Lump in breast hurts to touch

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Avatar f tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Generally a well defined breast lump, slightly sore to touch is due to fibroadenoma. A mammography will be done. If this is negative and if the lump is causing pain, it will be removed. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn My eight year old little girl has one breast and nipple that is swollen, a little hot to the touch and has an acorn sized lump behind her nipple. She says it hurts to touch it, I have made an appt with her dr on Monday, but should I have her seen before?
Avatar f tn Hi, First of all I don't think that because you have detected a lump in you breast you need to go to the emergency,but seeing your doctor is a very wise decision. This could be a cyst which can appear at any age, in teenagers as well as in older women.These cysts are related to the increasing hormonal fluctuations and the pain is particularly felt prior to the menstrual cycle and subside after the menses finish..
552173 tn?1282606890 I'm 20 years old and about a week ago I noticed a lump on the side of my left breast. When I touch it, it hurts. My right breast hurts also but theres no lump on the side. My left breast is getting bigger and the right one is too but not as big as the left. My nipples are darker and bigger and the area around the nipple has these little bumps on them. I also have noticed more veins on my nipples and breast. Can the lump and everything be b/c I could be pregnant or Breast Cancer??
Avatar n tn You don't mess with a lump in your breast! don't know if you have read Lee Child's books, but he has a character called Jack Reacher, an ex Army military policeman, and his favourite phrase was: "You don't mess with the Special services", and I believe you don't mess around with lumps in your breast You need to get it properly diagnosed, just for peace of mind. If it is a problem you can then go on to address it and get appropriate treatment. Take care - and go see a doctor!
Avatar f tn Hi again, The only advice I could give you is to have this lump evaluated,because there are so many reasons for a lump to appear in the breast. It could be hormonal,clogged milk duct,cyst,fibroadenoma or something more serious. Without the benefit of some tests,it's impossible to obtain an accurate diagnosis over the internet.
Avatar n tn If you find a lump in your breast make an appointment to see your doctor a.s.a.p., if they refuse to do a mammography due to your age INSIST that you need one, if the lump doesn't show up on the mammogram then ask for a needle biopsy. Whatever you do, DON'T let them treat you like nothing more than a statistic! You are a precious young woman and deserve compassionate medical CARE. And don't let them convence you that you are paranoid and that your lump is nothing to worry about!
Avatar f tn I've self examined the area and their is a lump under my nipple and hurts everytime I touch it but it's also causing pain throughout my whole right boob! What's goin on!??
Avatar n tn I had this for a month or so and it's a size of a quarter , when I touch around my breast it hurts I'm not sure ... When I move my lump it moves around alittle but not much and it feels alittle lumpy .. Does anyone have any answers please :/ ?
Avatar f tn But the pain has been happening more often lately and I finally felt around and found a small lump in my breast, that hurts to touch. It almost feels like mastitis, which I have had before from previous breastfeeding, but my daughter is now 15 months old, and I stopped breastfeeding her a year and 2 months ago. I am just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and what it might be.
Avatar n tn I have a lump in my left breast that is extremely painful, especially to the touch. It is visible and red. There is no break in the skin, so I doubt that it is an insect bite. I know that cancerous lumps are for the most part are not painful. I have been taking advil for 2 days hoping that would aleviate the pain, but it has not helped. Should I be concerned with this lump?
Avatar n tn I have a lump in my right breast behind my nipple. I had a mammogram and ultrasound done that was listed as a 4. The radiologist said it was very suspicious looking. I had a needle biopsy done it was negative. I have taken two rounds of antibotics. This all happened about 3 months ago. The surgeon wanted to remove it, but I have no insurance coverage.
Avatar n tn My mom has been asked to go back for more pictures and a ultrasound ,,all I got from the nurse was they want to look more closely to the left breast with this info I did a breast exam on my mom (75 yrs old) and I can feel under her left breat a lump and it hurts her when I push gently into it.....
Avatar m tn I was wondering if could had been infected with HIV, i dont have any other symptoms like a flu or anything. But that lump that hurts when i touch it. Im really worried i got infected, if someone can help please!
1271365 tn?1306763979 I am not touching or messing with the breast it hurts to much to even touch it. But the lumps are hard pea sized lumps so if they do have to remove it i am worried about the scaring as well. But i will wait and be patient and not get scared but it is so hard not to think about it but i am. But who knows it could be nothing i might be worried over nothing but again maybe not. But as for me not to worry i am trying not to.
