Losing weight in phase 3 of hcg

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Avatar f tn I suggested that we are both in the adjustment phase and would get used to the limited amount of food, and that maybe she needed to take a little bit more of the hcg. Neither of us is losing weight and are very strict with the diet. Whe have done the plateau breakers. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn According to Dr. Simmeons and Kevin Trudeau you will lose a pound a week with the injections and diet for the 30 day period of phase too. In Trudeau's book there is phase 1 where he guarantees you will lose anywhere from 5-30 pounds if you do all that he asks. I am starting phase 1 tomorrow and can't wait to see the results.
Avatar n tn lost 20 lbs in jan on hcg,put on 10lbs recently due to stress. Going to go on phase 1 for 2 days and then phase 2--i have heard that you only need to do the diet the second time around until you lose the weight you want exmp: 10lbs in 14 days then do the 3 day diet without the drops on then on to maintenence~where the first time around you had to do it a minimum of 23 days not matter what weight you wanted to lose is this correct?
1560848 tn?1329487433 The average for women is about .5 pound per day. You lose more your first week then it drops off. 1 pound is normal, I always lose a few pounds on day 1, then it drops off. Also once you start getting closer to your goal weight your losses may also start to slow. I just started a new round, but on my last round I lost almost close to 10 pounds the first week!
Avatar n tn I am currently in phase 2 of the hcg diet. I am losing and loving it. My concern is maintenance...what type of foods, the only directions I have is no starch, no sugar....so when I am off of the hcg, I go on an atkins diet??
Avatar f tn Everything i read on HCG phase 2 says i must do it for 3 weeks BUT what if i have met my goal weight after only 2 weeks? Can i go ahead and move to phase 3?
Avatar f tn In phase 2 of hcg diet, I am confused. Do you start day 3 with the VLCD and go until day 40 or day 45 on the 500 calories. Also, are you allowed to eat as much vegetable (the 1 vegetable at each meal)? or do you have to measure out your vegetable and then find out what that calorie count is so that you do not go over your 500 calories? Are you allowed to cook with extra virgin coconut oil with your vegetables, and if so, can you saute onion and garlic with the 1 vegetable.
424991 tn?1203444514 s book. In the second phase of this protocol you do inject yourself daily with hcg (a hormone pregnant women produce). I just started phase 1 of this protocol today which is supposed to let you lose 5-30 pounds and in the second phase you will lose a pound a day. I'm gettin my hcg through ghi medical. They do everything via fax because you won't likely find a doctor that will prescribe it to you. It's great and I'm very excited.
Avatar f tn Hello fellow ladies & gents :) My goal is to lose 20 pounds. I am on my Day 6 on Phase 2. I have only lost maybe a pound or a pound and a half. I believe because I ended up loading longer as planned since I misunderstood the Phase 1, I didn't know I was supposed to start the drops on first day of Phase 1 so I ended up Loading/Gorging/Phase 1 for about 5 days total w/ 2 days of them was done the correct way (did drops on time). I gained about 9 pounds!!!
2215568 tn?1339764975 Kevin Trudeau's hCG Diet Protocol Trudeau's hCG Diet is founded on the Dr. Simeons protocol but changed according to up to date health expansion resulting in a slightly distinct, four stage diet plan.
Avatar f tn Its good you've set a goal and are looking to find out how to achieve it! However losing 15 pounds in a month is unrealistic and unhealthy. Did you know it takes about a year for your body to adjust to losing 10 pounds? It's important to remember weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you shouldn't look at it as weight loss but a way to become healthier!
Avatar m tn Does anyone know of a doctor in the Cincinnati Ohio area you can use your own bloodwork and get a prescription filled.? This is for my daughter. I used GHI medical from Clearwater, Fla and they are great but a little expensive to get started with. It costs over $400.
Avatar f tn The hCG diet protocol is a safe, quick, and relatively easy way of losing weight. There are few side effects. It involves daily shots of hcg plus a very low calorie diet. Google hcg naturopath wallingford - you can find a good naturopath who does phone consults for the hcg program.
