Losing weight after breast reduction

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Avatar f tn I've read a few of these posts, and I feel somewhat encouraged. I had a breast reduction in 1999, and the surgeon left me with the unsightly underarm fat or breast tissue is what I'm learning it is. I have had a child, lost weight, gained weight since then and this fat has not gone anywhere. I am recently divorced, and losing weight and want to do something about this. My bras don't fit right, and I live in Memphis, so it's hot here!
Avatar f tn m wondering how much weight I will have to lose to get a breast reduction. I can claim it as medically necessary due to back pain.
Avatar f tn m wondering how much weight I will have to lose to get a breast reduction. I can claim it as medically necessary due to back pain.
1757391 tn?1346127363 t have to lose weight. But know that if you have a reduction done and then lose weight, your chest size will also likely decrease drastically. I lost 60 pounds after I had my daughter, and my chest is currently almost non-existent. Before I got pregnant I was a B. Now I'm the smallest A size, and usually don't even need a bra. Nothing to contain.
Avatar n tn Or if she is gaining breast size as she gains weight, losing weight will also reduce them. But overall, your job is to love your wife and make her feel good about herself rather than trying to change her.
Avatar n tn Dear all My father has gone bypass surgery two months ago , after the surgery initial weight reduction after 1 month is 10 kgs and in the second month reduction of 5 more kgs is observed Please suggest is this ok or it is any abnormal and what type of medication to tkae for normal condition
Avatar n tn There can be limitation to expected breast shape following reduction surgery, related to your overall height, weight and original breast size and shape.
9974613 tn?1407014269 I went from a 36DD to a 36H! Even after losing the weight they remained a 36H! I had a breast reduction a few years later! I'm 39 weeks and a 36D only hope they don't grow as big again!!!
Avatar f tn by taking medicines..exercise and dieting is not resultingg in losing weight...i had cosult a gynec. but not getting gud response...also my breast is tenderly increasingg nd are too much heavy...nd i don't feel any kind of pain in my abdomen....wht are d concequences for this..and should do now??
Avatar f tn Your breasts will likely undergo shape and volume change with pregnancy and since you plan to do the major procedure then, it seems best to accomplish everything then. There is some risk of loss of ability to breast feed after a breast reduction, so postponing the surgery until after you family is complete would be best.
Avatar f tn Are you guys losing weight without trying or are you having to count calories and or working out to lose it??
7251241 tn?1389564212 I think the breast reduction will be a good thing for you. I too know women who have had this and all are quite pleased. You go down to a more comfortable and natural size-- and so much of the pain and issues are gone. The downside is that it obviously is a surgery that has inherent risks. But I think from what you describe, the benefits may outweigh that tremendously.
1282416 tn?1271439654 If your weight remains fairly stable, it is unlikely that you will experience much change in breast size after the surgery.
651265 tn?1224047935 Ok so when I was 20 yrs old I had a breast reduction done by the military. I was active duty at the time. I was a 36DD and went to a 36A/B. 8 years later...I have since gained weight and so therefore my breasts are now a 38C. One is larger than other and one hangs lower. Neither have any lift left. Over time the aerolias have increased tremendiously in size and are discolored as well. I can't tell the difference if its scar tissue or lumps when I do myself examinations.
Avatar f tn Yes breastfeeding can help you lose weight. However eating right is a huge factor. Go on walks too. Little exercise is better than no exercise.
Avatar m tn By the way this is an eating disorder forum, not a weight loss forum, but trying one fad diet after another and losing and gaining weight IS one of the signs of an eating disorder.
Avatar n tn I was also told by several doctors I need a breast reduction (ASAP) as well. I also know my breast have gone up 2-3 cups sizes since the summer. They are awfully heavy and press down something terrible on my ribs and stomach. My breast also wreak havoc on my back, shoulders and the nerves in my neck (causing loss of feeling and numbness in my arms and hands). A little history on me, Over the course of 2 years I gained about 60 LBS. The last 15 LBS since last summer.
Avatar f tn I had a partial breast reduction done back in 2009, more like a lift than a reduction. I don't think my surgeon cut off my mammary ducts and I still do have some sensation on my nipples. I'm 23 weeks now and I really want to breastfeed when my baby gets here. I so regret doing that surgery now :( is there anyone out there who had success with breastfeeding after having breast surgery (not breast implants)?
Avatar n tn The way to lose weight after a hysterectomy is the same weight loss concept as any other, and involves losing fat and gaining muscle. Have a medical exam performed by your doctor to rule out any other causes of sudden weight gain, such as a thyroid problem. Make dietary changes to reduce your calorie intake. Do cardiovascular exercises for at least 60 minutes three to four times a week. Do strength training exercises three to four times each week, giving your muscles a day to rest in between.