Avatar n tn I found a lump just under my nipple of my left breast. Everytime I touch it, it hurts and gives me a stabbing pain sensation. It stays in one place and is about the size of a quarter. I was wondering if anyone had the same thing and what results they got. I am going in to the doctors on Mon (todays Sat) to get it checked out.
Avatar n tn I have what feels like a golf ball sized lump in my right breast, i had an ultrasound done and they said it was just normal dense tissue. my concern is that my mother had breast cancer at age 29, the ultrasound tech was very brief and did not press deep. my breast hurts and is tender to touch every now and then. the lump has increased my cup size to a full C from a B. Could there be a tumor, cyst or cancer beneath/under the dense tissue that did not show up on the ultrasound.
Avatar n tn My dear, I don't want to alarm you, but in July 2004, I felt a very small lump in my left breast. It had not been a year since my last mammogram. I went to my primary care doctor and he ordered a mammogram and referred me to a surgeon. The surgeon was amazed I had felt the lump since it was under my nipple. The mammogram did not show the lump, nor did a subsequent ultrasound. The surgeon told me "not to worry" and to come back in 6 months.
Avatar m tn my breast have been hurting for 3-4 months I had a lump in the right side then recently stopped for about a week and now it has returned and a tad worse it hurts to touch or to even scratch them I have been feeling nauseous and having some discharge a little more than normal. if someone has a answer please answer thank you !!!
Avatar n tn Every month before my period arrives, my right breast gets swollen, & a lump the size of a 5 cent piece appears. It is very tender, & hurts to be touch. The pain is not relieved until I squeeze the lump & a yellowish liquid comes out. After all the liquid has been squeezed out the lump reduces, and eventually disappears. Is this a cyst? Is it normal? Should i be worried? Helppppp!!!!!
688909 tn?1227233764 I've had this lump in my right breast for over a year it's large and at the top part of my breast hurts very much, wondering did i hurt my self worse by waiting this long, could it turn into something bad (scared)
Avatar f tn It feels like someone is sticking a hot needle into my breast. It feels like there is a lump under my nipple, and when I prod it, it hurts like nothing I have ever felt before. I can't fold my arms, or touch it. Is this something to worry about, should I see a doctor?
299260 tn?1304219705 Hi, ladies. I noticed a small lump in my breast last night & it actually hurts to touch it. I'm close to starting AF & had heard that you can have little lumps during that time of your cycle, which is why my doc always told me to do a breast exam after AF. I'm just curious, though, cause I've never had something like that, which hurt to touch it. Does it sound like something I should have checked out? Anyone have this happen to them? Thanks !
Avatar m tn New to this community so here's the back story. I found a lump in my right breast when I was about 17. it's oddly shaped and kinda moves when I touch it. I'm on the smaller side. Im 20 yrs old and still only fit in a 32 A from the little girls section. so that gives an idea of how small I really am. being so small it was really easy to find the lump. I showed my mom and got it checked out. the doctor said it was only a fibroid. he said not to worry because since it moves, it's not bad.
Avatar f tn I have extreme soreness on the right side of my breast near my armpit. It doesn't neccesarily hurt unless I touch it, or if my arm brushes against it, and laying on it slightly hurts. So, I've of coarse avoided laying on that side or touching it. When I touch it, It feels like a sore muscle would with a slight stabbing pain. My breast does appear slightly puffy where the pain is, but no discoloration. My OB has felt around the area and can't find anything suspicious.
Avatar f tn I noticed today that my left breast above the nipple closer to my arm pit, and sore down my side was sore today I touch it and it hurts not oh my god hurts but its sore my daughter lays her head on e and it hurts I don't feel a lump. I am 34 I just finished my menstrual cycle but have never had this feeling before what can it be from? should I be worried? its not red or swollen either.
Avatar f tn After any trauma there may be collection of blood behind the nipples leading to the formation of a heamatoma.Breast injury, mastits, breast cyst, fibroadenoma, breast cancer are few other possibilities. Get yourself evaluated by a doctor. Do write to me again. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn I do have some small lumps along the outside, actually from like 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock and they are sore to touch, some larger lumps at like 9 o'clock that aren't as painful to the touch, no discharge that I have noticed, and what type of skin changes should I look for? I have not had any trauma or injuries that I can think of. I have tried 600 mg 3x day and as I mentioned that has not really helped too much, and I don't like to take anything unless I absolutely have to.