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Avatar f tn What is this small white bump on my 11 year old upper lip? My boy has a small white bump on his upper lip. It appears it can be squeezed as a pimple. I don't want to squeeze and force this out if it is NOT a pimple. It is not open. It is hard under the skin. It is white. Reading the other "Small White Bump on lip" it resembles those in question? Is it a wart? I read, during pregnancy, HPV warts are transferable to the infant if birth is through the birth canal.
Avatar n tn It now looks like he has a scar, sore, blister on his top upper lip. PLEASE, PLEASE tell me that this is not herpes. I don't kiss him, but he tries to kiss me and I always pull away.
Avatar n tn I thought it was the way I slept, but yesterday a short-lived fever blister popped up on my lip. This made me think maybe I had a herpes infection in a nerve causing the arm pain. About a year ago I awoke finding my lips numb (similar to palsy i guess) that lasted 3 days, and afterwards a similar fever blister popped up. I also had an unexplained seizure (1st ever) earlier this year. Which now I wonder if was herpes related.
1123420 tn?1350564758 This has been on Coles upper lip for awhile, I asked my sister about it, but she said it looks like hes been sucking on it, or just red from drool, but it wont go away, sometimes it looks smooth and red, but then sometimes its bumpy.. any ideas?
Avatar m tn Hello, I have herpes and I have had one cold sore so far on my lip, but it seems that I am getting a reoccuring cold sore right in the middle of my chin. It looks very similar to a cold sore but I didn't know that cold sores could show up there??? Does this seem right???
Avatar m tn I didnt even have a blister at the time, just a black scrap and a swollen lip but now I do have a blister and it is worrying me!! Can you please put my mind at ease one more time then I promise to leave you alone and stop taking over the fourm :P As you can see Im a very paranoid person and really liked this guy who grabbed my drink and I would be mortified If he caught my coldsore! Way to ruin things before they even start!! I am 22 and he is 30 if that makes any difference??
725941 tn?1297885809 He was able to latch on with the use of a nipple shield, but it leaves a HUGE blister all across his bottom lip. He only nursed for about 10 min so i can only imagine if he stays on longer. The blister did go away after about 2 hours but I don't think it's normal. The nurse had no idea why it had developed. I wonder if it's a reaction to the nipple shield? I'll call the office tomorrow to see what they say.
Avatar m tn my wife got a big bump on her breast which lasted for a while don't know whether for a month and after that same type of big blister on her left hip and left a mark so but big mark which is still there and lots of rash on her face and she still has rashes on her face on her 8 and half month. but her lady doctor said it is normal in pregnancy. i am not a medical student so i have no idea about anything and i had some rash below my belly area.
Avatar f tn I am not pregnant, but I am still nursing my infant. Would that still have the same effect as being pregnant? So now I am still left wondering what the most likely cause is for this outbreak. Since my last cold sore hasn't been for 9 months or so (when I was pregnant), would this outbreak be more likely to have been from auto-inoculation or could it have just cropped up in a different location on its own due to stress or hormones? Thanks again.
Avatar m tn Could this be simply broken blood vessels from sucking and also from a coughing fit that I had the day after this sexual encounter?? I am desperate for advice - I have two infant children at home and am incredibly SCARED of passing Herpes onto my children as I have heard that this can be incredibly detrimental to their health at such a young age. Is it common for people to acquire oral herpes in this manner, by sucking on a scrotum?? Please, Please help.
Avatar f tn I suffered on for nearly 2 weeks until things cleared up. Now before the vagina symptoms started I had a red raw patch on my lip which was wouldn't heal, but didn't think too much about it although I had noticed it as being different but thought maybe a bad case of chapped lip or something. When it did start to look and feel better or healed then is started again soon after.
Avatar f tn Well a couple of weeks later I got a little bump on my lip. My History (I was HSV 1 and HSV 2 negative prior to our escapade) So you guessed it I felt tingling on my lip. I started researching and I called him I questioned him again he continued to deny. Then he said, oh well, yeah I had cold sores when I was a kid. OMG!!!!! Are u kidding me jerk ,that is herpes. Well people because I never had the virus I got it orally and vaginally from him that night.
1726082 tn?1309929142 Both my parents have HSV 1 orally - my dad had it first and passed it to my mother before they were married, so it seems as though i should have been exposed to it through them as a child as they would have kissed me goodnight most nights as an infant. So then i started questionning how accurate the swab test is - i know it's more accurate than blood tests in determining where the HSV is located, but i was wondering if you could test positive for it anywhere you are tested for it in your body.
Avatar f tn I have the same exact thing--it's a recurring dime sized spot below my lip on one side. I work in TV, and it is really hard to cover with makeup because it starts to flake, and sometimes when i remove the flakes it bleeds a bit, and is very sensitive. Im going to the derm on the 12th of sept (earliest appt I could get), but would love to compare with you what YOUR doctor says as well.
Avatar n tn smc22 I suspect you have genital herpes I would advise attending a GUM clinic when the blister attack starts again they will take swabs to determine if it is indeed this, the swabs need to be taken when the blisters are wet prior to forming a scab. I have attended a Sexual Health Course where the advisors stated genital herpes only form on the genitals. However I have indeed seen a case where the blisters formed on the buttocks with associated temperature senisitivity & nerve pain.
Avatar n tn I rolled up my sleeve and noticed a small blister. Was it a bite? A pimple? No, it looked like a tiny blister with some redness around it and running my finger across it was really painful for such a tiny thing. I popped it and clear fluid came out. It scabbed over. There was no other blisters anywhere. Once again, I was prescribed Valtex and prednisone. I am also going to try some Ibuprofen and perhaps some homeopathic remedies like Acai juice for anti-inflammatory properties.
Avatar n tn I am a 25 year old female and my only illness asides from these rotten egg/sulfur burps is Asthma -- since an infant. I have suffered with these burps for years of my life, and sometimes I can go years symptom free. When I was a little girl I'd get an isolated episode, projectile vomit until the veins in my face broke, and then was ok for a good year or so. The burps then started up again last October and were chronic and occurred 3-5 times a week.
Avatar n tn I came upon this site because I've got a bump that is killing me. It's on an outer lip (area I do shave often). I didn't notice anything and then one day I had a big, dime sized, lump under the skin. I noticed a few hairs caught so I pulled them out and made the mistake of squeezing the area. The next day it was almost double in size. Today is five days later. I went to the doc two days ago and got antibiotics (4X a day for 7 days) but two days in, not much progress.