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Avatar n tn Hi Chris, My CSF protein was 57 and out of range. My report stated the range as being 15-45 or 50 MG/DL, but I have read that it varies from lab to lab. Elevated CSF protein is seen in infections, intracranial hemorrhages, multiple sclerosis, Guillain Barré syndrome, malignancies, some endocrine abnormalities, certain medication use, and a variety of inflammatory conditions.
Avatar f tn Hi to all I have my CSF tested couple of years ago . MYEL BASIC PROTEIN 2.60 f 0.07 - 4.10 ng /ml What catches my eye is the information under quote " - Test information : Myelin Basic Protein This test uses a kit designated by manufacturer as for research use , not for clinical use .
Avatar f tn She has been diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and we suspect a CSF leak as she has clear fluid coming out of her nose and ears every day especially after lying down. All MRI, CT scans have come back normal, she has had multiple lumbar punctures (she has low pressure) and bloodpatchs after the lumbar punctures have made a leak. We are convinced she has a CSF leak but as the MRI cannot locate a leak, she is left in this pain every day.
Avatar n tn Glucose, Protein, White Blood Cell, Red blood cell, color, some culture and gram stain to look for bacteria. The first four are reported in number with a range of normative values. An L or H next to the number means Low and High respectively. Ihope this helps, if you have further info pse post a follow up question.
Avatar f tn For what it's worth I had both o-bands and an elevated IgG index in my CSF. In my serum I had no o-bands and an IgG index under the low end of the range.
3191241 tn?1345035981 -9.9 - 3.3 mg/24h CSF Protein my value: 47 standard: 15 - 45 mg/dL H GLUCOSE, CSF - LAB CSF Glucose my value: 56 mg/dL -Reference Range: concentration of Glucose in CSF is about 60-75% of that in corresponding plasma.
5577952 tn?1370327170 The studies mention either positive or negative oligoclonal bands. Nothing specific about the pattern of O bands however. Can you have the HLA-DRB1*15 allele and unique CSF O bands without MS? Good question. I never say never in medicine because anything is possible.
Avatar n tn The headaches have led to stiff neck, nausea, upset stomach and bowel, periodic loss of appetite, low back pain and random slight senses of tremors. Since, I have had CT of brain, ct of spine, MRI,v,a, went to ENT and everything has been normal. My nuerologist also did a complete MS physical check of me and everything was normal. What was out of range in my spinal fluid was: a MBP level of 31, RBC count in CSF of 15, B/C ratio of 8.9, and PaO2 arterial of 105.
Avatar f tn CSF- Clear, Colorless, RBC CSF 0, WBC CSF 1, Protein CSF 76 H, Protein CSF 76 H, Glucose CSF 75 H, Immunoglubulin G (IgG) 1010, Albumin Serum 4320, Albumin-CSF 55.5, H, IgG CSF 5.5 H, IgG/Albumin Index CSF 0.44, IgG synthesis rate 0.00. CSF is Negative for Oligoclonal bands. VDRL NonReacive. My CBC done at the same time read. WBC 14.9 H, RBC 4.75, Hgb 14.6, Hct 43.9, MCV 92.3, MCH 30.6, MCHC 33.2, RDW 15.1 H, MPV 8.3, NEUTRO AUTO 80.1 H, LYMPH AUTO 10.9 L, MONO AUTO 8.4, EOS 0.
1448921 tn?1287793232 But I got a cup from him to collect the sample in because I demanded one. The next morning I bring them the nasal drippings and low and behold it is CSF leak, like I told him to begin with!!! Side note: I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE IT WHEN A DOCTOR THINKS YOU ARE STUPID AND WON'T LISTEN TO YOUR INPUT!!!) After that really long drawn out story, my question is is there any connection to POTS and CSF leak??
Avatar m tn Red and nasty and he had a low grade temp. In ER had spinal tap and CT scan. WBCs in CSF, glucose and a little protein. Diagnosis, CSF leak and bacterial meningitis. Waited two days for culture results and antibiotic coverage. Then a lumbar drain placed. Draining 20 cc every 203 hours. Tolerating it well...but not a significant change in bulge and still looks so "angry". Dr. in today.
Avatar n tn The presence of Myelin Basic Protein in the CSF is a sign of any kind of damage in the central nerous system. It is very nonspecific. The damage can be from MS, other neuro diseases, infection, surgery or trauma. In the context of MS, as Zilla said, MBP is often - but not always - seen during a relapse and may dwindle away or become negative during remission. The problem is that many people in relapse do NOT have a + MBP, so it is not a good biomarker to show a relapse.
Avatar f tn Few lesions showing on MRI scan onset Low number of affected neurological systems 5 years after onset Low neurological deficit score 5 years after onset High degree of remission from the last relapse The absence of Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) during remissions. Onset symptoms from only one region. Female sex. Factors indicative of a malignant disease course: A greater number of neurological areas affected at onset.
Avatar f tn Rest of Multiple Sclerosis Profile from CSF and serum (Protein, IgG and MBP) are normal. MRI brain / face and soft tissue were normal. They only found athropic parotid glands. Rheumatologist ruled out lupus, arthritis, Sjogren. Other tests for Lyme disease, Cytomegalovirus were negative.
