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Avatar n tn I have not had a fever but I do get chills. Had blood work done and my WBC was 2.6,Monocytes automated was high 21.7, Absolute Lymph automated low 0.7. Absolute Seg automated was low 1.3. I had small trace of bilirubine in my urine, traces of leukocytes esterase, keytons, wbc 10-25,rbc2-5,epithelial cells -many, few bacteria, and large mucous. My total protein cout was high 9.1, my bilirubin total was high 1.
1327431 tn?1327075704 55 Feeling pretty poorly , nails and hair week , sleeping is crap , dark circles and the list goes on , defo need to make an app on 25mcg thyroxine some days and 50mcg most days as if i take 50mcg everyday feel overactive and warm and cant sleep Any advise and results before i go to Docs ???? Destoyed my thyroids with RAI a year and a half ago its so hard to get the right levels , These results are from a month ago !
Avatar n tn I just got a blood test back by mail stating that my Blood Protein (ALB) was at the upper level of normal (47). Anyone out there know what makes it go higher and lower and what being at the upper level means? Anything I can do to lower it? What does the ALB stand for? Other than ALTS all other liver related tests were normal.
Avatar m tn On Aug 2009, I did complete blood work, and everything came out fine, except I have slight low white cell and slight high protein. After that, I did 4 HIV tests, and Hep A,B,C at 2,4,9 months after my unprotected sex counter, All come negative. So, do you think a slight high protein is a sign of HIV, or Hep as they said on the internet?
Avatar f tn As time goes on, there are less good days than there are bad days - typically 3-4 days of symptoms, then just general fatique and achiness for a couple days. Blood work is all normal except for a small consistent amount of monoclonal protein. I do get frequent UTI's, have low blood pressure, and am low in potassium. A recent bone marrow biopsy showed no sign of cancer or development of myeloma.
Avatar f tn All of the thyroid blood work was normal except for Thyroid Antibodies (which were high). I was started on levothyroxin and will have another ultrasound this week. In the meantime I have many symptoms which st first seemed seperate but I have been doing research and am finding commonalities. A recent blood test has shown a problem with my gamma protein level, the M-spike was undetermined. I have sever hip pain, I have had x-rays, there are no visible breaks or arthritis.
Avatar m tn I have ulcerative colitis and i had the following blood work which showed: WBC 9.59 (3.8-10.5) NE# 5.2 LY# 3.52 MO# 0.73 EO# 0.14 BA# 0.04 NRBC #0 RBC 4.78 (4.20-6.30) HGB 16.4 (14.0-18.0) HCT 48.6 (40-52) MCV 101.60 HIGH MCH 34.2 HIGH MCHC 33.7 RDW 13.8% PLT 271 Calcium, Total 10.2 (8.8-10.6) Total Protein 8.2 (6.6-8.3) Albumin 4.4 (3.5-5.2) ALP 81 (30-120) LDH 250 High (0-248) Iron 178 (70-180) Ferritin 42 (22-322) B12 214 (211-911) Folate 4.2 Low (>5.38) CRP 3.
Avatar n tn 63 year ol male, runner, great health Recent Blood Work Report: GLOBULIN 1.6 ALBUMIN/GLOBULIN RATIO 2.8 ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE 35 AST 50 Can anyone help me out with what this might mean?
Avatar f tn Then following that, I got pregnant again and had a partial molar pregnancy, so I had to have a d and c at about 11 weeks (there was a fetal heart beat, but it stopped beating at some point). About 3 weeks after the d and c I had blood work done to see if I had any conditions that had caused the miscarriages. The only thing they found was that my protein c level was at 54 L (reference range is 70-140). Also my Coag factor VIII activity was 42L (reference range is 50-180).
Avatar n tn I was not happy about the drs explaination and wanted to find out the reason it was elevated or at least investigate further. I was sent for blood work and the results were; wbc 13.2, lym 4.9 mid 1.8, gran 6.5, rbc 4.61, hgb 11.5, hct 38.1, mcv 82.6, mch 24.9, mchc 30.2, rdw 15.3, plt 368, mpv 9.5, leukocyte alkaline phoe score 77, ferritin 25 and c-reactive protein 10.0, The doctor told me to take iron tablets as I am anemic.
Avatar f tn Therefore, people prone to encephalopathy are advised to maintain a high intake of vegetable protein and a low intake of animal protein, or even better, to become vegetarians. This type of diet will help control mental symptoms in people suffering from some degree of chronic encephalopathy—that is, those who have some degree of mental confusion and/or memory loss all the time.
Avatar n tn About two years ago she was having pain and severe fatigue and heart issues. They did blood work and she had a +ana, two months ago high platelet level, and last month sed rate 62, + c reative protein, + IGG - for the other IG( ) test, rbc low, ab lymph high, and I have Lupus, Behcets, RA, raynauds, Fibromyalgia, severe migraines and other things as well as our older sister has Lupus. I mentioned the results to my Rheum. but he really couldnt say but to have her see a rheum. I think Lupus.
