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Losing weight in older people

Common Questions and Answers about Losing weight in older people


Avatar f tn Nope. Not worth the risks and side effects that come along with it.
29837 tn?1414534648 This is the weight I weighed at 27 years old. For many years now, my weight has been 185. The now weight of 175 lbs. is a loss of 17 lbs. in less than 3 weeks after leaving the hospital. Funny thing is, my appetite is ravenous, my blood tests all came beck fine last week, as well as still cleared of Hep C. My energy level is normal I've heard somewhere that because muscle weighs, it has to be taken into consideration when weighing someone.
203342 tn?1328737207 Ok, guys, pacify me. I think I'm just getting paranoid and it's ok to tell me that! I just lost my dog last night and I was just thinking that Misha is only a year younger than Willow and I hope I don't lose her any time soon. Tonight as I was holding her and petting her, I rubbed her belly (yes, she's one of the few cats who let you rub her belly!) and she seems to have lost quite a bit of weight. I don't know in how long.
Avatar f tn m currently trying to get my cert 2 in community studies. The people in my class are people who gosip and complain a lot they seem to thing that other peoples lives are more interesting than there own. While I'm a very strong willed person and I can ignore there stupid comments and there negative attuide(example one person said that I need to just suck up my anxiety and get on with things lol) Ignoreing comments take my energy away from something els I could be doing.
Avatar f tn Mine is visible when lying down, with some people it sticks out more. When I lost weight, I noticed it more, so perhaps with the pregnancy, it didn't show as much. I also was worried when I discovered after losing the weight! take care and enjoy motherhood, Laura p.s. some people get stomach aches from taking Wellbutrin, it's a known side effect. Wellbutrin is an SNRI and I found I reacted badly to these with anxiousness and gut pain.
Avatar f tn Also, if you do in fact have thyroid issues you might reconsider your Type II diagnosis, because people with one autoimmune disorder tend to be, in fact LADA/Type 1.5 misdiagnosed as Type II.
Avatar f tn As my doc put it, the baby is acting like a parasite and taking everything it can from you. Make sure you're getting the nutrients that you not need. As for me, I was overweight to begin with so he said that he wouldn't be surprised if my final pregnancy weight was lower than my pre-pregnancy weight.
Avatar n tn Fighting through the sluggishness and fatigue of hypothyroidism is difficult, but adding daily exercised can be a great aid in losing weight. If you aren't currently exercising, start with an easy walk. Get plenty of rest. The National Sleep Foundation reports that people who sleep less than 6 hours each night have a higher body mass index than people who sleep 8 or more hours.
Avatar f tn Im going to be 27 weeks . My doctor said some people loose weight some stay the same some gain as long as babys developing its ok . Its an adjustment to your body.
Avatar f tn Hello there, It would be really dangerous to you to lose that much weight, ie 15 lbs in 2 weeks. A good amount of weight is about 2 lbs per week. The middle of August is about 4 weeks away. Even in 4 weeks, unless you go on what I would call a drastic diet or a starvation diet which would probably put your body in shock, you can't lose 15 lbs in a healthy way. Some people might think that if you drastically reduce your calorie intake, the weight will just fall off you. This is not true.
Avatar f tn Have you had your thyroid checked to make sure it isn't under active? I have hypothyroidism and losing weight is a real struggle for me. Best thing to do is watch portion sizes. I don't really believe in eliminating certain food groups from the diet (except junk and even that shouldn't be completely eliminated, because it makes us feel deprived). Most veggies are considered "free", so make sure you load on them.
1519805 tn?1291058650 As you mature, it will be more and more difficult to lose weight. However, large amounts of weight gain--with no change in diet or activity--usually hints at a medical condition. So make sure you rule those out first. First of all, there's nothing easy or quick about losing weight. I'm so frustrated with commercials and billboards that promise fast results. A fat camp means you'll lose weight while at camp, but then what happens when you get home?
Avatar f tn Hello, I wanted to know what kind of diet pill I can take for losing weight?
Avatar f tn I was recently told I have PCOS and diabeties my husband and I really want a baby but the doc wants me to get my weight down and my a1c lower I was wondering how other people out there have lowered their a1c and lost weight
Avatar f tn losing weight is really about counting calories in vs calories out. But I am the same height and weight and I think that I am at the perfect weight. I would like to lose maybe five more pounds but nothing too drastic because I am a woman that has curves.
Avatar m tn i posted here about prediabetes number in myself and did not believe when people say nondiabeteic dont go above 120, but now i prove to myself this true. i almost never go above 110 now even after pizza or spaghetti or other heavy meal. this after losing some weight doing more exercise and eating less carb for 4 months. my fasting in morning is now 80-90 range most times < 85.
1467664 tn?1288579313 m 5/5)and at one point was 81 pounds(yuck) I lookwd gross and felt worse.but in answer to losing weight the healthy way and not only am I a type 1 I also am a personal trainer.Timing meals ,excercise and insulin are important.Cutting out carb stotally is not a good idea because your body does need the enrgy especially when you are workinh out.Not sure what dose you are on but once you start a workout plan you will see your needs decrease .
Avatar f tn I think it is the Interferon and Riba. People lost weight on Tx before the PI's were ever in use. Personally, I lost 70 pounds but I was very happy about it. I needed to lose that weight. I continued to lose after Tx for a couple of months, but more slowly. But now I am no longer losing weight, even though I wish I was. LOL. I am sure he will regain his weight after he is off Tx.
Avatar f tn I'm 20 weeks. I'd lost 15lbs at one time. I've gained back 5 lbs but my baby's just fine. Kicking as I type.
Avatar n tn In the last few weeks she has lost weight to where you can feel her ribs most of the weight has been lost in her hips and stomach. She has never been a dog that ate very much, usually id fill her large bowl up maybe 3 times a week. She has slowed down eating her pedigree senior formula food and really only eats it when milk or table food is mixed in with it. Should this be taken as a sign that she no longer likes her food, she is also getting into the garbage more often.
Avatar n tn Its also normal to put on a little weight at this stage, If you want to look good then embrace this and keep up the sports, Focus on fitness not weight. if you do will find that weight to be the right shape and in the right places. If you try to hold on to your childhood figure you may end up looking very unhealthy despite being thin.
Avatar f tn Ooh yay, i get to go sign up for wic today, guess I'll know what to be expecting, I'm at 234 and started at 203. I don't think they really care about you as a person, everyone is just supposed to fit into a perfect mold, but whatever!!
5147790 tn?1364304489 t that hypothyroidism, insulin resistance or PCOS, all of which can cause weight gain and/or make losing next to impossible. Good luck and keep posting.