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1713150 tn?1314470942 the amount of protein in your diet should not effect the protein level in your blood that much, unless you are taking extra protein like Body Builders use protein supplements. I don't have MS, but I don't think this sounds like an MS thing either. Some illness causes the body to make too much of certain proteins that can then show up in the blood.
Avatar n tn I went to the OB/GYN this week and they told me that I had a high level protein in my urine. I was told to do another test, which resulted in the same thing. They told me to make an appointment with a urologist. I am a very healthy person with no high blood pressure. Could it just mean that I am dehydrated? She told me I needed to drink more water. I am a little worried because everything on the web talks about kidney disease. What about maybe getting a second opinion?
Avatar f tn I had some blood work done and the only thing that was abnormal was that my protein level was high. I don't remember how high, I didn't really think much of it because my doctor told me not to. She couldn't think of anything involving it being high that would affect someone my age. I'm still tired though and having a hard time functioning. I can sleep for 12 hours and still need a nap by the time a few hours of being awake have passed. I'm not really sure where to go from here.
1756475 tn?1330542313 Which is high levels of protein in ur urine and it also cause high bp. They will do many cath samples of urine and if it gets to bad the will induce labor. but they monitor u because if ur bp becomes a problem they can give u meds in ur iv when u deliver to bring it down.
1756475 tn?1330542313 Has anyone else been told that their protein levels were high? My blood pressure was still fine but they are concerned that my proteins were higher then what is the normal. I'm trying not to stress out over it because that makes your blood pressure go up but it's not helping out too much at the moment. I've actually been told most of my life that my protein levels were higher, any ideas how to reduce them too?
751830 tn?1233543576 chronic inflammation or infection (in some cases HIV and hepatitis) and some diseases of the bone marrow. But you can't generalize. Sit down and talk with your doc.
Avatar f tn The higher-protein group showed better health across the board. People in that group had greater decreases in blood pressure, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. What’s more, their estimated 10-year risk of heart disease decreased compared to those on the lower protein track. Had these subjects been allowed to lose weight, the results may have been even more dramatic. About 30 percent of your calories should come from protein.
Avatar f tn High blood pressure is th main culprit. kidneysOrbit could be you have an infection and your kidneys aren't filtering properly.
1837090 tn?1328043721 I've never experienced anything like this in any of my other children or even my m/c has anyone experianced very high urine protein levels and whiteouts and actually get a diagnosis? I am still pretty sick puking wise but nothing as bad as when I couldn't even keep down water at first .. Ok well now I'm rambling lol so any info or insight would be greatly appreciated im sort of freaking out as I don't even know what to expect.
Avatar f tn There are very many causes for high protein levels in a dog's urine, the most common being diet - though other causes can be more serious. I would start writing down everything you are feeding her, including all treats, and then pass this information on to your vet when you next see them.
Avatar f tn It depends how high...with my first my pressure and protein levels increased slowly from wk34 to wk38, by wk38 they induced me because my levels got too high for comfort...Baby was considered full term, So there was no reason to risk me going into full eclampsia.
Avatar n tn i have been diagnosed with high bp, high levels of proteins and creatinine levels in my urine ,i have lower back pain can you give me any idea what is my problem
Avatar m tn My Rheumatolgist did some blood and urine work and found high protein levels in my blood. She rechecked it immediately and those results were normal. She waited 3 months to check them again, and they were abnormal again. Now I am headed to a blood specialist, and have no idea what is going on! If anyone has some clue, I would appreciate it.
Avatar m tn Hi. Are the elevated blood and protein levels in your urine persistent? When was your last urinalysis done? Did the latest urinalysis result show any increase in blood and protein levels ? How severe are the proteinuria and hematuria ? Proteinuria and hematuria usually suggest kidney involvement. At this point, it is best that you be assessed along this line. For nephrotic syndrome, your total cholesterol levels and blood pressure should be evaluated.
Avatar n tn The blood test came back with no problems, but the Creatinine levels and Protein levels in the urine where too high. The GP told me that my kidneys are under stress, is this correct? My GP advised me to have a second 24 hour urine and blood test done in 5 months. Do you think that is to long to wait for a second test is quite worried? Which levels of Creatinine and Protein in the urine is too high?
Avatar n tn 3 is higher than the range, this small hike is clinically acceptable and usually does not indicate a disease. Higher total protein levels are seen in chronic inflammation or infection, HIV, hepatitis B or C, multiple myeloma and in Waldenstrom's disease. Please discuss this with your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar m tn I wouldn't worry about this lab value too much, especially with a normal platelet count. High protein levels can be normal and nothing to worry about. Seeing an elevated protein alone doesn't bother me, as a physician. What I look at is the difference between the protein and the albumin level. If the difference is greater than 4, then there are extra proteins floating around from somewhere.
4047346 tn?1360899819 So my midwife seemed a bit worried, my blood pressure was higher than normal and i had protein on my pee stick thing, she took blood ryte then n there to check my uric levels etc why?and wants to come visit me in two days to check my blood pressure, she also booked me in for a scan to check, why would she be checking my uric levels for? Im 39+2.
Avatar f tn Have high levels of blood and protein in urine. Glucose levels and blood pressure are fine. I'm about 41 female About a 10 days ago I was surprised when I went to the restroom and noticed I had red bloody urine. At that time I had no pain only the urge to go to the restroom more so but no other symptoms.
Avatar m tn I got my levels, my calcium was 11 and my protein (in my blood) was 8.7...........is this bad? Or are these just slightly high? All i keep seeing on the internet is stuff about cancer and HIV....could I just have high calcium and protein levels? Im under tons of stress, have had 10 kidney stones about 2 1/2 months ago, but never passed them, so idk if i even passed them.
1444968 tn?1284425649 1) What can cause your protien to be extremely high with blood draws. 2) What can cause your cholesterol level to be very very low? Just a little history of me. I am 29yrs old and will be 30 on Sept 23,2010 and for the last year in September I went to the doctor with severe pain just under my breast of my left side. They have ran many test and still cant really find a source to my pain. During this time with blood work they found that I was diabetic and my cholesterol is very low.
Avatar f tn I have had high levels of protein in my urine my entire pregnancy. Im 34weeks now. I had preeclampsia with my first pregnancy but so far my bp is fine with this pregnancy. Not sure why i have protein in my urine either.