Avatar f tn Opinions please, from people diagnosed with a reduced CSF flow. And from those who have had surgery because of it. Or anyone who had advice. I am 61 years old. My Chiari is only 1.5 mm. My last MRI said I have a mild reduction in CSF flow. No syrinx. I am finding it increasingly more difficult to concentrate and wonder if the mild reduction in CSF flow could be the reason. Or, am I just getting old?
Avatar f tn Also, they concluded that there was no stroke activity. my preliminary csf lab results showed my total protein was high at 85.8, my polys was high 25, That's something I'm not familiar with, maybe leukocytes? I think protein would indicate inflammation. By the second morning of taking this med, I literally could not lift my head up, I couldn't see for the new visual disturbances, I was dizzy and I couldn't walk straight. My dr immediately discontinued the steroids.
Avatar f tn Multiple restriction bands in both Csf and Serum, in which the origin cannot be determined whether coming from CSF or Serum. Normal IgG index, protein,glucose, cell counts etc... The neuro would not explain the results to me and that is why I am here. I have been forwarded to an MS Clinic and have to wait 3 months to get answers. It's torture what this neuro has done to me to add to my stress. Please, can anyone provide me with insight about my specific pattern.
Avatar f tn -3 5 MG/DAY Ref Range: -9.9 to +3.3 IGG UBDEX, CSF .48 Can someone please help me understand the results. I have been DX with Cronic stage 3 lyme disease in 2000 had been in remission until Dec. 2010 after accident surgery and much stress, appears to have brought the little creatures out again.
Avatar n tn You did not say if it was high or low, however the CSF glucose tends to be high in people who have high blood sugar due to diabetes, and if the blood sugar is low in a person who is fasting the CSF glucose also tends to be low. One reason for CSF sugar to be abnormally low in the presence of normal blood sugar is in bacterial meningitis.
Avatar f tn Multiple restriction bands in both Csf and Serum, in which the origin cannot be determined whether coming from CSF or Serum. Normal IgG index, protein, etc... The neuro would not explain the results to me and that is why I am here. I have been frowarded to an MS Clinic and have to wait 3 months to get answers. It's torture what this neuro has done to me to add to my stress. Please, can anyone provide me with insight about my specific pattern.
947596 tn?1245833709 He adviced to admit me in hospital.There at hospital My CSF was taken(about 4ML).Doctor gave tht CSF in 3 different labs(1 ML to each).The reports are as follows- *Report of first lab- Protein-35.4 mg/dL Glucose-73.7 mg/dL Total White cell Count-65 Polymorphs-10% Lymphocytes-90(dlc) *Reports of second Lab Protein-66 mg/dL Glucose-97 mg/dL Total White cell Count-15 Polymorphs-2 Lymphocytes-13 RBC's Count-- 1-3 / hpf Chlorides-720 *Reports Of Third Lab Protein-48 mg/dL Glucose-56.
Avatar m tn On MRI I had increased signal in the posterior columns of my cervical and thoracic spinal cord. My CSF showed increased protein with a positive 14-3-3 protein. My doctor says it's the same as MS but with a different cause. What I'm trying to get at is that maybe you have a copper deficiency too? I forgot to mention that my B12 was almost non existant about 2 years ago but I had the injections and the level normalised and I only developed the neuro problems within the last 10 months.
Avatar n tn normal for IGG (synthesis rate and index), AND OLIGOCLONAL BANDS WERE NOT DETECTABLE, but protein level was 63 compared to normal level of 50. However, protein distribution was normal. LOWER BACK RESULT: showed minor tear (slight bulging) at L4 and L5. I will be doing MRI this Friday. MRI RESULT: Previous MRI scans used standard protocal and most recent one used standard protocal with the addition of Sagittal T2, axial FLAIR and double dose of Godolinium.
Avatar n tn In fact, my B12 level was low even in 1993, my doctor missed reading my test result. I also have minor thalasimia with HGB of 11.5 compared to normal 13. MOST RECENT NEUROLOGICAL COMPLAIN: Complaining of electric shock in my left leg. No change when I move my head or when I bend by neck. I asked for another LP, MRI of lower back and brain.
Avatar f tn I've had other things going related to a possible CSF leak but at this point we've decided that there might be two separate issues. In addition to the pain/weakness/stiffness, I vomit clear foam for no apparent reason. Sometimes accompanied by nausea other times not. I also have a problem of my lungs filling up with what can best be described as clear air-bubble filled gel sacs. When this happens it sounds like I'm breathing through a series of waterlogged filters.
Avatar m tn Hello Dear, Total protein levels in CSF are normally very low, and albumin makes up approximately twothirds of the total. High levels are seen in many conditions including bacterial and fungal meningitis, multiple sclerosis, tumors, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and traumatic tap. The high protein levels are also seen in in demyelinating polyneuropathies, or postinfectious states. Referhttp://www.surgeryencyclopedia.com/Ce-Fi/Cerebrospinal-Fluid-CSF-Analysis.
Avatar n tn My pituitary is a little enlarged on an MRI. She just had me go friday for an ATCH stimulation test. What does this low cortisol mean? Please help!
645800 tn?1466864555 today i picked up the results of my LP. But of course I have no idea of what the results mean. I am assuming that by SERUM they mean my blood. Specimen :SERUM Total Protein 7.3 Albumin 4.2 IGG 1235.00 ====================================================== Specimen: CSF OLIGOCLONAL/IgG INDEX CSF Not Preformed ====================================================== Specimen: CSF Appearance: Clear WBC 13.