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Avatar f tn Otherwise, it generally occurs only on my upper lip and lasts for one week. One time it also affected my lower lip. It also happened to my mom a few times and she first suspected a body lotion which she then stopped using. After a while it happened again and this time she suspected an older lipstick so she threw it away. It then happened again even after using new lipstick. However, it's worth noting that for both of us it seems to coincide with being out in the sun (and/or possibly wind).
Avatar n tn Everything I've read about cold sores or herpes on the lip sounds extremely painful. I don't have any of those symptoms.... its all very strange.
Avatar f tn I did read that when one first catches Herpes, it's common to have sores in the mouth, then in the future, only have a sore on the lip. I would just go with that thought for now, eat healthy, and try the L-Lysine. I think you are taking all the right steps to figure out your health. Take it a day a time and use this opportunity to build your health. 28 is young, you have a full life ahead. I don't know how much more I can help you other than encouragement.
Avatar m tn Do a google image search and see for yourself. Wikipedia will clarify the difference between cancer sores and cold sores. Also, there is cracked mouth which are cracks in the skin in the corner of the mouth. This is not herpes either.
Avatar m tn After reading this thread I was concerned to hear people thinking it was a cold sore, if your having trouble defining a cold sore I highly recommend looking at the Wikipedia page on cold sores it has photos stages and symptoms.
Avatar m tn Simultaneoulsy I developed a mouth ulcer on my gum and them some strange pain/ardor on my upper lip and then another sore on my lower lip. I also felt that If I spoke a lot some saliva came out of my mouth (much more than usually). 4) for the past 3 days Ive had a lot of diarrhea. I went to the doctor and he send me plenty of blood test and they show that I have neutrophil % of 73,7 and lymphocytes % of 15,1.
Avatar m tn I couldn't tell if she had any sores because of her lipstick but there was nothing that looked overt on her lips. Today, mainly in my left testicle but also in my right, I have achiness that causes stomach discomfort, and some tingling, burning. I am concerned about acquiring either HSV-1 or syphilis on my scrotum but I don't know if my concerns are justified.
Avatar m tn A few days after, I started to feel miserable, like coming down with the flu, and two cold sores developed right under my lower lip and my chin. The sores would come and go over the coming months, but my overall state got better quite quickly. Then I did what all of us would do, I guess, I browsed the internet for symptoms, and, bang, I started to panic because I felt like I had developed pretty much all symptoms of an acute HIV infection.
Avatar m tn I have 2, maybe 3, blisters/canker sores/ulcers/anal fissures on my perianal skin. I couldn't find similar pictures and want to make sure this is not syphilis, HSV, or STD related. For sex: I was clean on my last STD check up and have not had sex since. Background: Last 5 days - -Powerful flatulence from spicy food and diarrhea. -I ate a bunch of not yet ripe (sour) cherries which also caused diarrhea. -I had one canker sore in the back of my mouth, it has just healed.
Avatar m tn Yes I get cold sores... I was in denial I guess... I knew I've had blisters on my lip every once in a while but I always thought that it was due to me biting my lip all the time! So I was never careful with my cold sores... Hence the reason why I'm scared!!! I got a swab test on this sore tho... So I'll find out if it is or isn't hsv1.
Avatar f tn As the months went by I noticed the black discolouration spreading especially when I scratched it seeing that it itched me a lot. It spread on the sides of my chin and under my bottom lip. At times the area gets red and burns as if briused. It looks like something yuk spilling out of my mouth. But it did get even worse. within a year it had spread again from the corners of my mouth to the sides of my nose. sometimes its a black line around my mouth. Or from my nose to the sides of my chin.
Avatar m tn I know have hard nodules hives and skin sores all over my body that itch like crazy. I went to 5 different doctors who could not diagnois me even though i told them the story and that this started in October. I had a fat biospy taken from my arm that the dx was spider bite. I feel as if I've been bit 100 x over. since going to ELEUTHERA. Any help or input would be appreciated, It is now Jan 16th,2011 and still suffering. .
Avatar m tn Anyway, we had been drinking that night, in the morning I noticed a cold sore on her lip. I was pretty worried about it, and sure enough, before even a week was up, I had a sore developing on my tongue. It soon got huge, I had a ridiculous fever, a horribly sore throat, dizziness, the sore broke, healed without a scar, in two weeks it was all over and I felt fine. As I understand it, I had all the signs of a primary herpes outbreak.
Avatar m tn Four weeks later, still having the urethreal symptoms, but noticing some discomfort or slight pain in the groin area (near my lymph nodes) and in my upper inner thighs (on my left side), I went back to the doctor and she prescribed some more antibiotics for 14 days saying it was probably gonorrhea, chlamydia or some other bacterial infection (she said that I may have tested too soon after exposure) and that there might have been a small break in there condom that an infection could have gone th
Avatar f tn Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question. Your choice to have sex with a bar pick-up indeed was an unsafe one. But within that context, you did it with maximum safety. Condoms work, and slight contact with genital secretions after removing a condom carries little or no risk -- and certainly no risk for a urethral infection that could explain your symptoms.
