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11538743 tn?1419151329 (and I hate steroids for animals , because of their side effects), but short term this is what should heal these sores. Veterinary supervision is required because this is considered a pre-cancerous condition, and Early vigorous treatment is required. Sometimes this is an indication of a compromised immune system and your cat should be tested for the Leukemia virus. Don't worry though this is not a definitive sign of the virus , but to be safe the test should be preformed.
Avatar m tn He checked my eye for ulcers(flourescent lamp or whatever) and there is no cloudiness in the cornea so it's not keratitis. He swabbed my eye and the sores. Although the sores were hard and he too said they may not give a good enough sample(false negative) We also took a blood sample to test for Herpes and HIV(just to be safe) He has me on Valtrex 3 times a day and tobramycin 2 drops every few hours. I also picked up Abreva for the bump on my lip. This is day two of my dosing.
Avatar n tn Everything I've read about cold sores or herpes on the lip sounds extremely painful. I don't have any of those symptoms.... its all very strange.
3098160 tn?1341148418 in the mean time the cat got out and not long after that I noticed his lip had an ulcer on it sort of inside his mouth. I took him to the vet. he said it was herpes. he gave him some medicine. it got larger over time. then more vet visits. more medicine. eventually he said it might not go away. my daughter looked up herpes online and found it to minly be mentioned in the eye. anyway the vet left me with no answers. now it is getting larger and across both sides I noticed this week.
Avatar n tn My girlfriend has never had an outbreak of herpes below the belt, but had a bump on her face (lip) when she went on vacation over two years ago.. Her doctor told her this was caused by the sun. She has never had a problem since. Is it possible to have HSV-1 on the genitals?
Avatar f tn last saturday evening I popped what I thought was a white head on the corner of my lip. It popped, bruised, and scabbed over. It is now Thursday and I am beginning to doubt that it was a is now flat and has dead skin forming on it..when I stretch the skin on my lip I notice small white bumps, but for the most part I notice those around my lips at all times. I also have facial hair so I don't know if theor from hair folicles or what.
Avatar m tn I have itching white spots in my lower lip. they grow a bit when I scratch the area... I scratched it and took pictures of it. PLEASE help me diagnose what is this... the photos: WHAT IS IT??? how can I treat it? by the way, I'm a 24 years old. male. thank you, GILAD.
Avatar m tn You have not mentioned the incident which initiated these symptoms but cryotherpy/ electrocautery may have been used for herpes sores/ warts or some benign lip lesions. What exactly it is can be confirmed only after a clinical examination and a biopsy of the lip scrapings. Skin biopsy is essential to rule out any actinic cheilitis just to make sure you haven’t developed squamous cell carcinoma. Treatment is diagnosis specific and depends on the confirmation of diagnosis.
Avatar n tn If you can get into a dermatologist while you still have the rash and mouth sores then do or if not take photos with you. That is what I did. The first doctor thought I had a problem with my circulation because the legs were so swollen and he wouldn't listen to the fact that I used a new topical steroid. So, get a doctor who listens. I know hard to do. If you can't get into a doctor take the photos and then take Benedryl. You can use calamine lotion if it is itchy.
Avatar m tn hi and welcome, I running out for the remainder of the day but I wanted to send you this writeup with photos read it and examine the photos to see if this resembles what your kitty has, than post again so we can help you out....with more info. Its usually an allergy to flea bites or to the food, what are you feeding your kitty? I will try to reply later tonight or tomorrow...
1296014 tn?1272490024 So I woke up this morning to find a pimple-like bump on the outer part of my lip, right next to my lip piercing. I have a tendency of biting the inner part of my lip, & now have what looks to be a canker sore on the inside. I'm afriad that I might have a double wammy on my hands. Here are the attached photos for more help to you to help me. I'm freaking out & I just want to know already if it is a cold core. canker sore? cold sore? http://tinypic.
Avatar m tn Again it was not on or near her lips. It was perhaps an inch below her lower lip. They did not look like the photos of herpes or cold sores online. I'm hoping it was contact dermatitis. She had a similar blister/rash/? at the right corner of her forehead as well. Perhaps they were scabs or caused by excessive scratching or stress. It was extremely difficult to see until I got up close to her with the lights on. I asked if she had herpes or a cold sore and she said no.
Avatar f tn other than the oral sores which are not like herpes sores in photos I have had no genital or oral lesions. Any thoughts on whether this may be herpes or perhaps something else. I am stumped.
Avatar n tn The can occur on the gums or roof of the mouth but sores that you find on the tongue or inside of the lip are canker sores and very often are confused for cold sores/fever blisters. If you are really concerned and need to ease your worries you can get tested to see if you've been exposed to the HSV 1 or 2 , (and most of us have to HSV 1 by the time we are adults whether you actually develop cold sores or not).
