doctor seems to be focusing only on my right breast.
Avatar f tn She found 2 solid areas of calcification on the right, one large under my areola and another smaller one close by. She checked my lymph nodes in my rt underarm and said they look good on ultrasound. Next will be the steriotactic biopsy on July 1. She wanted to do it next week but I'm leaving for a family vacation. Which sounds crazy as I'm writing this...that I'm choosing the vacation over biopsy sooner. But it's the one trip that we can give our 3 boys every summer.
Avatar n tn i have a lump in my right breast that i found in the shower. i am 43. after going to my gyn he wants me to have a diagnostic mammogram and a diagnostic ultrasound. I DO NOT WANT THE MAMMOGRAM. i have done tons of research and they are not accurate to say the least. they are painful (yes, i haven't spoken to a woman yet who says they are not painful), degrading and at times dangerous. i have had two chest xrays in the past and do not want to subject my body to further unnecessary radiation.
Avatar n tn i was breast feeding last year and a couple of months after i found a large lump in my left breast. i went to see the doctor and one told me she thought it was a cyst that needed draining. and to go back when i felt the lump again. i contiously felt it so went to see another doctor whom told me it was my mammory gland that would go down on its own. its now been months lafter and its still very large and shows no signs of going down.
Avatar f tn i resently found a lump (2cm) in my left lower part of my breast. it moves when i press on it and it doesnt really hurt i'm 25yrs old and no one has had breast cancer or ant cancer in my family. i just lost my mom last month and this is really worring me. i dont have insurance so im going to the county hosiptal. i have an appt next tues for an ultrasound. are most cancerous lumps mobile is what i was interested in.
Avatar f tn I felt a slight lump in my breast, which doesnot pain normally but mild pain starts before my mensus. So i went to see a gynecologist she prescribed me Simrose 1000 tablet for 3months. Is it safe to take it and what are the side effects of it and should i under go some more diagnosis before taking this treatment. What are the causes of lump and how severe it could be if treatment not taken properly and how to detect the severity of the lump in breast? I am not married.
Avatar n tn I am 20 years old and have had an ultrasound about 5 years ago which determined I have a non-cancerous lump in my left breast. I will admit I used to try and pump small bits of milk out of it when I was younger out of curiosity (very rarely), and little to nothing would come out. Maybe the lump is a result of this? Today it feels like I have 2 cysts instead of just one, I'm looking into having another ultrasound when I can finally afford it... What is inside a cyst?
Avatar n tn About 2 days ago I found a lump in my left breast while showering. I's only in my left breast, it's hard, quiet big, non painful. My midwife told me that it can be only a milk tissue (?), but I'm not sure. Than It's should be in other breast as well, soft and mobile. I'm terrified what can it be. I have a doctor appointment next week but I'm very, very worried, just can put my mind to rest!.
Avatar n tn About 2 days ago I found a lump in my left breast while showering. I's only in my left breast, it's hard, quiet big, non painful. My midwife told me that it can be only a milk tissue (?), but I'm not sure. Than It's should be in other breast as well, soft and mobile. I'm terrified what can it be. I have a doctor appointment next week but I'm very, very worried, just can put my mind to rest!.
1330312 tn?1275345113 but it is the only option left as tht lump in my breast is still undiagnosed due to biopsy failling and i do think this is my best option left thank you for any comments.
622762 tn?1222426068 could be a number of things, I would say go to a doctor and get it checked out, I know a couple of people that have had this happen to them, one turned out to have a cyst in her breast, but the other it turned out to be breast cancer. Now its most likely a cyst, or something thats nothing to worry about but you should always get it checked out, just to be sure.