Too much protein in urine during pregnancy

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178698 tn?1228777938 I've had testing on my kidneys and everything, and they can't find anything wrong. As far as pregnancy goes, I've also had it in my urine during this pregnancy, but not at a high level. I have had to do 24-hour urine collections a couple of times so he could check kidney function but, other than that, no big deal. I'm sure he'll keep an eye on it to be safe, but if your MD isn't concerned, I wouldn't be either. Protein in your urine can mean a couple of things...
Avatar f tn It can mean high blood pressure, but often in early pregnancy it could be related to either being dehydrated or not eating. I was spilling a ton of protein in my urine during my time in and out of the hospital with my oldest as I wasn't holding anything down, even water made me vomit instantly.
Avatar m tn One year ago I gave birth to my son. During during my pregnancy their were obvious signs of protein in urine but the doctors didn't not look any further. My son was delivery one month earlier due to placenta abruption. Right after I gave birth I had preclamsia and an absses in my C-section. When I went for my 6 month check up I was referred to a urologist. e did kub, renal ultra sound, urine culture and cytology, cystoscopy. Everything was normal.
280369 tn?1316705641 The ice thing she said is my body is lacking in some area, whether it's iron or whatever and I have been slacking on my prenatals this month, so I'm back to taking those. Any thoughts on what would cause the protein in the urine this late in pregnancy? I'm kind of baffled. Never had this problem in my other pregnancies.
1094587 tn?1376003310 ACR stands for Albumin Creatine Ratio, Albumin is the Protein found in the urine. I also have swelling of my eyes something in the AM too. The filters of your kidneys shouldnt let protein through, as the protein molecules are too big to fit through the holes! they act like a sive. If the filters are damaged by some disease they allow protein through that is needed in you blood, it can get worse over time and the underlying issue needs addressing. IS you urine foamy?
Avatar n tn Hi - Quick question. Obviously the need to urinate during pregnancy is increased but is it normal for the urine to be very cloudy (to the point where I cannot see through it)? I'm 10 weeks along and was wondering if this may mean that I'm getting too much of something or not enough of something in my diet (i.e. protein???). Any ideas as to what this could be or if I should even worry about it?
Avatar n tn I don't have high blood pressure normally, not even in my last pregnancy. A little high is normal in every pregnant woman. It was extremely high though when I was in labor, from the GBS. I am worried about it. Thank you for everything. You're right, I should tell my OB/GYN. There are so many smart, caring people in here & I'm thankful for everyone. All this means so much to me. Thank you.
Avatar f tn In the MSK kidney the collecting ducts have very small cysts that do not allow the urine in our kidneys to drain properly. Protein esp in the form of meat is hard for you kidneys to digest as well. Many of us, me included try to limit our meat intake to no more the 6oz a day. Drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day and night is essential too.
670260 tn?1231564440 Women with severe or uncontrolled hyperthyroidism have an increase risk of infection, iron deficiency (anemia), and high blood pressure accompanied by too much protein in the urine (a potentially dangerous condition called pre-eclampsia). If a woman has severe hyperthyroidism, her baby has a chance of having hyperthyroidism as well. There is a risk to the outcome of the pregnancy, having a small baby or a premature birth.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies are any of you having low iron during your pregnancy? My doctor told me I have low iron and I know how important it is not only for myself but for my baby also. Do you guys know of any kind of foods that are rich in iron?
Avatar f tn It CAN be extremely dangerous for UTI'S to keep reoccurring due to the fact that your body with start releasing protein in you urine you will notice swelling and high blood pressure ( preeclampsia) This is exactly what happen to me and yes everyone is different but I would definatly consider talking with your doctor if they dont go away and doing the shots and get rid of the uti as soon as possible and try to manage it till baby is born.
489656 tn?1250003583 Pre eclampsia is more linked to high blood pressure and protein spilling in to the urine. I don't think the GD puts you at risk for that. However, for what it's worth...I had preeclampsia with my last pregnancy. I think it showed up at about 7 1/2 months...i was put on "at home" bed rest and the worst effect I had from it was that I got very swollen in my hands and feet. The did have to incude me at 38 weeks because of it, but everything turned out fine.
433680 tn?1220549541 Protein in the urine is a marker for pre-eclampsia. Your physician should have told you this and also the other markers to look out for. Blurred vision, headache, elevated blood pressure, swelling in your hands and face....
