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Avatar m tn I have suffered from cold sores for about 8 years, with at least two outbreaks a year. I recently had a baby, and she will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. I am incredibly stressed out though because I have struggled with cold sores since her birth, getting one right after the other. I understand that my daughter should be protected by my antibodies until 3-6 months, and that they are very protective, but may not be 100%. I have been very careful not to kiss her and to wash my hands before I touch her.
Avatar f tn On Sunday, 12/16, I had a tingling feeling on the inside lining of my lower lip, which I assumed was my body's response to eating acidic fruits. Then on Monday morning (yesterday), I felt nothing. While I was eating breakfast (oatmeal), my preschooler asked for some and I gave her a few bites using the spoon I had been eating from. Shortly thereafter, we went into my bedroom and I picked up my 2 month old and kissed her on the cheeks and ears.
Avatar m tn I had a couple cuts in my mouth near my bottom gum line, but I know that even with this, there is no risk. While kissing, he kind of grabbed my upper lip and bit it, and a small wound appeared either on my upper gum line or on my upper-inner lip (can't remember). It wasn't bleeding, but there was definitely a chunk of skin kind of missing. I remember "tasting" blood, but that could have been just my mind playing tricks on me. Is this a risk? thank you...
Avatar n tn hi , my friend has a 2 clusters of bumps on her lip and she told me it was just from her licking her lips. i am concern that it might be contagious.
Avatar n tn How did this happened? Can you transfer the virus to an infant if he/she touches your mouth, rather you are having an outbreak or not. My son often tries to grab my mouth and sometimes puts his hand close to his mouth. It now looks like he has a scar, sore, blister on his top upper lip. PLEASE, PLEASE tell me that this is not herpes. I don't kiss him, but he tries to kiss me and I always pull away.
Avatar n tn Only a small percentage (perhaps 15%) of cases of this condition are triggered by herpes, and the herpes that triggers them is not the sexual herpes but lip cold sores. The rest of the cases are triggered either by drugs (penicillin, seizure medications) or by nothing at all. In other words, you have nothing to tell prospective partners about, especially if your tests were negative (and no, Acyclovir doesn't mask them.
Avatar n tn I thought may be it had something to do with a zit that was near my lip, it looked like a whitehead. Anyway, today the results came back positive. She said it was greater than 5, it was the lgG test, HerpeSelect. Positive for HSV-1 but negative for HSV-2. Does the greater than 5 mean it's really severe? When I had a recent cold sore it wasn't too didn't hurt on the second or third day. It's already dried up thanks to a lotion I got.
Avatar m tn A couple days ago I noticed a little tenderness on my lip, like I had bitten it. There was only a little bit of redness and didn't look like anything. I dismissed it because I have never had a cold sore and it didn't even occur to me. That night I performed oral sex on my girlfriend. She then performed oral sex on me but for only a short time because my mom came downstairs so we stopped. The symptoms I was experiencing at the time was just tenderness.
Avatar m tn This evening I noticed a cold sore on my bottom lip starting with no prodromal symptoms. Usually I have some warning. Just before this, I shared some ice cream (same spoon) with my 3 year old daughter. What is the likelihood that she will contract this? I also gave my 3 month old some kisses earlier in the day. Will she contract this from me as well? Can this be harmful to her if she does contract it? I thought contracting it before the age of 1 year can be very harmful.
Avatar m tn Ive gotten cold sores since I was an infant (a gift from my dad and grandmother), usually on the corners of my mouth and for the first time in my life I got one on my chin at age 20. It was truly bizarre. It was at the extreme center of my chin, perfectly rounded and even. I had to see a doctor about it because it felt different somehow than my usual ordeal. My chin was sore. It throbbed. Normally the sores would be in small sprawls and tiny bumps but this was different.
Avatar n tn I actually have read that, but they say canker sores only occur on soft tissue (inside lip, cheek, etc), not on the hard palate where the bone is. So that is what I'm concerned.
Avatar f tn i went to the doctor to get my annual exam and just asked to be tested for herpes 1 and 2 igg just to know. both came back negative. how is that possible??? he had a cold sore right above his lip by his nose and we deep-kissed for a long time!
Avatar m tn I would appreciate your thoughts on the following... I am very aware that I get cold sores and never kiss my 8 month old son anywhere on the face, cold sore or no cold sore. However, I currently have a cold sore and today I was playing with him on the floor. He was using my body for support to stand and fell over. The palm of his hand landed directly on my mouth.
Avatar m tn I had a cold sore below the lower lip in Feb 2012. Should I assume I dont have HSV1 on the penis? I ahve constant burning and tingling for more than a year.
Avatar m tn Hi Terri, You provided me some much needed reassurance regarding my infant daughter about a month and a half ago, and I hope you are able to do so again. I hope this scenario is not ridiculous to you (or rather, I hope that it is and that I am worried for nothing!), but really dwelling on it and hoping to put it out of my mind. My daughter is just shy of 3 months (11 weeks old). I have been dealing with cold sores, one right after the other, since her birth.
