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Losing weight while pregnant obese

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Avatar f tn I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant with my first child. I am 5'3 & weigh 212 pre pregnancy weight.
1931709 tn?1335833095 I am 21w5d and have not gained any weight. I eat and take my prenatals every day, but still no gain. My doc said the baby is growing and she is measuring right on for how far along I am. I was considered obese before I was pregnant (178lbs).... Do you think its bad that I haven't gained anything? This is my 4th pregnancy, and I gained with all the first 3.
Avatar f tn I'm 6ft and my current weight at 37 weeks is 414...anyone else consider obese while pregnant? If so are you having any complications?
Avatar f tn Thank you for the reply, I've not actually had any morning sickness. But I can't wait to feel my bubba :3 Hopefully i will lose a little weight. If not will strata going swimming once bubba is here.
Avatar f tn I was 268 beforw i got pregnant im 35 weeks now and weight 281 ive had a very healthy pregnancy no complications no gestational diabetes no high bp everything has went very smoothly everyone is different but dont worry yourself :)
Avatar m tn I would say that it may be harder for her to become pregnant being obese and losing a little weight may increase her odds of conceiving. This is going to need to be a lifestyle change and not just temporary. You should also do the healthy eating with her (even if you are not obese yourself) that way it encourages her to eat that way and also lets her know your behind her 100%. It also, like I said before, needs to be a lifestyle change so that is why you should probably do it as well.
Avatar f tn Prior to pregnancy, I have been trying to lose weight to no avail. Now that I am pregnant, I seem to be losing 1-3 pounds a week! I am not exercising as much as I tire way easier than before, I am drinking the same amount of water as before, and I think I am eating the same amount of food (I don't want to eat more as I can only gain 10-15 pounds during the entire pregnancy), so how is this possible? Please help.
Avatar f tn Is there possible to eat healthy and loose weight while pregnant?? Have you guys figured out any tricks?? Or even just maintaining weight?? I just want to stay healthy but being pregant makes it impossible to maintain or loose weight!!!
Avatar f tn I know several plus size pregnant women who lost significant weight during their pregnancies. As long as your baby is fine and your doctor isn't concerned, I would try not to worry about it too much. The most important thing is to try to get nutritious foods down and fluids down whenever possible.
Avatar n tn I lost weight with all my pregnancies and I'm 228lb and I'm 27w1d and I haven't gained any weight yet. This is my 5th baby. But I recommend not trying to lose weight but try not to gain too much weight.
Avatar f tn I've lost loads of weight since I became pregnant. I am not purposely losing weight (if you're wondering) I have been trying to gain weight but im just not gaining. My pre-pregnant weight was 243 and now I am at 213...My stomach isn't losing weight its growing with the baby, but I'm losing weight ever where else. Is this normal or even safe. I don't go to the dr until Jan 28 because medicaid finally came through and all. I am really worried about the baby.
Avatar f tn This article is from a well known hospital and they state that losing weight when obese does indeed reverse some of the cardiovascular issues someone may have due to obesity. earlier is better 9as in the younger you are) or the sooner the better. Yes, some damage could remain but this gives someone the best chance.
Avatar f tn I'm overweight and second pregnancy I reallyhhaven't had any problem so but I'm only 18 weeks...but I'm losing weight and not really gaining it my ob said that sometimes it happens that way..but the baby is fine and heartbeat is on point...
Avatar n tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that purposefully losing weight while you are pregnant is not recommended. That is not to say however, that you must gain. In fact, for overweight to obese patients, gaining as little as 10lb for the entire pregnancy is an excellent goal. Similarly, we don't recommend suddenly beginning a new intense exercise program.
Avatar f tn I weigh 244 and have not gained any weight. I'm 14+3. I too am considered 'morbidly obese' however my doc said to not even consider losing weight on purpose while pregnant. I am blessed with a Dr that doesn't give me grief abt being a big girl.
Avatar f tn Hey all, I'm 30 weeks pregnant with our 4th child and have gained a total of 25 pounds and my doctor isn't happy she said 0 pounds would be ideal...that's impossible I'M PREGNANT! I'm what doctors like to call obese (hate that word) anywho I think I'm doing gteat thus far with the weight gain. What do you guy's think? Is 25 lbs too much?
29837 tn?1414534648 I saw the primary a week ago regarding this problem. His take, as well as mine, is the result of stopping the dreadful pain medication Oxycodone abruptly, which was prescribed for me after my spinal surgery. As my ideal weight is 185, I now am 173. However, that's one pound more than a week ago. What this means, is that I'm not losing anymore weight, but have gained one pound. This tell me it's a gradual recovery from the withdrawal I'm going through. I know losing 15 lbs.
Avatar n tn I doubt that any doctor would support a weight loss goal of 25 lbs. per month unless you would be morbidly obese. Most of the weight you would lose would be water weight anyway, and it would come back quickly. I recently consulted with a weight loss doctor who prescribed a sensible diet (moderately low carb) and the medication Adipex. That combination was magic for me. The diet resulted in rapid weight loss, and the prescribed medication made it easier for me to follow the diet.
443878 tn?1205103196 I gained 90 pounds when I was pregnant, got gestational diabetes, turned into type II diabetes after I gave birth. I have tried every diet imaginable, and have not been able to lose much weight at all. I lost a few pounds when I started metformin medication, but have now stabilized again.
Avatar f tn I'm obese. Not showing at 18 weeks. Losing weight. Lost 23 lbs. Dr doesn't want me to lose or gain. Diet has not changed. Don't know what to do myself. Would love to look pregnant because I certainly feel pregnant.
1742850 tn?1330609285 Hi well Im obese and trying to get pregnant but havent had any periods since coming off the implant last year im currently on a diet to lose weight and have lost 11 pounds ive been going to the same gp for a while but everytime i go for help about my periods she just dismisses it and makes it about my weight i know there is stuff that can help bring your periods back but she just ignores me should i go to another doctor who is maybe a bit more understanding plz help
1484618 tn?1290000665 It is possible to get pregnant with PCOS and being obese.. I am considered severely obese and I am pregnant with baby number 4 but after 5 years......