Avatar n tn So about a week or two after I made my post in October, the tiny bumps went away. About the same time I made the post I began taking daily L-lysine pills (on the back of the supplement bottle, it says that they help with skin & lip health. My mother-in-law uses them for cold sores, she says the L-lysine helps dry them out faster), idk if that helped my lips heal faster, or whatever it was just out ran its course though.
Avatar n tn The reason for the word limit is to force people to ask their question in the space provided. I will be happy to respond to a condensed question that meets the limitation. (On most MedHelp forums, the moderator sets the default so that s/he doesn't even see the comments.
Avatar m tn Sunday night my face (upper lip) started to tingle. I noticed two marks on my upper lips. On Tuesday (October 29) went to the doctor, they were swabbed and I had a herpes blood test. Both negative, the tingling went away, and the marks look exactly the same today. I was put on a single day of Valtrex. I think this was a wild goose chase, but I wanted to mention it for completeness. On Monday the 28th, around noontime, my urinary problems went away completely.
Avatar n tn Sorry for the long post. Of course the (burning) question is: did I contract herpes? Some context: had been working like a dog for 2+ months, getting sometimes < 2 hours sleep due to work. So it's fair to say I was generally feeling quite exhausted, and perhaps my immune system was low. Here is the course of events: t=0: received and gave unprotected oral to a local, paid asian lady. Also vaginal sex, but protected.
Avatar n tn hi, i just searched the web for the symptoms of what pinkchic was describing and found this forum, i took bits and pieces of some of the advice posted up, and a phonecall to my mum! and managed to "pop" my lump. had it on the edge of the labia (lip) ive had about 3 now, never really knowing what they are, always had a thought that they might be skin cysts though!
Avatar n tn She had put me on Valtrex the first day of the sores (just in case) and I was on three pills a day (figured she would overdo it to be safe). After 10 days of that, the sores have still not cleared up AT ALL. I'm still in major pain and the sores are no different. When I called my doctor back, she told me that first outbreaks of herpes can be much more severe and that maybe she didn't get a good enough tissue sample and that maybe I had recent exposure to it.
Avatar m tn It has now been about 7 weeks and the crack in my mouth is still there, as well as the lymph node swelling and submandibular gland swelling. I occasionaly get canker sores in my mouth, and am paranoid it may be cancer, even though ive been told that it is not. I just got tested for mono, and my cbc and wbc tests as well today and am waiting for the results so i can go see an ENT. Anyone experience something similar to this?
Avatar m tn When did your symptoms appear? Have your sores returned? If they do, go back to the doctor and have him do a viral swab. You'll be able to know right then if you have herpes. Feel free to send me a PM if you want to talk more off line.
Avatar n tn I went to the allergist because I indicated that the last two times I had mint I had a swollen lip and the secodn time was painful as my lower lip swelled and hardened. I had to take benadryl both times. Then last night I used sesodyne toothpaste tarter controlled with whitener. My upper lip swelled a bit and I had to rinse immediately and go to bed in stress. I woke up fine so it was only a small amount.
Avatar n tn I have just recently begun suffering from the same ailment. These small red bumps/sores come so quickly that I will wake up in the morning with as many as 4 new ones on my hand. I only ever get them on my right hand and they persist for weeks at a time until finally they fade away. They cluster at the joints of my knuckles, mostly on the inside of my hand and between my fingers. Its so painful for me to bend my fingers and move my hand.
Avatar n tn I have had these for about 10 yrs maybe more but to last 2 three days then gone, i got strep bad a few months ago and with the fever can the most painn ful of break out that decided to live with me for 3 months, one doctor said Zooster herpes and that as stress and high fever can cause if u have a hystory of even lip herpes, OK, then i was told skin cold hot then blisters, not it, they hurt like crazy they went past itch but if i pop they r gone by morning but that pop is hell, i hurt everywher
Avatar n tn I had been quite ill with the flu, and also had ulcers in my mouth 2 weeks before, but look up Behcets disease on wikipedia, was extremely useful to me! Also you can get ulcers from severe thrush, i have an aunty and two older female friends who have all experienced this. but is usually overlooked. Salt baths help too!!
Avatar n tn My scalp has gotten really really itchy over the past few years, to the point where there is always sores all over my scalp from scratching so much. I have been checked for lice several times but def. do not have it. The Fatigue and intense leg pain has made life unbearable, ive had to stop working. i can hardly take care of my toddler not to mention maintain my relationship with my husband.