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Avatar f tn My aunt lives in Greenville SC. I was born in Sumter. My dad lives in Lexington and most of my family (on my dads side) live in Elloree. :) i def plan on moving back one day! <3 i live in MA and so does my mom and her side of my family.
Avatar f tn New in the area and wondering if anybody can recommend a pediatrician in Greenville sc. Thank u.
Avatar f tn i was needing to find a docter in the greenville sc area that gives the lipo bc injections with b12 and phentermine
Avatar n tn I'm looking for an ENT around NE Georgia....could travel to Greenville, SC, Asheville, NC or Atlanta....anybody have a good one? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I live in Greenville SC and am unemployed with no insurance!! I was diagnosed with Chiari malformation about 10 years ago, and need a doctor.
Avatar f tn PLease click this link[ http://www.scchildr enstheatre. org/register_ online.php ] to look over all of our registration information. There is also a registration form. You can print it and mail it in or drop it by, or fill it out for online registration. Thanks! Traysie Amick SCCT Principal Teaching Artist PO Box 9340 Greenville, SC 29604 www.scchildrensthea SCCT CLASS LISTINGS: http://www.scchildr enstheatre. org/class_ listing.
Avatar f tn Neuro wants to send us to Ped Neurosurgeon Dr. Christopher Troup in Greenville SC at the Southeastern Neuro something or other. Still will get 2nd opinion regardless.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know a thyroid doctor in SC that is not hung up on the TSH test as the "gold standard"? If my thyroid gets any lower I think I will die. My symptoms are off the chart along with my T4.
Avatar n tn She just went to order the medications and was told she needed to pay a total of $1500.00 in order to get them (her portion). She is a payroll clerk in Greenville, SC and just doesn’t make that kind of money. I don’t know if you have any programs that would be of a benefit to her, or know of any place that could. I would greatly appreciate any help or advice you could give me in this.
Avatar f tn In the 70s in south east Texas.
Avatar n tn I need to find out a office around Greenville S.C that does Ketamine Infusions. My Dr.'s office Pain Management has quit giving them as of last week. And as far as I know and my nurse knows they were the only one between Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC.
Avatar m tn t require a referral, who is easily accessible and willing to work with my unique schedule? My home is in Greenville SC, but I am willing to go anywhere in the US if I can find someone to work with me.
429779 tn?1207785920 I commend you and your family for taking care of your mother... it is not an easy job. This program in SC is designed to keep people living at home or with family as long as possible. I have worked at a lot of nursing homes here in SC and I really don't have much good to say about them.
Avatar f tn I live in the Greenville,SC,Area.. United States.
Avatar m tn She just saw a doctor in Atlanta GA where she was referred from her hometown of Greenville SC for a second opinion. They are wanting her to start dialysis twice a week instead of once and have added in some new medication to try and balance the kidneys instead of having one or both fail completely. They are also considering inserting a tube into her arm to make dialysis much easier. I'm wondering why the dialysis isn't working or atleast keeping the kidneys from getting worse.
Avatar f tn s ironic, but my husband and I have been seriously thinking of moving to Greenville, SC when we retire in a couple of years. If we do, I'll be sure to look up Dr. Hughes.
Avatar n tn Due may 2nd with a little boy and I'm originally from hickory, NC but living in Greenville, SC