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Avatar n tn Is there anybody,but anybody who can say the NAME of the BRAND OF FOOD which sells quality,LOW phosphorus DRY CAT food as well?Simple as that!Just the NAME of the brand please! Or noone ever actually have heard the name of such food?
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear about your kitty. The k/d canned is high in protein, low in phosphorus and low in salt. A good diet for kidney failure. I hope he will like it. Wishing you and kitty the best.
Avatar m tn I have heard about the raw food diet, though the vet said that there's way too much protein in table food (or does the cooking do something that isn't good for cats?) A colleague at the Cat Annex where I volunteer though that the Hills food had corn in it--not good. I will check the ingredients. What would you recommend for a grain-free canned food? Friskies indoor is probably too cheap. I have given kitty a little at a time and he seems to be doing ok with that.
1356964 tn?1302091035 Comparing a dry food versus wet food, cats will consume 50% more moisture on a canned food than a cat on dry. This is why a cat on dry food can easily develop kidney & bladder problems. When a cat eats a wet food diet their urine output is double compared to a cat on a dry food diet. This is good for their bladder health. Dry foods can lead to obesity in animals, which then can lead to Diabetes due to the high carb amounts in food.
Avatar f tn My cat was in emergency animal clinic for 3 days, then came home for 2 days and was blocked again, so back to the emergency clinic for another 4 days, $3,000.00 later i was able to bring him home. He has been home for 2 days now, the first day home he was urinating quarter size clumps, but today he has only gone 3 times and they are about nickel size now. He is not eating his food that the vet has prescribed. He is on Tribissen, Buprenorphine and phenoxybenzamine.
942127 tn?1276952809 Dry food isn't recommended for CRF cats, the dry food is so low in moisture, and dehydration leads to chronic constipation. I know you need to be careful how much water you give to a CRF cat. they also recommed adding TAURINE (from NOW brand of supplements) because they loose so many nutrients due to urinating so much. CHECK WITH YOUR VET FOR ADVICE ON THIS FIRST. you can also check out this website for info on constipation. theres tons of good info there. www.felineconstipation.
Avatar f tn I had managed her on cheap food like Meow Mix and added Aluminum powder to bind the phosphorous. She refuses to eat the prescription CRF low protein food (or any food for that matter). I've done food trials with her over the past 2 yrs and have to feed her what she'll eat just to keep her alive. Anyway, over the last 6 months she'd been vomiting daily and losing weight. So I decided to start feeding her raw ground mouse carcus.
Avatar n tn Internal bleeding is suspected if there are very pale mucous membranes, nose bleeds, bleeding from the rectum or other orifices, or if there are small hemorrhages on the skin, and of course if blood work is done and shows low RBC's, low HB (anemia) some rodenticides can cause bleeding, whether the cat ate the rodenticide directly or ingested it by eating an exposed mouse or rat or other rodent. I would call your vet back and bring your cat in to be rechecked.
1358341 tn?1282213443 Vets still live by the old standard of a prescription kidney diet which is low in protein and in phosphorus but more recent research indicates that too low of protein actually causes muscle wasting and supposedly shortens the life span of a CRF cat.(this is what I read so you be the judge). I believe that a good quality canned cat food such as Wellness no grain in Turkey, Merrick canned cat foods are acceptable for cats with kidney impairments. Azydol (sp?
874521 tn?1424120397 since a cat of mine was dx'd with urinary crystals I've done alot of reading and found out alot of disturbing things about a dry food diet....ANY dry food even the high quality ones. My cat has been on one of the best rated EVO which has NO grains therefore is low in carbs and high in protien....however it is STILL A DRY FOOD. the lack of moisture content is what leads to these urinary crystals and a host of other health problems.....
482754 tn?1341795094 1-800-474-7044 ************************************************************ NEXT - CHICKEN AND POTATO DIET ( LOW SALT )*************** (low protein low phosphorus, high potassium, low sodium) for Dogs ¼ cup cooked chicken breast 3 cups potato, boiled with skin 2 tablespoons chicken fat 1 ½ calcium carbonate tablets (600 milligrams calcium) ½ multiple vitamin-mineral tablet ( NuVET supplement vitamins) SEE order link Above* THIS is enough for a 22 POUND Dog per Day : Provides
1356964 tn?1302091035 All the foods you mentioned are good ones also but Evo is way too high in protein for a cat with kidney issues ..I disregard the old standard information that low protein is what you are suppose to give cats with any kind of kidney impairments as too low of protein can actually cause muscle wasting and shorten life span of renal cats. It almost appears as she has a fluid imbalance, contributing to her constipation issues although she eats canned food and I also add a little water to it..
365714 tn?1292202708 They are both high protein and low carb. I'm slowly trying to get her on all Wellness wet canned food. Wellness Turkey is another good one, and these can be found at Petco or Petsmart. The dry kibble food, unfortunately, will raise kitty's blood glucose. The diet for diabetic kitties it has to be high protein, low carbsm, but I hesitated to recommend foods for Waldo as I know he also has kidney issues.
Avatar f tn and not related to MsVicky) A different vet thought my other cat had a food allergy that was causing him to throw up often. They were on grain-free or low-carb dry foods for most of their lives. When manufacturers change formulas, they have gotten sick and I have changed their food. HILL i/d CANNED: My cats have been on dry-free-feeding their entire lives. Every time I try to give them wet food, they often have diarrhea...
Avatar f tn Hi. I bought a wet cat food that boasts "low magnesium" as one of its benefits. I was just wondering why this would be a good thing for a cat.
