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Avatar f tn But research also indicates that eating more protein can help you towards this goal. You need more protein during a weight-loss program, both to lose fat and to preserve your muscle. Researchers put a group of subjects with high blood pressure and less-than-ideal cholesterol, and tested the impact of adding more protein to their diets. No one was allowed to gain or lose weight during the test, so any changes couldn’t be chalked up to the benefits of dropping a few pounds.
Avatar n tn Usually low blood sugar happens when a person is on insulin or an oral hypoglycemic medicine (a medication that lowers blood sugars). People will say that their blood sugar is low if they have not eaten in a while or that their blood sugar has dropped if they have eaten a very sugary food and their blood sugar had been up a little bit.
Avatar n tn In December of 2008 after complaining of tireness and lack of engery I was diangois with an unactive thyroid. With testing done in March of 2009 also low prtein levels and low vitamin D levels even with taking a high dose of vitamind D weekly. Are these out of balance conditions related? Is there something else I should be tested for? I am still tired and they have increase the dosage twice now for thyroid.
Avatar n tn The results came back that I had low albumin and protein levels but no protein in my urine. The doctor thinks the cause of this is my diet which it definitely is not. I eat very healthy and a lot! I eat from all the main food groups and eat lots of protein. I am in the healthy weight range and have put on 15 kg so far during this pregnancy. I do not have high blood pressure. Is there anything else that could be causing this or could it even just be the fact that I am pregnant?
Avatar n tn My gynecologist said that I may be pre diabetic and needed to see an internist. What causes low blood sugar and can it be a sign that I'm pre diabetic? I eat protein and rarely eat sweets.
1416835 tn?1295814883 So I gather that the healthy protein level in one's blood is between 60-80 g/L. What would the symptoms be if one's levels were 58?
Avatar m tn To add something, i had the Total Protein/Albumin test 2,5 years ago and the levels were Total Protein 8.7 Albumin 5.2 Globulin 3.5 So Globulins are elevated by 0.3g/dL.
Avatar f tn Should I ask my parents to have blood tests, and if their protein c levels came back normal, would this then prove that the risk is low? Is there a probable relationship between my earlier miscarriage and partial molar pregnancies and this protein c issue? Thank you!
Avatar f tn Almost all levels were normal except for sodium, triglycerides, and VLDL; all of which were mildly low. Specifically, the levels were: Sodium: 133 mmol/L (normal range 134-145) Triglycerides: 45mg/dl (normal range 50-150) VLDL: 9 mg/dl (normal range 10-31) I am concerned mostly about my sodium level. I have read that low sodium level can be caused by a thyroid issue, but my TSH came back at 1.37ulU/ml (normal range 0.40-4.00).
Avatar n tn that cmae out of good research from the American Diabetes Association. Good in maintaining steady blood sugar and blood insulin levels for a longer period of time than other bars.
Avatar f tn Therefore, people prone to encephalopathy are advised to maintain a high intake of vegetable protein and a low intake of animal protein, or even better, to become vegetarians. This type of diet will help control mental symptoms in people suffering from some degree of chronic encephalopathy—that is, those who have some degree of mental confusion and/or memory loss all the time.
3211536 tn?1359389169 Advanced cirrhotics need high levels of protein intake to maintain their muscle mass. Usually over 100 – 150 grams per day depend on your size and weight. There are plenty of vegetable protein sources and chicken and fish is fine as long as it is cooked. Red meats cause hepatic encephalopathy because the meat is hard to digest and create lots of toxins like ammonia. So all red meat should be avoided. Cirrhotics should eat many small meals throughout the day.
Avatar m tn You could also ask your doctor about the option fror starting on insulin. Actual ideal blood sugar levels should be in the range of 80 - 120 all the time. Fasting should be < 100. You are only 50, young, and it is important to control your diabetes well to be sure you don't face complications down the line. Diet for diabetes should be low carb / high fat / moderate protein. This is the most recent recommendation. You can research this online easily.
Avatar f tn I had it rechecked this week, and now my calcium, albumin, and total protein are low. I know that low albumin can make a blood calcium level low, but my calcium has always been low in the past.. long before my albumin was low. After reading different information about low albumin levels, I am concerned about liver disease. My ALT and AST were both within normal limits and everything else on my lab work was also. Can the low calcium, albumin, and total protein be from nutrition?
