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Avatar n tn Hi i was wondering if anyone can help me, I have had a lump in my lower left leg for 2 years now every now and then it swells up and gives me pain its in the left leg and its about 3 inches above the ankle in a straight line it gets really painful gives me pain in the the bottom of the foot and in the ankle and also this might sound strange but it sometimes feels as if someone is dripping cold water down my leg, does anyone know what this could be. Thank you very much.
Avatar f tn I have a lump in my lower leg its on the side just above my ankle, I have had it checked out and the doctor that seen me just said it was tissue, but now i have burning in my leg and and one of my veins just above the lump as risen on my leg and it is now giving my terrible pain. I am flying abroad in the next two weeks and im am now really worrying about this lump because i have a toothache feeling in my leg and burning. Can anyone relate to this or has anyone heard about something like this?
335728 tn?1331418012 A painful lump in that location is most likely to be from a deep hematoma (deep bruise that bled into the area and formed a lump. Do you have normal sensation in that lower leg? I can't imagine the circumstances that it would be a tumor or cancer. There is a specific injury that occurs there which is a bruise to the side of the shin. It can bleed under the periosteum, which is the sheath surrounding the bone. Sometimes these do get infected and become an abcess, so Sally was right.
Avatar n tn My right lower leg symptoms had been periodic but now more severe and constant. From the knee down, it feels as though my leg is going to sleep. It aches and feels weak. Now also noticing numbness and tingling in my right foot. I have not had any recent injuries or changes in activity. This was bothersome more at night when I was trying to go to sleep. It would start as an aching and restless feeling in the calf. Now the symptoms are much more significant and all day long.
Avatar n tn I, too, would be interested to hear the results of both of your doctor visits. I have a lump that formed on my lower leg after a rollerblading accident in which my leg hit a metal bar. It has been almost two weeks since the accident, and the bruising has mostly subsided, but I noticed the lump a few days ago.
Avatar f tn I have a hard red lump on the inner side of my lower leg about 1 inch from my knee. It is hard, not moveable and when I try to cut it off it grows right back. Can it be removed? Should I see a derm or GP? I have a lipoma on my buttocks and have history of hemangioma removal on the back of my neck. I do have moles. All of these things I have had all my life or at least when I was younger. This is relatively new in the last 4 years. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have a large, visible lump in my lower left back just above my buttocks. It seems to swell when I have PMS and my period. The pain causes me not to be able to sleep at night, it radiates down the back of my left leg. I only feel temporary relief if it is massaged. I have to prop pillows under my hips at night to try and take the pain away. My doc did an x-ray and said it is probably just scar tissue and told me not to worry about it. It is getting worse as time goes on.
1417063 tn?1282111264 X rays are negative but something is going on because the swelling after two days is still increasing. At this point my foot has ballooned outrageous. It's worked it's way halfway up my leg. Is there something I could be missing? Two fulls days of ice packs and it's still on fire and growing.
Avatar f tn I have had a lump the size of an orange on my left lower back above my backside. It causes a lot of back pain which also radients down my leg. It has been there for about 3 months. I haven't seen a doctor and just told my husband and mom about it and asked them what they thought. They are upset because they can visually see the lump on my back. I am thinking that it is a muscle that needs to be kinked out, but they seem to think that it is more serious than that.
Avatar n tn For the past 2 days I have a very slight heat sensation in my lower left leg (no other problems). Is this some thing I should be concerned about now, or wait for my drs. appt in a few weeks?
Avatar n tn I am a Male 21 years of age i have recently broke out with shingles on my left side lower back. at the same time i have found a Lump in the crevice of my pelvis (between my leg and bladder) left side. and i dont know what it is nor what to do. and are these 2 things happening because of one or the other?
Avatar n tn I have intense lag pain when lying down it starts on the hip goes all down my leg and hurts a lot at the back of my knee my lower leg and ankles it also only occurs in one leg.
Avatar n tn I have pain in lower back on left side, left hip pain, left pelvic pain and pain down the left leg at times. It comes and goes. Gets real bad,(when I put weight on left leg) then can ease up within minutes with changing position. I had similar trouble when I was about 30 but it went away. Any ideas? I am 47 now.
Avatar f tn I am so glad I found this website. I too noticed a lump on my lower sternum. Of course, I always think the worst of everything. Yes, I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder as well. It's something that I cannot get over on my own, even with the mild meds that my RNP put me on i July. I've always been this way but got worse when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma. Since then, which has been almost 7 years ago, every single little thing that goes wrong with me I think I am dieing.