Avatar n tn I am wondering about this tiny white dots on the side or on the edge of my lips and there are also few in my upper lip, it is only visible if you have to stretch the lips (I recognized this tiny white dots since 3yrs ago, I didnt mind it tho but now I got curious and scared after knowing that when you do oral you can get STD and just few hrs ago my lips (only the sides) feels like a little chilly, like you are eating pepper, is this an STD or what we call herpes 1?
Avatar m tn From what you describe about the lip sores, it does not appear it was herpes as they are open lip sores not red marks.
Avatar m tn i do not know the girl. now i have white spots on my upper lip that look like fordyce much more then the pictures ive been seeing of genital warts. but now a small purple wart has sprung in my pubic area, on top of my penis, not on it... almost at my waist i keep looking at website that say genital warts only appear a month after... its not big like photos ive been seeing but i saw a small one that looked a lot like it. im freaking out please help me!
Avatar m tn I have some small white dots on my lip and also have more small white/yellow dots on my inner upper lip. Sore throat, swollen glands, red, white discolored tbroat and tongue. I've been have tingling in my face off and on for a few months some days i cant feel it hardly ever and others it makes my eyes shake and head hurt. Please any input would be great.
Avatar m tn // Please let me know what this could be. I never get open sores, blisters or scabs but it eventually get a little dry and flaky.
Avatar n tn I have heard from diff people who have cold sores that their cold sores are in the form of a blister and it didn't hurt at all! I guess it's just all about your immune system people have diff reactions. Altho it's rare that cold sores don't hurt or feel weird. if I were you I would just assume that that's what your cold sores look like and make sure not to kiss or perform oral on anyone when you have those symptoms, just to be on the safe side!
Avatar m tn However, many people get cold sores on their lip - have you seen them? They look like blisters that break and make some sores and then the sores make scabs. Is that like something that you have? It doesn't sound like that from you description. It is very common for people to have oral herpes and it is most often not sexually transmitted. But your symptoms sound more like chapped skin of the lips, though it is very difficult to know over the internet from your description.
Avatar n tn Many cases have no specific cause, but some are triggered by recurrent cold sores (herpes). I think you should see a dermatologist (bring photos if the bulls-eyes aren't there). A trial of herpes-suppressing antibiotics like Valtrex may be helpful and save you a lot of discomfort. Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn 2 days ago, I started feeling a slight burning sensation to the corner of my lip. When I originally touched it, it was just a slight bumpy feeling. The corner of my lip felt sore all day. By the end of the day, I finally checked in the mirror and I noticed these tiny white bumps by the corner of my mouth. They look like pimples but I have a feeling that they aren't. It was just strange because I was fine until I had some spicy fried rice and I'm not sure if that was the cause of it.
Avatar m tn Those most at risk are in long term mono relationships where one person is infected. If none of the girls had any lip sores at the time, your risk is close to zero so i would say you can comfortably assume its not a herpes lesion. Testing at the 8 week mark would be a good indicator and 3 months conclusive. The average lesion appears in a week, not 6 weeks later. This falls outside the window period.
Avatar n tn I have had a cold sore a total of three times over the past 13 years. It has always been the same place on my mouth and after the initial "outbreak" the cold sores were less painful and severe. I know that it is unlikely, but lets say for the sake of my question that this cold sore is caused from HSV 2 (i know this virus is typically below the waist but it is not impossible to have this virus above the waist as well). I do not have genital herpes.
Avatar f tn In addition to the cracking in the corners, the center of my lip felt very dry. Once I used the anti fungal cream for a while, the corners healed up some but I noticed the cracking moving down to my lower lip. At this point it did ooz some. If I went in the sun, the corner would get very inflamed and red. I went to see my family doctor and she stated that she thought I had a fever blister, at this point it had almost cleared up.
Avatar m tn After reading this thread I was concerned to hear people thinking it was a cold sore, if your having trouble defining a cold sore I highly recommend looking at the Wikipedia page on cold sores it has photos stages and symptoms.
Avatar n tn you'll need to show these spots, untouched, to a doctor when they're fresh. Good photos for outbreaks that happen before a visit may also help. There are lots of other sores which at least some of yours might be--pimples, folliculitis, and so forth. You need to find out for sure. Take care. Dr.
Avatar n tn Rockoff, I am wondering about this tiny white dots on the side or on the edge of my lips and there are also few in my upper lip, it is only visible if you have to stretch the lips (I recognized this tiny white dots since 3yrs ago, I didnt mind it tho but now I got curious and scared after knowing that when you do oral you can get STD and just few hrs ago my lips (only the sides) feels like a little chilly, like you are eating pepper, is this an STD or what we call herpes 1?