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Avatar n tn For the past 2 years i have had terrible problems with digestion. I have pain off and on in my stomach and intestines. I have thin stools and i digest my food in 6 to 8 hours. i've tried yogurt but it really doesn't seem to help a lot. i've been doing some research on my own and thought it might be celiac disease but i'm obese and haven't lost any weight in the past 2 years. in fact i've gained about 15 pounds. as a matter of fact i can't seem to lose weight.
2099190 tn?1333443526 t know what to do now since I really want to lose weight. Am I obese? What should my exercise be? What are the foods I should eat more often? Thank you in advance! God bless you!
Avatar n tn Hi - I am a 40 y.o female, obese (but losing weight now - slowly). I take medications - neurontin, paxil, synthroid, climara (estrogen patch), provera, and at nite, ambien and klonopin. Most of the meds I have taken for a number of years. I have been obese for about 4 years. My chol. is now 215, down from 258.
Avatar n tn o female, obese (but losing weight now - slowly). I take medications - neurontin, paxil, synthroid, climara (estrogen patch), provera, and at nite, ambien and klonopin. Most of the meds I have taken for a number of years. I have been obese for about 4 years. My chol. is now 215, down from 258. About a month ago, I developed 'skipping' heart beats - I could feel them when I took a carotid pulse - heart rate not fast, just skipped beats which I could feel in my chest.
Avatar f tn is diets using shot os hcg safe for breast cancer survivor, im looking into transformations medical weight loss clinic, and also Medi fast, im obese so that isnt safe, and ive tried everything , i have yo yo so many times that now this fat seems to be cement, are these injections safe for me, ive been cancer free for 8 years
Avatar n tn You could have an over active thyroid causing you to lose that much weight so fast. Some of the symptoms you describe could be attributed to thyroid issues. And just because your blood tests came back "normal", doesn't mean the levels are actually normal for YOU. You might also want to ask your doctor to run other hormone tests to make sure your estrogen and other hormone levels are where they should be.
Avatar n tn I doubt that any doctor would support a weight loss goal of 25 lbs. per month unless you would be morbidly obese. Most of the weight you would lose would be water weight anyway, and it would come back quickly. I recently consulted with a weight loss doctor who prescribed a sensible diet (moderately low carb) and the medication Adipex. That combination was magic for me. The diet resulted in rapid weight loss, and the prescribed medication made it easier for me to follow the diet.
7606649 tn?1392686521 Ive been losing weight for 8 weeks now. Im down 7.3kg and have 40kg to go ti be in normal weight for my height. The only thing im doing is not eating junk and sugar and walking everyday. I just found out im just over 5 weeks pregnant and wondering if its ok to continue to lose weight healthily?
Avatar f tn I was 260 and losing weight before I got pregnant but now that I'm prego I weigh 280 and I've had a healthy pregnancy so far and I only have 20 days to go
Avatar f tn how awesome that you lost that weight! Losing that weight HAS helped you, just depending on how you lost the weight and how fast, it might take your body a while to adjust your metabolism... But, to be completely safe, you really do want to have monthly check-ups with your doc to monitor your weight, blood pressure, fasting blood sugars, and urine protein, just to make sure that no other potential issues might be going on. Again, congrats on the weight loss!
Avatar f tn I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant with my first child. I am 5'3 & weigh 212 pre pregnancy weight.
Avatar f tn i need help losing weight ccan u help me? my bmi is 37.1 im 23 years old n i weight 190 i know im obese i want to lose weight so far all i eat is fruit veggies chicken n fish. n drink nothing but water..i try to not be tempted by juice. if i get to at least 150 ill be find! can u help me out?
Avatar f tn I'm 6ft and my current weight at 37 weeks is 414...anyone else consider obese while pregnant? If so are you having any complications?
5915949 tn?1396188227 It depends on what your BMI is, if you're in the obese category then losing weight is definitely good for youand the baby.
Avatar f tn when I first set this uup I chose a goal weight that still kept me obese... I want to set a new goal weight that gets me to simply overweight, without erasing my history and success in losing weight up until now....
Avatar f tn Hey all, I'm 30 weeks pregnant with our 4th child and have gained a total of 25 pounds and my doctor isn't happy she said 0 pounds would be ideal...that's impossible I'M PREGNANT! I'm what doctors like to call obese (hate that word) anywho I think I'm doing gteat thus far with the weight gain. What do you guy's think? Is 25 lbs too much?
Avatar f tn i have been looking at weight loss programs as i am n the categorie classed as obese i have a bmi of 41.
Avatar n tn My target for losing weight is 58-52kg , in a month . How can i get more losing weight in the fast way ? I really do want to lose weight . Please do give me a benefit comment and some response . Thank you .
Avatar m tn I can also feel nodule underneath the skin (not sure if in fat of facia) and if these are pressed, the pain is tremendous, often radiating all over. I also have difficulty losing weight - I know every obese person says this, and I don't say I can't lose weight at all, but I do it much more slowly than others, whether the diet is Weight Watchers assorted type of Atkins low carb and no matter how much I exercise. Is it normal for fatty tissue to be painful?
Avatar f tn This article is from a well known hospital and they state that losing weight when obese does indeed reverse some of the cardiovascular issues someone may have due to obesity. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/losing_weight_sooner_rather_than_later_gives_the_best_chance_of_reversing_heart_damage_from_obesity_according_to_study earlier is better 9as in the younger you are) or the sooner the better. Yes, some damage could remain but this gives someone the best chance.
Avatar f tn Before i was pregnant i could lose weight extremely fast, but now im worried if weight loss well be an issue after baby is here. How did you guys lose weight ?
Avatar f tn Thanks ladies for sharing. Its a scary process, i just pray every day that the baby is okay.