Avatar n tn The pain also goes down my left leg and is now in my lower left back. When I don't have shooting pains in my groin, there is a dull ache. Went to the DR. today and she thinks I may have kidney stones. Could this be ovarian cyst? The pains increase during ovulation and during my period. I have had them for the last several months and my periods have been irregular. I have no constipation. Has anyone had these symptoms?
Avatar f tn Those who are non-detectible at week 4, would even have a lower relapse figure. And depending on which study your read, those that take the shorter 12 or 16 week course, have either an 80 or 90% chance of SVR. In fact, and I may have missed someone, but I don't remember any geno 2 (or geno 1 for that matter) who took the shorter course that did not SVR. I'm estimating that we've had 4-6 geno 2's reporting the short course and 2 geno 1's.
Avatar n tn The only thing that comes to mind (without a MRI), would be a partial achilles tendon tear. You may want to get the MRI and treatment (if required) before you cause more damage. Best of luck!
Avatar m tn Do you have a lump in your lower back that comes and goes? Do you get the symptoms when the lump is there if you experience the coming and going of the lump? Is it worse when you excert yourself? Do the symptoms alternate from the left of your back to the right of your back? I ask these questions because I am experiencing something similar to yours. Sometimes problems do not show up on certain tests and unfortunately when some MD's view that the results are normal, they "brush you off.
Avatar n tn It's hard to describe because it's not exactly PAINFUL, but really uncomfortable. I went to the doctor many times. There is a small, movable lump on my lower rib. He took Xrays, blood, even a sonogram to see that it wasn't my gall bladder. He said it was a pulled muscle, gave me anti-inflammatorys and muscle relaxors. A month later it was no better and it seemed the pain spread from my rib around to my back on the right side. I went back and he diagnosed it as shingles without a rash.
Avatar m tn In the last year it has gotten a little bigger. Also, I have a huge VERY HARD LUMP between my left leg and the left side of my scrotum. More or less the area where my Anus and scrotum meet. For a lack of better terms the front of my (TAINT). Closer to the scrotum. Between scrotum and left leg. Every day for the last week it has gotten bigger and it gets worse in pain.
Avatar n tn I've have Siatica take over my left leg for 3 days.. I've not been able to lift either leg in order to dress myself in the am and in the pm. I'm finally getting an MRI this week in HOPES that someone can tell me what the heck is wrong with my back. I've been told by my physical therapist 2 different things.. First he said it's a slipped disk and then he has said it's a herniated disk. My question is ..
Avatar f tn I had an baby got an epidural,since the epidural I been having severe lower back pain and numbness and tingling in my right. Now this what the doctor have told me since. Before I tell can tell you can you tell me the probem.One doctor told me I haveBack Pain with Sciatica, Hematuria and he went on im his notes I have MS and the MS is called Arthralgia and Muscle problem.
Avatar f tn I have lower back pain in my SI joints. At one point I had severe soreness in my leg to the point where I felt like I had just finished an extremely hard workout. I find it irritating to sit cross legged or with that leg bent. If anyone could help me or give me some input on what it could be like that would be amazing! I'm an emotional wreck over this.
Avatar n tn Hi! After an injury, the lumps could be localized collection of blood (hematoma) or abscess (collection of pus). Since it is painful, either they are infected hematomas or abscesses. They can also be swollen lymph nodes. Pain in back of thigh can also be due to pinched nerve in lower back. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn Since then the pain has been shooting down my left leg. It hurts to just get out of a chair. I've been having lower abdominal pain and I feel bloated all the time. I feel pressure, like my uterus might just fall out. I've also felt pressure on my rectum and some constipation. I've been having indigestion alot but attributed it to stress. I've been experiencing alot of severe nightsweats so my GP decided to test my hormonal level.
Avatar f tn If anyone has resolved their groin/leg issues I would sure appreciate any ideas at this point. I could really live without it!
Avatar f tn It doesnt hurt to touch. But I have had alot of lower back pain and numbness down my right leg and across to my hips for about a year. I am about 60 pounds overweight, but I have lost about 25 pounds. I dont know if this lump was there before the weight loss. I did have a high dysplasia colon polyp removed about three weeks ago. I dont know if that would have anything to do with this. If anyone can give me some insight to this problem would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn So I've had this big lump in my lower right leg for weeks. At first I thought it was just a bruise. Cus there is a pink spot. It seemed to get bigger now and is as hard as a bone. It hurts to push on. My feet and ankle hurts when I walk to. And they feel kind of numb. Idk if that has to do with it or not. I'm worrying. What if it's a blood clot or something..