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Avatar f tn There are many reasons you could have protein in your urine. It's a problem if it's there in high amounts several times. If you have sex before your sample (even the night before) it can cause protein to show in your urine.
432737 tn?1358553032 A few weeks ago, my doctor pointed out that I've been having high blood pressure readings in the 140's over 80's, but I have not had any protein in my urine or other signs leading to pre-eclempsia (other than occasional foot swelling). On Feb. 18, my doctor put me on a week of bedrest and a medication called Methyldopa. When she checked me a week later, Feb.
919335 tn?1309122262 I am surprised that your doctor would not have you on medication with those high blood pressure numbers. Your blood pressure can change with pregnancies and the doctors will continue to monitor each time you visit the office. If they notice that you are also spilling protein in your urine, they may put you on bed rest or take other measures to help prevent toxemia (pre-eclampsia) from developing, which can be dangerous to both the mother and baby.
Avatar m tn Hello.. I am a 28 year old woman with protein and blood in my urine. One year ago I gave birth to my son. During during my pregnancy their were obvious signs of protein in urine but the doctors didn't not look any further. My son was delivery one month earlier due to placenta abruption. Right after I gave birth I had preclamsia and an absses in my C-section. When I went for my 6 month check up I was referred to a urologist. e did kub, renal ultra sound, urine culture and cytology, cystoscopy.
Avatar f tn I have also had persistent bad headaches some dizziness shortness of breath and fatigue. but no high blood pressure so am I preeclamptic or not? Would it be mild or severe? What is the treatment for this while pregnant? Ik the only cure is delivery.any ladies with experience please reply.thanks!
Avatar f tn I have had high levels of protein in my urine my entire pregnancy. Im 34weeks now. I had preeclampsia with my first pregnancy but so far my bp is fine with this pregnancy. Not sure why i have protein in my urine either.
Avatar f tn they've said that but I've only had a high blood pressure twice& just went today&is fine. my dad has high blood pressure but sometimes when he's tested is not high.
1305271 tn?1320988348 Sometimes, when your body is under some type of stress, they can malfunction and let things like protein and glucose sneak through (which they should not). Protein in the urine is something they monitor in pregnancy esp if there is high blood pressure because it can indicate pre-eclampsia (along with high BP) or some type of stress on the body.
5889951 tn?1380319647 Later in your pregnancy, it can also be a sign of preeclampsia if it's accompanied by high blood pressure. If you have protein in your urine but your blood pressure is normal, your sample will be sent to the lab for a culture to see whether you have a UTI.
9455625 tn?1412824362 Have protein(ketones) in your urine means you aren't eating enough, so your body is using up fat reserves as a source of energy, therefore meaning your body is in starvation mode
4503521 tn?1400862486 Having small amounts of protein in your urine is common in pregnancy. It can happen for a number of reasons. It probably just means that your kidneys are working harder now that you're pregnant. It could also mean that your body is fighting a minor infection. Your midwife may send a sample of your urine to the hospital to check if you have a urinary tract infection (UTI). If you have a UTI, your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic that is safe to take in pregnancy.
Avatar f tn So im 30 wks and i went to dr today and they found protein and white blood cells in my urine... My blood pressure was good but still worried about pre eclampsia. I feel like i had it undiagnosed with my first and have been worrying about getting it this time. Then with protein in my urine im getting even more worried. Any insite?
Avatar f tn They are watching you closely to make sure that things stay good. But it is very common to find protein in your urine especially later in pregnancy. Most likely it was a small amount and everything is fine. Your doctor will call if there is a problem, and in my experience the call comes very fast. (For instance, when I failed one of my tests the doctor called me the very next morning.) Also, PE can come out of no-where and without warning, but usually there are warning signs first.
9947022 tn?1407990795 Hmm usually protein in the urine and swelling is a sign of pre eclampsia. If she's not concerned to the point where she's forgot to bring it up I'd say its nothing drastic but maybe call her and ask?
419126 tn?1242415770 Your doctor should do some blood work, to check for common abnormalities that often present with pre-eclampsia, or pregnancy induced hypertension. Protein in the urine does not diagnose this syndrome. Headaches that aren't relieved by Tylenol? Blurred vision? Pain in your upper right ribcage? Those are other symptoms. Swelling of the feet is common in virtually every pregnant woman. Swelling in the hands and face is more concerning. Hopefully, its nothing.
178698 tn?1228777938 I have had protein in my urine since I was in my early 20s. It's never been at a high enough level for the MDs to get overly concerned. I've had testing on my kidneys and everything, and they can't find anything wrong. As far as pregnancy goes, I've also had it in my urine during this pregnancy, but not at a high level. I have had to do 24-hour urine collections a couple of times so he could check kidney function but, other than that, no big deal.
Avatar f tn Last time I went to midwife 9th jan I had protein in urine sample they sent it of and I had a uti.
Avatar n tn swelling high BP protein in urine change in reflexes Just having one of these sym. does not mean you have pre-ec... So I would think that was the DRs concern if you had these other sym. later, but sounds like you only had one, so I'd assume they'll just watch for these other sym. during your pg. I was into 30 something wks when I had all 3 sym. except the chg in reflexes.
4047346 tn?1360899819 She's probably checking everything as a precaution cuz higher blood pressure and protein in your urine is a sign of preeclampsia. She is gona keep a close eye on you even though you are 39+2 as a precaution due to that.
Avatar f tn You may also need 24 hours urine test, random protein to creatinine ratio to check the kidney status and a serum and urine protein electrophoresis test to determine which proteins are being excreted and in what quantities. Sometimes, some proteins will appear in the urine if the levels of protein in blood become high, even when the kidney is functioning properly. I suggest you to discuss these investigations with your urologist and get them done. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn Gestational diabetes is high levels of sugar (glucose) in urine. Protein in urine would be associated with high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia.
Avatar f tn I had low blood pressure with my first and before we could leave the hospital it became very high and stayed that way for 6 months and then went back to normal, then with my second it got high around 6 months and I started getting trace amounts of protein in my urine so they put me on a blood pressure medicine and we made it to 39 weeks for our scheduled c-section without pre-eclampsia.
Avatar f tn Happened to me im 38w+2d and they said my blood pressure was high sent me to the hospital and it was normal. They also said I had protein in my urine made me pee in a cup for 24 hours .
8170594 tn?1398747087 Some women have protein in there urine just because there body produces more. I had protein in my urine the whole time I was pregnant with my first and I never had high blood pressure.
Avatar f tn I want to name my baby girl that, it's such a beautiful name. I had protein in my urine and high blood pressure for 5 months of my pregnancy with my DS. It kept going up so they put me on bedrest my last 2 months. It was scary, you feel fine but the DR's are very worried about you. It's a serious conditon and can be life threating to the mom. That's why the took baby Madison out early! Take Care!!!
Avatar f tn If I was to get blurred vision, pains in chest, protein in my urine, pain around top of my bump or swelling then I would have delevoped pre aclampsia which is highly dangerous and I'd be admitted to hospital and could possibly have to have her delivered now. You just have to be careful and aware of the signs. Im guessing you will be monitored closely.