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Avatar n tn org/wiki/Chapped_lips I would also try and cut back on the usage of chapstick just because, just from my own personal experience, when I use my chapstick too often i end up with more of a chapped lip if i forget my chapstick at home or i just don't have it with me. As for an allergic reaction to burt's bees, some people have very sensitive skin/lips and are irritated (not allergic) to the peppermint in the chapstick.
Avatar n tn He said that if I didn't use Abreva right away, it could blister and that I was lucky it did not. If you have this dry spot on your lip that feels like a piece of tape is stuck to it, go to your local drugstore right away and get some Abreva. Good luck.
Avatar n tn So frustrating because no amount or type of lip balm seemed to help (vaseline lip therapy, body shop lip salve, etc etc). Additionally, the skin above my upper lip became dry, red and irritated. About 2-3 weeks after that, I started experiencing swollen eyelids as well as dry, wrinkled, red, itchy patches above and below my eyes. I could not apply the most mild lotion to those areas because it would burn, but it was so dry I wanted to do something.
Avatar m tn Transmission may also occur through skin-to-skin contact during periods of asymptomatic shedding and the virus may sit for many days without any symptom. The third possibility is of impetigo lip which usually begins as a blister on the lip, which may be mistaken for a cold sore. I suggest you to get it examined from a dermatologist as treatment is different for all. Since it is painful, you can use over the counter topical anesthetics like benzocaine, lidocaine etc.
Avatar m tn **First time when i asked a question on this site was the following****i have had these herpes looking like blister/dots since 17 and im now 20..its on the upper lip but the inside(when i yawn u can clearly see them) like 10-15 on the left side and 10-15 on the right side..they have never hurted/stung, never disappeard, never crusted.. is this herpes??or is this something else?? plz help anyways i've noticed that when i keep my mouth as dry as possible they slowly flaten...
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Avatar f tn I hate that it has to be me going through ths. Can anyone help me with a home remedy or something that helped for this bumps or pimple around da vulva. Im tired of having this. I want to have sex with my man but everytime i see this im embarassed he will thinks il infect him. and what if i want to get pregnant. i dont want to use condom for the rest of my life. I want to have babies. My lyf is a mess. I want to be ohk. Im no longer enjoying my life. I wonder if i can be ohk.
408312 tn?1202062473 Mostly on my upper lip. My lip gets swollen and very tiny blisters around the perimeter (but still on my lip). I have gotten cold sores in the past so I know this is not one. Has anyone found out what this is and what is causing it?
Avatar n tn ) I started it about three days ago, and within 48 hours, my face erupted in about a hundred or more tiny red bumps on my forehead and tiny white bumps around my mouth (chin and above upper lip). At first I thought perhaps this was normal since breaking out can occur before positive results are seen, but this looks too much like an allergic reaction, so I discontinued use. Will this go away on its own and how long will it take? Is there anything I can do to help my skin heal better/faster?
Avatar m tn ) went away and about 4-5 weeks later when I had been home and came back here these new looking things appeared.Maybe i have scared myself with this home remedy?It did cut in t the skin quite deep for such a sensitive area.I had my doctor examine me when i was home and he said that my penis looked fine I had nothing t worry about and that my warts were all gone but he did not pull back my foreskin.I do not know if they were there at the time.
Avatar n tn Is that " Fever Blister " ?- Check out some pics... i got tiny pimples all around my top lip line , few yellow/white spots on inner top lip. & few of them b/w top & bottom lip joining area.....taking pills as per doctor. i never had any pain or itching..
2065676 tn?1331426040 yes...seems like that could be it. Am trying research a remedy. Thanks for your speedy reply. You are appreciated. Hope that you are continuing to feel better with each new day.
Avatar n tn After 10 months in winters I again got this bartholin cyst coz of excessive use of stairs. Being confident of my home remedy I used neosporin and ended up having abscesses and cellulitis. Went to gynac as it was very big in size and being a working woman it was tough to handle. She told me to maintain skin hygiene etc etc. Surgery was done after 4 days in hospital. Lot of antibodies and sumac was given. Hell lot of pain started while dressing using gauge. I shouted like hell in hospital.
Avatar n tn My doctor gave me the antibiotic Duricef but I am also trying a home remedy I found online tonight so I will try to let everyone knows if it works or not. Below is the site that I found the remedy on... There is also a webiste called that has a lot of natural cures for everything you can think of...Good Luck to any woman who has to endure this, it is not fun!!
Avatar n tn So strange! I have this same thing going on. I've had a blister here and there over the last couple of years but have really had a lot of them as of late. I am 31 years old and it only affects my left foot. I don't leave them alone so I don't know if they'll burst. I can't! They itch too much! I must pop them and stick some neosporin and a bandaid on the hole. I haven't gone to the doctor yet. I have several and the neosporin has helped the holes clear up after popping.