Avatar f tn I just had my blood work reports My b12 and D levels look good now I have been on Savella for 3 months now Doc had diagonised me with Fibromyalgia syndrome- chronic pain due to immune deficiencys and stress Now i can say i am 80% bettter I still have muscle pain here and there The only thing which bothers me is Eleveated CRP levels and high platelet count My doc dosent seem to find a reason for that As all my blood work looks gr8 I have put on weight and have not got my MC for 2 months now Is
Avatar m tn It does say 100% European 100% undenatured whey protein, low temperature, chemical free processing, low lactose and low carbs, added enzymes, cross flow microfiltered, increases glutathione and stimulates immunity. The only thing missing is organic or not and whether it is cold processed. I have tried this before without any issues, but didn't see any benefits either for 3 months. As for my BMI, it is in 21, normal range.
Avatar m tn I keep hoping that the medication that Dr, Alessio Fassano is working on will become available---and work in the way they are hoping it will work for people with celiac disease. It is a zonulin antagonist. People with celiac have more zonulin in their small intestine, and it is what holde the "gates" open and allows the gluten particles to get into the blood stream. I think that is the basic idea of how it is supposed to work.
Avatar f tn I had it rechecked this week, and now my calcium, albumin, and total protein are low. I know that low albumin can make a blood calcium level low, but my calcium has always been low in the past.. long before my albumin was low. After reading different information about low albumin levels, I am concerned about liver disease. My ALT and AST were both within normal limits and everything else on my lab work was also. Can the low calcium, albumin, and total protein be from nutrition?
Avatar n tn I am a 37 yr old who just last week began to have severe swelling in the lower extremities which now is all over. My joints ache and the doctors told me that all my blood work is normal except for low albumin and proteins. My echo was normal also. I am scheduled for a chest xray and ct of the abdomen and pelvis. The meds I was taking was Vytorin which was stopped last week when the symptoms started but my symptoms have not gotten better. What could this be?
86664 tn?1291561395 and you would have albumin or protein in the urine. Low albumin/ low protein may also be caused by protein malnutrition. Since you have diabetes, be aware that starchy foods promote water absorption. When you absorb glucose, you also absorb sodium.....and that can cause the leg swelling. And you're taking Alinia....I don't know whether it could be causing protein to be lost from the intestines. So for you, diet and keeping your blood sugar under control is going to be very important.
Avatar n tn She'll have to have something that contains fiber, such as vegetables and protein + some fat... The vegetables and protein will fill her up and help stabilize blood glucose levels, the fat will help keep her feeling full... Very little fruit is recommended, because of the sugar content...
4250330 tn?1388624779 I had the same problem I was almost passing out at work several times during a shift, I went to the doctor and they said it was low blood pressure and low sugar, they told me to eat lots of protein and drink lots of juice and water, no more soda, I did this and it helped 100% I have only had one more episode since and I hadn't eaten correctly all day
1384238 tn?1286032362 Have you had things like ANA, ANCA, Cyroglobulin, C-Reactive Protein, Sed Rate, Protein Electro etc blood work done yet? If not find a good Rheumatologist and/or internist and rule out the things the other dr mentioned like Lupus.
1422615 tn?1334067834 So i got a call yesterday form the lab telling me my results on my protein s blood test it was a 19... still waiting to hear from the dr. I guess that is the reason i have miscarried so many times. I am hoping to get a referral to a hematologist. We are still going to try tonight. If i have another mc then oh well. IF i can see him and get on meds quick then maybe it might work for this cycle and we can have a happy healthy beautiful, sweet loving child. http://www.perinatology.
4250330 tn?1388624779 What Can I Eat For Low Blood Sugar I Feel Really Shaky And My Hearts Beating Fast And Everything This Happened Last Time I Thought My Blood Sugar Was Low.. Im 31 Weeks and 6 Days pregnant..
363281 tn?1518219421 Margy~The drops are a lot easier to assimilate and get in your blood stream lots faster. I was so surprised it was low, last year when I had it tested, it was just fine. The high sensitivity CRP is C-Reactive Protein. When it is higher than 1.0. that can indicate inflammation in the arteries, and, contrary to what most docs will say, it is a far better indicator of coronary artery disease than high cholesterol.
956433 tn?1255980708 just wanted to kno if anyone on this forum is dealing with hypoglycemia along with there anxiety..i have had the low blood sugar since im 15( im 21 now)..and i know if i don't eat right and take care of it it can make you feel dizzy,lightheaded, tremors and what not..and now that i have anxiety iv noticed alot of the symptoms mimic each other..also i have always been really thin..
4939681 tn?1361302899 I just went grocery shopping bc I have decided on a low gluten, low cow's milk, low sugar (notice I said low, free is a stretch as a busy mother of 4 young ones). Hopefully that will make some sort of difference. I also just bought whey protein to see if that helps with the weight gain. Thanks for the advice!!!
5885702 tn?1376075719 Hello! So the last two years I have had routine blood work done (by labcorp) and I am looking at the results right now and something freaked me out. I cannot get ahold of my doctor so I am posting here to see if anyone can explain this. Upon looking at my results sheet, there is one part that says "Hep B Surface Ab" that is the only thing it says. In 2012, under Hep B Surface Ab, it had the number 3.81. This was listed under the high column (should be 0-.
Avatar n tn Even a mild urine infection can cause traces of protein in the urine ie protein is found in blood and with a uti it is common to have a small amount of blood in the urine - hence trace of protein as well. have a urine test done to outrule infection and have your kidney function measured by a simple blood test ;) re the altter ie blood test, even one poor egfr can also be the result of a uti!!!!! you need to show a steady pattern of poor egfr to indicate ckd.