Avatar m tn At the end of the seconde day I had a bit of a swollen lip and a tiny black scab and the bottom of my lip. I had work drinks that night so I covered it up with foundation and it wasn't noticable. Anyway I was sitting with the guy I was trying to impress sipping away at my drink. I turned around to talk to someone behind me and when I turned back he was drinking from the other side of my glass!!! I was mortified!!
Avatar n tn yes i engaged in oral only...the condom didnt break...
Avatar m tn and few words about me i used to do protected sex every time,but i dont know whatt happened that day that person intentionally forced me to suck and he given lip kiss strong and after 20 minuted i found that my lips are swollen and became normal in few hours but nex day i found these red dots and before this encounter i got mild cold and cough so without prescription i have taken augmentin for 3-4 days. so red dots are because of this?
Avatar f tn I recently saw my OB due to genital sores and white discharge. She told me it appeared to be genital herpes, took a swab culture, and we are waiting for results. However, I don't recall the presence of any blisters. Instead, the sores started out looking like white spots. They had the appearance of a white layer covering the skin, not like a whitehead. The white layer easily comes off the skin and the skin is raw underneath.
Avatar f tn Well a couple of weeks later I got a little bump on my lip. My History (I was HSV 1 and HSV 2 negative prior to our escapade) So you guessed it I felt tingling on my lip. I started researching and I called him I questioned him again he continued to deny. Then he said, oh well, yeah I had cold sores when I was a kid. OMG!!!!! Are u kidding me jerk ,that is herpes. Well people because I never had the virus I got it orally and vaginally from him that night.
Avatar f tn I suspect it was probably my ex-husband. I was exposed to chicken pox as an infant. I got shingles when I was exposed to chicken pox again when I was in Kindergarten, and I got Mono when I was 19 years old. I understand that these are caused all different types of herpes viruses (chicken pox/singles by hsv 3, and mono by 4 and possibly 5). What doesn't make sense to me is how people can develop immunity to chicken pox, shingles, and mono, but not hsv 1 & 2?
Avatar m tn If you do not have any white discharge from your urethra thats a good sign for gono and chlamydia. If you dont have any sores in the genital area thats a good sign for herpes and syphilis. Cant diagnose HIV from symptoms. I worked in Karachi and la hore for 3 years. Garment business.
Avatar m tn I licked and sucked on his scrotum for approximately 2-3 minutes. I did not notice any obvious sores or blisters on his scrotum (it was broad daylight so I got a decent look). I did NOT move onto his penis at all, eventhough it looked clear of any obvious sores as well. Two days after this event, while brushing my teeth, I noticed that I had a cluster of red spots at the top of my mouth (on the hard palate I believe). These red spots do not hurt.
1726082 tn?1309929142 I want to know why i just now had my first outbreak (in May 2011) when i hadn't been with the boyfriend that had cold sores for 6 months (nov 2010). Every guy i've slept with i've also kissed and performed oral sex on but i have never gotten a cold sore from it, so why is it that i got it genitally only (not that i want to have it in both places - i'm just curious why it chose that place to take up residence).
Avatar f tn I suffered on for nearly 2 weeks until things cleared up. Now before the vagina symptoms started I had a red raw patch on my lip which was wouldn't heal, but didn't think too much about it although I had noticed it as being different but thought maybe a bad case of chapped lip or something. When it did start to look and feel better or healed then is started again soon after.
Avatar n tn These are the classic shingles, the cold sores, and outbreaks of herpes II. For reasons that are not well understood, sometimes those nerves continue to transmit severe pain messages even though the skin eruption has healed. Often the pain self resolves though it may take seeks to months. Sometimes it is very-long-lived or even permanent. This can be devastating and even debilitating. There is a huge amount of research being done on it and how to treat such pain.
Avatar m tn Now, I am taking anti-fungal medication and the crawling is almost gone. The sores that look like bite marks are almost gone. I think that the mold caused the fungas to grow all over my body and under my skin. Then the fungas gnats were attracted to it and then they moved in. Today, I am going to a new doctor to see if she will give me some stronger anti-fungal medication. After 2 years, this nightmare has to end.
Avatar n tn I am a 25 year old female and my only illness asides from these rotten egg/sulfur burps is Asthma -- since an infant. I have suffered with these burps for years of my life, and sometimes I can go years symptom free. When I was a little girl I'd get an isolated episode, projectile vomit until the veins in my face broke, and then was ok for a good year or so. The burps then started up again last October and were chronic and occurred 3-5 times a week.
Avatar n tn My shingles started with an earache. Had a small rash area next to my lip (about half an inch by 3/4 of an inch--it never really looked much like a rash, only the blisters formed after a few days.) Doctor recognized the symptoms immediately and put me on Valtrex and Prednisone) Couldn't take the combo and wound up dehydrated from nausea/vomitting) Stopped the prednisone and continued the Valtrex. Still have burning and numbness (tongue and lip).