Avatar n tn I do not believe they have checked my levels,so I guess I'm not certain whether mine are high or low or what, but I sure don't feel right. I did some searching last night for info about blood sugar levels and treatment but did not turn up anything pertinent. Who knows?! I keep telling myself that somehow it is a good thing and it must mean the tx is working :) lol I guess that is one way to make it through the days!
Avatar n tn Can someone please explain how this changes like this so quickly. My anxiety levels have been very bad and I when my thyroid levels are off this happens to. Please help me.
Avatar n tn During the day he would start feeling low at meal times. The rest of the time his BG levels were near perfect. It took him just a few camping trips before he had the epiphany that more physical activity meant less insulin and much better BG control.
86664 tn?1291561395 and you would have albumin or protein in the urine. Low albumin/ low protein may also be caused by protein malnutrition. Since you have diabetes, be aware that starchy foods promote water absorption. When you absorb glucose, you also absorb sodium.....and that can cause the leg swelling. And you're taking Alinia....I don't know whether it could be causing protein to be lost from the intestines. So for you, diet and keeping your blood sugar under control is going to be very important.
Avatar n tn She'll have to have something that contains fiber, such as vegetables and protein + some fat... The vegetables and protein will fill her up and help stabilize blood glucose levels, the fat will help keep her feeling full... Very little fruit is recommended, because of the sugar content...
Avatar n tn Well, because when your body shoots a slug of insulin into your blood after you eat lots of protein, it drives your blood sugar low. People who drink high concentration whey protein shakes (that are low in sugar and carbs) they hit a wall, because the insulinogenic effect of the high protein promotes the injection of insulin, which then dramatically reduces the few grams of glucose you have circulating in your blood, and then you feel weak, cold, shivery, etc.
Avatar m tn A large meal can trigger the body to release more insulin, resulting in low blood sugar levels and fatigue. Eating smaller meals or healthy snacks throughout the day can help keep blood sugar levels steady. Stay hydrated. Dehydration is a common cause of fatigue - drink purified water or other healthy liquids throughout the day. Snack right. Choose healthy snacks that contain some protein, carbohydrates and beneficial fats.
Avatar m tn I was the same way with my last pregnancy. I have always had low blood pressure as you have. Even when not pregnant. I would especially get dizzy in the morning and feel like I was going to pass out. The thing that has really helped me with that is to eat low carb. When pregnant, you don't want to go below 100 grams carbs. If you have carbs, aim for complex ones that are high in fiber such as high fiber breads, pasta, fruits and vegetables.
Avatar m tn My blood count was normal, thyroid normal. Then he tested my testosterone and cortisol levels and it came out with 199 testosterone and 16 cortisol. The testosterone is obviously very low and I know it is causing all of my cognitive problems. It sounds crazy but the strange thing is that the two times this semester I have spent 72 hours or more away from my girlfriend, my confidence comes back, beard grows faster ect...She has an overactive sex drive and hormonal problems...
Avatar f tn Sorry, but I don't. Try to keep up your protein (eggs, meat, fish, peanut butter). I think it is just the nature of the beast. Wish I had a better answer.
4939681 tn?1361302899 Me, again! Sorry, I pose so many questions, but with so many symptoms it is impossible ( even with 2 hr appts) to cover everything during a dr visit. Update to cover previous posts: I have a neuro opthamologist appt tomorrow. Appt with vasculitis clinic is being set up (though, I don't propose anything will come of it). LLMD is calling me back regarding the addition of LDN to my daily pile of pills and for permission to step up doxy to at least 200 a day.
2157587 tn?1336732580 glycation is a reaction that is always an accident, and a liability of using sugar for fuel. Very simply, you minimize glycation damage by keeping blood sugar levels low. You can count on the fact that every sugary soda you ever drank has left a mark on you. Every time you pushed your blood sugar above 100 mg/dl, a little bit of extra aging took place.
Avatar n tn If you have diabetes, hypertension, or both, the first goal of treatment will be to control your blood glucose and blood pressure. Having a low salt and low protein diet may also help. Take care and keep us posted.