Avatar n tn I think it was an ingrown hair that became infected. I made a home remedy by mixing baking soda and warm water into a paste. I applied this to the bump and placed a warm wash cloth over the area. After 20 minutes I removed the cloth and the bump had drained. The baking soda mixture had drawn the puss and infection out of the area and I had immediate pain relief.
363110 tn?1340924019 I have since went to the doctor and got antibiotics for the abrasion, but have since developed small itchy puss or clear filled blisters on the area, and only the area, where i shave my leg at the knee. What is it and how do i get rid of it? is there a home remedy i can use?
Avatar m tn If it was 3 months or longer you should feel confident in the results. I just went to the doc today. Since I was diagnosed with BV I tried a home remedy. Vitamin c inserted in the vagina. It burned but I did for 2 nights. Yesterday I saw on inner labia bright red spots, looked like blood. This freaked me out, thought it could be herpes. Doc thinks it from the vitamin c but us now doing cultures for bacteria, herpes, staph and strep. I am scared to death.
Avatar n tn I dont pop these blister because if i do this clear liquid comes out. I have this one big blister on my palm. its about half an inch in length and quater inch in width. ITS REALLY HUGH. it also sticks out about couple mm from my skin. There are black dots on top of it and it looks all bubbled up inside my skin. sometimes it feels like its beating like a heart. and i can see it slightly move. i dotn want to pop it, but it looks like its ready to burst itself.
Avatar n tn I agree with sunshine...I just returned from the ENT specialist this week with the same problem. DX: cryptic tonsillitis, which means I have the funky smelling stink balls flying out of my tonsils, too. Since I have had numerous sinus infections, throat infections, bronchitis, etc., he suggested I have my tonsils removed (March). Google this: tonsilliths - you will find a LOT of info on it. It's a pretty common problem, which I had not heard of but have suffered with it for over 30 years!
Avatar n tn I have read these forums about the bumps i am unsure if mine i have noticed is simliar ok these may sound gross but i had a bad cough last week friday i coughed so hard that i auctally urinated on my self soaked my self any way i had two hours before i could leave work so i had to set at my desk that way on the way it started to burn as soon as i got home i changed clothes and washed off it burned so bad that i put silvadene cream on , saturaday morning i noticed this bump only one bump it felt
Avatar f tn I've worken up in the morning with my eyes swollen shut or my lip bleeding because my lip was so stretched out it would blister and crack. My cheeks swollen and hard to my scalp and face itching so much I can't get any sleep. For 3 years. Have been to an allegist and I'm not allergic to anything but apparently myself. Autoimmune hives, as I have hashimotos diease which is an autoimmune thyroid condition, where as the antibodies IgE are apparently high.
Avatar n tn I have made sever changes in our home to try to reduce allergens. We have very little carpeting, no drapes, no plans in the home and no pets. The mattress are all brand new and they all the the allergen covers as well as all the pillows. We only use white bath towels, which I only use once. It is washed in hot water and bleach about once a month. And when I bleach, I do a double rinse. My sheets are changed weekly and also washed in hot water. I seriously don't know what else to do.
Avatar n tn Four days ago my hands started itching (not unusal for me though), but it felt like a bite or something and I looked and there was a small bump that looked like a blister. Looking all over my hands they are all over. It's not like a rash, there's no redness except when I've scratched, the bumps aren't red, they are skin colored - it just looks like little fever blisters or something. When they break they are just filled w/ clear fluid and stop itching.
Avatar n tn What you are describing is a classic soft tissue infection or "cellulitis," which can be caused by many organisms -- all susceptible to certain antibiotics and not others. Some organisms cause a pretty consistent set of symptoms and appearances that your primary care physician will be able to recognize but which you may not. This may give him/her a better idea about which antibiotic to use to treat your infection.
Avatar n tn It was horrible and I wasSo sent home with allergy medication, and two inhalers, and cough medicine with codine. Still the pain grew worse, a few laters later my husband found me passed out in our hallway and I was taken to the ER. They did a chest x-ray and lab work and found nothing wrong , and my incident was considered a mystery, and the dr had no explanation as to what may have happened. So I was sent home. The following evening I was in bed sobbing in pain.
Avatar f tn My first thought was bed bugs or some other creepy crawlie and we did a sweep of our home and found nothing. I share a bed with my fiance and our son sleeps in his own room. Neither of them have been getting the spots. The itchies would last about a week and when they're gone the skin pigment is slightly darker. We spent 2 weeks away from home in another state and I still received them there. Shortly after they seemed to stop.
Avatar n tn we dont use lube or a condom so its not an allergy. one lip is incredibly big, so much that i cant close my legs without discomfort. it hurts EXTREMELY bad to use the restroom. help please, is this normal? i also just got over a yeast infection, so it might have something to do with that.
Avatar n tn I don't itch anywhere and don't have poison ivy. I hung up on the nurse. Anyway, will update with what doc says tomorrow and what remedy is.