974371 tn?1424656729 Karla List of KD (Kidney Disease) Dog Food Brands Low Protein Dog Food Options Includes Prescription Dog Food and Commercial Brands -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, your search is over! We've compiled this comprehensive list of KD dog food brands (also often referred to as "kidney disease dog food" or "renal dog food").
Avatar f tn What I have learned is feed the cat food it will eat and add a phosphorus binder to it which you can buy online, I use an Aluminum powder which is cheap and works. You'll have to search the net for "phosphate binders or aluminum powder." Some people also make their own from egg shells. I supplement with a product called Azodyl you can buy at Amazon.com, I give two caps opened and mixed into her food. This has worked wonders for me. Start it now.
1660289 tn?1302560398 I need some suggestions on a grain free dog food. I have a Shih Tzu who is going in for surgery soon to have two large bladder stones removed. He also has two small ones in his kidney. The vet keeps talking about getting him started on Hill's diet. I have no intention of buying this food from them. I have reminded her three times that he needs to be on a grain free food.
1358341 tn?1282213443 it protects both kidney with low protein and low phosphorus and bowel with psyllium husk that aids both diarrhea and constipation. After 18yo, cats should eat something that is usefull for both kidney values and stomach & bowel sensitivity. Because they all get CRF and all suffer from various digestion problems (exigent/allergic/sensitive cats, constipation, diarrhea, IBS...) probably due to cereals (maize, etc.
Avatar n tn if the problem is being caused by a kidney issue from the poor diet, you'll have to switch to a low protein food. You'll know this is possibly the case because when you feed your cat a high protein diet, you would get an immediate negative reaction (ie; attack of incontinence and possible paralysis). I'm sorry if that happens but without testing it's the only way to find out!
Avatar f tn Concern because he is puppy you need protein for development but protein has phosphorus terrible for kidney. I wish I knew how long? Kidney disease horrible however a dog can live with 30% kidney function . ???? Can you all share your experience ? Please no judgement really don't need that. Really wish I knew how Long we have. I lost a cat to kidney failure (13 yr old) all treatment ,home and hospital! It was horrible do not want to put my dog through that but will give him best life I can.
1047522 tn?1258149304 Take him to the vet and they may beable to estimate how old. Mel worms should not be used as food, only as a treat. dry cat food which is low in crude fat but high in protein, as for fruits and veggies, thoes should also be used as treats and not a normal meal, and some hedgehogs dont like fruit and veggies, mine doesnt shes is perfectly happy wth dry cat food. hope this helps, if you have any questions try looking up hedgehog care online.
10754959 tn?1412555291 Yes, it's the low protein that does this - your dog's natural instinct is to find protein if she can, despite it not being good for her. Both Charlene and Lynne have given some very experienced and insightful tips. A diary is a brilliant way of charting the ups and down, as well as weight, and this info will be so useful to both you and your vet. Quality protein can be helpful - even if all you do is give it as a treat.
Avatar n tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Holistic-Care-For-Pets/Feline-CKF---Azodyl--Epatitin--low-protein-food---long-term-use/show/2400571">Feline CKF - Azodyl, Epatitin & low protein food - long term use</a> was started.
1531001 tn?1292037837 It's not the amount of protein you have to watch but the source of the protein and the keeping the level of phosphorus down. I am presently feeding Natural Balance Fish and Sweet Potato (kibble and canned). He is also on Pepcid twice a day and on a BP med once a day to try and keep the pressure down in the kidneys. I have also picked up some green tripe, as that is good for them and actually recommended in some kidney diets. It stinks like heck!! LOL!
Avatar f tn traditionally cats with crf were put on low protien diets in the belief that this would place less strain on the kidneys. but low protein diets can harm any cat, including one with declining kidney function. recent practice has shown that keeping phosphorous levels in check slows down the progression of kidney failure, but lower protien foods don't help and can, in fact exacerbate muscle wasting.
Avatar f tn You might consider adding half a teaspoon of ground up eggshells to food, as this may help control phosphorus a little and keep the potassium under check. Chloride is normal. T.bill stands for total bilirubin and is within normal limits. Bicarbonate is within normal limits. GGT stands for Gamma-glutamyl transferase and is within normal limits. Anion Gap is within normal limits. Alk Phos is within normal limits. Urea is high.
Avatar f tn Pet diets should therefore contain small amounts of high-quality proteins, low salt (use salt substitute), and minimal phosphorus. Home made diets are ideal and can be tailored specifically for each pet. The most important parameter with respect to dietary protein is quality rather than quantity or an absolute amount of protein. For example human dialysis patients eat eggs. Why? … Each egg contains 7 grams of pure protein on which the kidneys do not work at all to utilize.
Avatar f tn Even though phosphorus levels may be seemingly in control, they will start climbing again if you don't maintain a low phosphorus diet AND give the binder every day with food. So, eating is important, as without it she won't be able to have the binder. Talk to your vet about prescribing Mirtazapine. This helps on several levels, and importantly will encourage her to eat the kd diet. It doesn't work on all dogs, but it's worth a try.
Avatar f tn Our vet believes he may have cancer, but I feel it's just a way to say there's nothing we can do. Like many people, we are head over heals in love with our kitty. He didn't take to the low protein diet and we're trying to feed him whatever he'll take at this point. The antibiotics didn't touch this unknown ?source of infection. We believe in quality of life. I wanted to know if anyone knows of anything additional we can feed him or supplement him to help beef him up/ encourage Hgb production.