789879 tn?1321327162 Can she still stop the injections in two days, and proceed to phase 3 three days after that, or must she finish out her cycle before she can end phase 2? Could these changes mess with her last injection weight if she stops phase 2 in the middle of her mensus?
Avatar n tn Simeons protocol and i did follow it accept i had heard many people were waiting three weeks and not six So i didnt do phase four, i just went back to the injections and lost more weight. I just dont know what to do since i screwed up phase three. I have been religious up until phase three and i forgot my scale and screwed up and ate carbs. What can i do now to fix that, am i just destined to gain it back?
1557645 tn?1294615057 I am currently on Round 2 Phase 3 and should be ready to start Round 3 in March. I hope to be under 200 lbs by the end of march as I am currently at 224 lbs. My wife was at 180 and is currently at 135 lbs. She will do a short Round with me in March and her goal is 125 lbs. I do not take water pills because I drink about a gallon of water a day. I do live in the restroom...
930138 tn?1244345904 HCG. It is not a supplement, per se. It is a hormone that you inject for six days a week and then eat a very low calorie diet at the same time. It works to reset your hypothalmus to metabolize your fat instead of storing it all the time.
Avatar f tn I started the HCG diet 8 days ago, and am on my 6th day of the 500 low calorie diet. I am frustrated because I don't seem to be losing weight as fast as other people in their first couple of weeks. Any suggestions on what to do? I also would really appreciate anyone who would love to serve as my support system. Please Help!!!!
Avatar f tn ( I need to lose 3 in 3 weeks to get started and then get on a maintenance phase and not regain those 3 kilos before losing the remaining 2s in September ... Long road ahead ... Have to give up deserts and bread and cheese :(((( Guys I really need the support to make it though the next 3 weeks !
Avatar f tn If you complete Phase 2 and begin Phase 3 you must stay on Phase 3 as per the protocol and after those weeks are over and you have stabled you must then start Phase 4. Failure to complete each Phase and jump back to Phase 2 can cause your body to become immune to the HCG and even begin to gain. I waited 6 weeks after Phase 4 to start Round 2. Then I waited 8 weeks to start Round 3 after R2P4, then 10 weeks after R3P4 and now 12 weeks before I start R4.
Avatar n tn im doing the injections but not intramusclarly, just in my leg. Injecting in the muscle sounds scary. i feel great. but my weight slowed alot this week only losing 2 pounds because of my menstrual cycle. I didnt read until after i started to start the program after your menstrual cycle.
Avatar n tn Is that the same as Synthroid? That's what I take for Hypothroid. I just had a blood test and it came back with my T4 count elevated. I've been losing a lot of weight. Have you lost weight or gained? I don't know about the HCG but I will do research and see what I can find.
Avatar n tn Could someone please clarify the MINIMUM lenght of the HCG diet. There seems to be a difference between Simeons and Trudeau. I planned on doing 23 injections which would mean that this Friday a.m. is my last shot on Phase 2 and then I would continue the VLCD without hcg shots on Saturday and Sunday and then Monday I could start Phase 3. Is this correct? Or do I have to continue VLCD without shots on Monday too? Please advise and what have you done?
Avatar f tn Losing weight is ok as long as u eat and keep fluids down.I'm 23 weeks and only this week Iv gained weight.was same weight up till then.
Avatar n tn a lil disappointed but they said i might not loose it as fast since i only have like 30 lbs to loose. but im stickn with it. anybody know what kind of foods are acceptable in phase 3? anything you could tell me would help..
Avatar f tn I ended phase 2 of the hcg protocol two weeks ago. I had so-so results - lost 17 lbs in 6 weeks. I ordered more from a source in Colorado and found out that from the doctor that since I had switched injections from my thigh muscles to my stomach (due to bruising in my thighs) that the hcg may not have been as effective because the injection site was in fat rather than muscle. I'm anxious to start the next protocol - do I really have to wait 4-6 weeks to start again?