Avatar f tn My doc's office is in a very ghetto area and attend very low income women, so I'm sure they dont have the best of the best in there to do these kind of exams. Everytime I do the urine test there, they give me a cup, I pee and then they ask me to put it on a sink along other pee exams from other women and then go sit down. I was thinking, maybe one of these girls dumped her urine into my cup and put somene else's urine in her, as to make it look that she was clean?
Avatar n tn Cathy was your message indicating you were overweight? Regardless, there is always a certain amount of blood present in any urine specimen. Unless it was a significant amount, and surely your Doctor would have notified you if that was the case, then minor blood stains from urine samples are nothing to worry about. If you have had an Ultra-Sound on your Kidney's and showed ' no problem's' then your protein dectection again may very well be a minor finding.
766680 tn?1257913240 I have read that it can be normal to have small amounts of protein in your urine. In addition, it is possible to have pregnancy-induced hypertension and swelling without actually having preeclampsia. What has your blood pressure been? And how does it compare to your pre-pregnancy blood pressure?
Avatar n tn If you're not going to use FMU then try to hold in your urine for 4 hours and don't drink anything during that time to dilute the urine. Good luck on the BFP!
Avatar n tn And well, I plan to keep it off, it's all about keeping an eye on the scale, DrS said you should never go over 2 lbs, if you do take action, so anyone that has gaines back any of their weight obviously doesn't know how to follow instructions, or obviously did something wrong, like adding too much in too quick. So our opinions my differ about if hcg helps or not and your may never change but you can keep checking in with me, cuz I'm not gonna put it back on.
766680 tn?1257913240 I had a 24 hour urine collection to see how much protein was in the urine, (anything over 300 is too high) bloodwork with a full panel and liver workup, and hooked to fetal monitors for almost four hours to make sure the babies heart rates were ok with my blood pressure fluctuating. Everything came back ok for me, but this was precautionary in my case and may be repeated later if my symptoms do not go away.
Avatar f tn I don't have the constipation but check on the left side pelvic and back pain intermittently throughout the cycle, that gets much stronger during the flow. Add to this spotting between periods and very short 20 day cycle. The doc didn't seem too concerned about the watery discharge which is new for me as well. (Over the past year or so.) My GYN says hysterectomy is warranted because I am so anemic so I'm working to build my iron with supplementation to just get this over with.
432737 tn?1358553032 (I gained 6 lbs. in a week from water alone!) I too have never had protein in my urine and this was the first time my blood pressure was high. They ran some blood work for pre-eclampsia which came back negative. I was put on bedrest as well to combat the high BP and swelling. A few days later when I went back to the doctor my BP was fine, but my swelling was still out of control. Again, no protein in my urine. I am being induced tomorrow because of the swelling. But, point is...
Avatar m tn URO 1.0; normal range is .2; PRO 30 mg/dL; BIL: Small; BLO: Small). The observation part stated "some mucus threads." Test was repeated today. If bad again, then I have to go to a urologist. Could this be a sign of an STD? No visible signs of gonorrhea (e.g., fluids or uncomfortable burning sensation, other than sensitivity in my genital area since it's always on my mind...) Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.
1666034 tn?1316914853 in my first pregnancy i worked untill 29 weeks then got put in hospital.
414083 tn?1202685395 The only complication was that my blood pressure was higher than normal and at around 32 weeks my creatinine levels were high and I was loosing protein in my urine. I was induced at 36wks. My baby is perfectly healthy and a month later my kidney function was back to normal. My advice is make sure your doctors are communicating with each other and keep a close eye on the pregnancy and your kidney.
Avatar n tn Thanks!
Avatar f tn What are your opinions on being overweight and pregnant? Do you have a higher risk for miscarriage if you're overweight/obese? Do you have any stories about overweight women who have had sucessful pregnancies?
Avatar n tn My name is Nikki and I am currently in the middle of my third IVF cycle in Australia (probably last time too as IVF in Australian is also expensive)...which from reading some of your comments is very different from over there. However our human response to wanting to know if we are pregnant before the blood test, is the same along with the feelings of desperation and depression when it doesn't work out.
Avatar n tn I also have a BC uterus, I had spotting and bleeding a few times during my pregnancy and every week I had to go for my US (exept I had two clots in my uterus around MY BABY and the placenta area and later my cervix started to open). Every week my perinatal specialist confirmed that my BABY was PERFECT, very strong and active with a normal heartbeat. As I mentioned before, my bledings weren't so heavy as yours, exept for the last one which I had the night before my miscarriage.
Avatar n tn I am so happy to read a positive outcome with your pregnancy!! You are giving me hope in my time of need! Thank you so much. There is nothing more amazing then life its self. I will not abort this baby!!